But, how much of an Earth Day expert are you really? While some of it does make it to landfills and recycling centers, a majority of it ends up in the ocean through deliberate dumping of garbage into waterways, inefficient waste infrastructure, and simple littering. You have to finish following quiz, to start this quiz: Whales can live a long time. , Americans throw away an estimated 100 billion plastic grocery bags each year. Science Editor: It looks as though you’ve already said that. Globally, one million plastic bags are used per minute and only 1% of them are recycled. Related: All About the First Earth Day in 1970. Earth Day Doodle Team Q&A. All of the above, This website is produced by the Earth Science Communications Team at, Site Editor: True or False: There are many alternatives to single use plastic products. Marine life can also get tangled in nets, cords, and other plastic debris, which hinders their ability to swim and in some cases, can be a severe choking, Taking hundreds of years to break up, plastic is not going anywhere soon. True or False: The longer a whale lives the more positive effects on climate change it can provide. Plastic bags can take up to a 1,000 years to break up but, in the meantime, they are crowding landfills, clogging drains, and making their way to the ocean where marine animals are being entangled in them or mistaking them for food. Sharp Left at the Gargax Nebulon. Latest conservation and biodiversity news: Conservation and Biodiversity How citizen science can protect monarchs. 3. Slow down. The moratorium helped to decrease the number of countries that hunted whales but several continue to hunt today. From reusable bags to stainless steel travel mugs, giving up plastic can be as simple as a single choice. That is about 1 ton of plastic for every 3 tons of fish. Incorrect email or username/password combination. , at least 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans each year. Holly Shaftel D. Most of Mars's atmosphere and water evaporated. Our Earth is a unique planet, and this is because it can support life growth when compared to the other planets in the same solar system. A massive asteroid smashes into Earth, vaporizing vast swaths of the surface and permanently changing the atmosphere.C. A day to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. Do you consider yourself an environmental expert? Uh-oh! It's time to take the Earth Day quiz... 1/9. Which of these countries have NOT made national plastic bag regulations? There are many alternatives to single use plastic products or even just plastic products. More than 8 million metric tons (Mt) of plastic waste ends up in the ocean every year. Hence you can not start it again. Related: 16 Earth Day-Inspired Food & Drink Gifts to Help You Live Your Best Zero-Waste Life. Welcome to a basic Earth Day quiz. Please try again. On February 23, 2017, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) launched its, , an unprecedented global effort to urge “countries and businesses to take ambitious measures to eliminate microplastics from personal-care products, ban or tax single-use plastic bags, and dramatically reduce other disposable plastic items by 2022.”, On average, Americans use 1.6 plastic drinking straws every day, totaling to 500 million per day. That’s enough to fill up 125 school buses a day, or 46,400 school buses a year! Do you know how vital nature is to our daily lives? 2. , producing a water bottle (including the plastic container and the filtered water inside) requires three times the amount of water in the actual bottle. True or False: After the 1986 moratorium on whaling, all commercial whaling ended. Earth Day is an annual holiday—celebrated on April 22nd every year—that supports and spreads awareness about environmental protection. Refresh your page, login and try again. has not created nor implemented any federal regulations on plastic bags. You have to finish following quiz, to start this quiz: Plastics at SEA (Sea Education Association): North Pacific Expedition 2012, a 36-day nautical research journey through the the North Pacific subtropical gyre down to the Hawaiian islands, found this to be true. Instead of getting plastic straws at restaurants or cafes, you can bring your own reusable straw or simply go straw, About 5% of total used petroleum in the U.S. goes toward plastic production. More than half of the breathable oxygen in the world comes from ___________? How many marine species are harmed by plastic pollution? A. Venus has a stronger greenhouse effect than Earth's.B. Think you know your stuff? What is Earth Day? What percentage of emitted carbon dioxide is absorbed by the oceans? See how many of them you can answer correctly and grab your certificate. Earth Day Environmental Literacy Quiz Deforestation and Biodiversity Quiz Clean Energy Quiz. Turns out i m a c efficko on earth day google helps you find your bbc earth test your animal sound trivia earth day quiz google s 2016 Google Earth Day Quiz Results Pangolin Honey Badger CuttlefishEarth Day Quiz Google S 2016 Logo The IonWhy Did Google Choose Those Animals For Its Earth Day … Earth Day Environmental Literacy Quiz Deforestation and Biodiversity Quiz Clean Energy Quiz. About two-thirds of the world’s breathable oxygen comes from the ocean or, more specifically, from tiny marine plants, called phytoplankton, floating on the ocean’s surface. An asteroid clobbered Mars and vaporized the water.D. This may not seem like a lot but for the world’s largest consumer of petroleum, that’s equivalent to 330 million barrels of oil a. how many plastic grocery bags do Americans throw away each year? In this fun quiz, you’ll test your green vocabulary. Approximately, Americans use about how many plastic drinking straws per day? Whales are some of the largest animals on the planet. You must sign in or sign up to start the quiz. 7. 1. of the Earth’s water is freshwater, but over half of that freshwater is locked away in glaciers and ice caps. However, they are being threatened by rising sea temperatures. A report done by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation found that there are over 150 million tons of plastic in the oceans today. True. The team was studying plastic pollution in the ocean and found that out of the 66,077 pieces of plastic collected in samples, 95% of it was millimeters in size. Have a Wee Lad or Lass on the Way? Susan Callery Earth Day Quiz From trees to oceans, the Earth needs nature and so do you. Join the World’s Largest Environmental Movement! Hence you can not start it again. Which of the below countries continue to commercially whale today? It’s False! April 8, 2020. Recipes. What happened to the water? Absorption of carbon dioxide has led to an increase in ocean acidification which has a range of harmful consequences for marine life such as coral bleaching and the dissolving of calcifying organism (i.e., shellfish, crustaceans) shells. Today’s Doodle art was led by Doodler Gerben Steenks, with engineering by Doodlers Jacob Howcroft & Stephanie Gu. False. Volcanoes push out water vapor and other chemicals that help make a life-sustaining atmosphere, and icy asteroids and comets may have helped bring water to Earth's surface when it was forming. Great whales can contribute to over $2 million in ecosystem services over their lifetime. Nah, nothing ever happens where you live. Explore a stunning gallery of before-and-after images of Earth from land and space that reveal our home planet in a state of flux. Most of Mars' atmosphere and water evaporated. Earth and Venus are rocky planets of about the same size, but Earth's average surface temperature is about 59° F, while Venus' is 1350° F, hot enough to melt lead or aluminum. Venus is made of denser rock than Earth.C. Which other world has similar features? C. Scientists don't refer to Earth this way. Do you want to know where the largest volcano on Earth is? No thank you, Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display. A report done by the Ocean Conservancy found that over half of the land-based plastic pollution in oceans originates from just five countries – Thailand, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Climate change is also a major threat as it alters the life cycles of whale’s main food sources and can decrease overall productivity. You seem to be logged out. Where does the majority of plastic waste end up? Conservation and Biodiversity The sun continues to heat up. Test your knowledge with our series of questions! A. Mercury (liquid lead)B. Saturn's moon Titan (liquid methane)C. Saturn (liquid oxygen)D. Neptune's moon Triton (liquid ammonia). powered by Typeform. For more information on alternatives to plastic, check out Beth Terry’s blog, 100 Steps to a Plastic-Free Life. This may not seem like a lot but for the world’s largest consumer of petroleum, that’s equivalent to 330 million barrels of oil a year! Keeping up a business-as-usual trend will have plastic outweighing fish in the ocean by 2050. And this doesn’t say anything about the energy required to transport it. Let's go! You must sign in or sign up to start the quiz. None of the above. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Are 'Happy Anywhere'! From the oceans to the trees, this quiz will test you on all things that Mother Earth brings and why it’s vitally important. 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The 2020 theme, climate action, was announced at a 2019 Earth Day event. 25 best memes about earth day quiz earth day quiz google s 2016 chan google earth day quiz, Huehuehue wew lad search share take again for earth day google lets what do you look for in a partner wele to the earth day which animal are you google celebrates the earth day, Earth Day Quiz Google S 2016 Logo The Ion, Google Doodle Earth Day 2016 Quiz Pmg Digital Agency, Why Did Google Choose Those Animals For Its Earth Day Quiz, Google S Earth Day Doodle Quiz 2016 Brandsynario, You Re C Google Earth Day Quiz Know Your Meme, Google S Earth Day Quiz Connects You With Your Animal Equal, Which Animal Are You Google Celebrates The Earth Day, Google S Earth Day Quiz Test Your Knowledge Of The Environment, Chan Google Earth Day Quiz Know Your Meme, Google Shares Earth Day 2016 Quiz That Asks Which Animal Are You, Earth Day Quiz Senin لم يسبق له مثيل الصور Tier3 Xyz, The Plete Google Easter Eggs That Will Make You Go Wow, How Much Time Does It Take To Sunlight Reach The Earth. Manage your GDPR consents by clicking here. Hi, It seems you are visiting us from India, would you like to visit our India pages? In a billion years, Earth gets too hot, oceans evaporate, carbon dioxide disappears, plant life dies out.B. C. The magnetic field is essential for life and a defining characteristic of Earth. How long can the oldest whale species live? From renewable resources to water use, this quiz will test you on all the ways to reduce your carbon footprint. According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, at least 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans each year. Get ’Em Here! Is your child an Earth Day quiz whiz? As of 2015, about 6.3 billion metric tons (Mt) of plastic has been produced in the U.S. and, of that, only 9% has been recycled, found a recent study published on Science Advances. , floating on the ocean’s surface. Which circumstance could end life on Earth? Video: For 15 years, GRACE tracked freshwater movements around the world. It looks as though you’ve already said that. Track Earth's vital signs from space and fly along with NASA's Earth-observing satellites in an interactive 3D visualization. C. Scientists believe the first scenario is a certainty and the second just a matter of time. Think you know all your endangered species? About 71% of the Earth is covered with water. Test your knowledge of how Earth is different from other planets. However, they are being threatened by rising sea temperatures. Ocean noise created by human activities puts marine species at risk and threatens their survival. You are posting comments too quickly. Earth's magnetic field shields us from solar wind and helps hold onto atmosphere and water.

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