DOA Fishing. 2. Type: World Heritage Site, Nature Reserve, Wildlife & Animals, Recommended Visiting Time: about 1-2 days, Address: Gengda Township, Wolong Nature Reserve, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan, China. 4. Besides, the complex and particular terrains and multiple hills make Mount Siguniang a fine choice for trekking lovers. Wolong, known as "the homeland of pandas" in China, is part of the original habitat of wild pandas. Pre-work Training: Wolong Panda Volunteers are required to participate in the "Pre-work Training" about the volunteer program before 09:00 a.m. on your volunteer day to have a clear understanding about how to do the volunteer activities. minority kingdom, Tibet Start planning your tailor-made holiday to China by contacting one of our specialists. They like crawling and rolling, learning to climb trees, playing with each other, being curious about the environment, wanting to explore the world. Baby giant pandas are from 1 to 2 years old. There is only about 24 kilometers long driving distance between the museum and Shenshuping Panda Base, which takes about 35 minutes to get there. Good time for photographs. Please feel free to tell us if you need any help! Travel with China Discovery and learn about Wolong Giant Panda Reserve (Shenshuping Panda Base), the largest breeding center for giant pandas worldwide, is open for the feeding, breeding, reproduction, wildness trainings and scientific studies of giant pandas. 4. ● Visiting area of panda breeding: enter the area of panda breeding to visit more lovable giant pandas and learn more knowledge about them. Il Wolong Grove Panda Yard nella Wolong Valley Nature Reserve offre ore infinite di divertimento mostrando questi delicati giganti che giocano, e sebbene siano in cattività, non smettono mai di divertire. In più, non dovete lavarvi le mani per goderveli! Don't be surprised to see a panda eating for a while, as pandas eat around 12 hours and 99% of their diet is bamboo! The section of the provincial road 303 between Yinxiu and Wolong is in newly opened which contains 45 kilometers. Completed in 1963, Wolong National Natural Reserve is the earliest, largest and best-known panda reserve in China. Visitors from home and abroad can join this lifetime meaningful and interesting activity so to get the chance to clean the panda’s house, feed giant panda by yourselves, prepare their eating bamboos and healthy cakes, watch movies about the charming giant pandas and learn more about the chubby national treasure in China through a lot of joy. Join the program and become a baby panda nanny for a day. To have a look around the city of Chengdu please scroll down the page to find our street view map.The Wolong Grove Panda Yard cam is brought to you by, the world’s leading philanthropic live nature cam network and documentary film channel. There is no better way than to have a private date with them. Please do not throw any food into the panda’s enclosure, or the pandas may get ill if they eat something not suitable for their body. Avid Outdoorsman Product Showcase: DOA Lures’ Captain Ed. seguenti campi opzionali: Un orso ha ucciso un dipendente di uno zoo-safari, sotto lo sguardo traumatizzato dei visitatori: è quanto è accaduto in Cina. If you want to hold a panda, your dream will come true in the baby panda keeper program at Wolong Panda Center. Guardate questi lupi che pattugliano il loro territorio, giocano e mangiano attraverso la telecamera ad alta qualità del centro, ma siate pazienti: i lupi sono abili a rendersi difficili da avvistare, anche in un recinto di meno di mezzo ettaro. So please keep a safety distance while watching them. Puoi gestire i tuoi cookie cliccando, Una lontra marina © GomezDavid / Getty Images, Un canguro wallaby © Tomas Modrovsky/Shutterstock, Un gorilla di pianura orientale © guenterguni / Getty Images, webcam di intrattenimento del Monterey Bay Aquarium, L’International Wolf Center a Ely in Minnesota, Il Wolong Grove Panda Yard nella Wolong Valley Nature Reserve. Force Majeure: The panda volunteer and hugging program is to be delayed or inaccessible if there is Force Majeure like earthquakes, epidemic... Also, your program may be influenced by the inevitable requirement and control. Se beccate la webcam all’entrata di Cradle Mountain al momento giusto, potrete vedere canguri wallaby, echidne e persino i vombati che vagano in giro. Don't expect too much from the accommodation, however. ● Panda lecture: join the panda lecture to learn more facts about giant pandas, listen to some interesting stories between the experts and pandas, and know more deep knowledge about giant pandas. Day 4: Depart from Chengdu. Queste videocamere registrano tutto il giorno e offrono grande qualità dell’immagine soprattutto di notte quando gli animali sono più attivi. Wolong Giant Panda Reserve, belonging to the Wolong National Nature Reserve that is reputed as the “Panda Kingdom” and “Gene Pool of Precious Flora and Fauna”, is home to about 60 percent of the world’s total panda population.Standing about 1700 meters above the sea, Wolong Giant Panda Reserve is the world’s largest breeding center for the giant pandas with more than 30 captive pandas. If you want to see pandas enjoying their original habitat and experience a variety of panda volunteer programs, Wolong National Nature Reserve is the perfect choice for you.

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