Although Steve is relentlessly annoying and has cost the Winslow family large amounts of time and money from his own clumsy demeanor, he has shown he's more mature than Eddie is in accepting responsibility. Savage and Urkel are revealed to be members of the same cheese club. Eddie's second serious and final girlfriend in the series, who first appears in the season six episode "My Bodyguard", and another one of Laura's friends. In the first season, he appeared good-intentioned and responsible, despite being academically challenged. Synonyms for waldo include telefactor, telemanipulator, gadget, appliance, gimmick, contraption, contrivance, device, implement and thing. This plays into the fact that he is overweight and in several stories throughout the series, Carl's physical health plays a role (in the season 4 episode "Driving Carl Crazy", he is revealed to have high blood pressure, which got dangerous because he tried to dodge dieting). Waldo and his friends are enjoying a day at sea, but something is fishy! In season 9's "Don't Make Me Over", Myrtle gets a makeover with Laura and Maxine's help. Estelle would often say her catchphrase "way to go, Carl," usually to Carl when he did something wrong that she did not like. 3J – a nickname referring to his real name Jerry Jamal Jameson – was a young orphan whom Carl and Harriette adopted in the season eight episode "3J in the House". Steve stood up for her in the season two episode "Requiem for an Urkel," leading to a supervised boxing match between Steve and Willie. It is suggested that she enjoys a close relationship with her sister Laura. During the series' fourth season (in "Mama's Wedding"), the character disappeared from the series altogether, with no explanation given. . Judy is the younger daughter and youngest biological child, of Carl and Harriette Winslow. Will usually be found: programming across three screens while planning which home improvement project she’ll workshop over the weekend. While Steve is known for having a strong sense of integrity, another likely reason for rarely being punished is that his parents and larger family were unsupportive and cold towards him, often leaving him to fend for himself; his attachment to the Winslow family makes sense in this context. She has a very perky and persistent personality. Harriette is Carl's wife, Rachel's big sister, biological mother of Eddie, Laura and Judy, aunt of Richie and adoptive mother of 3J and the daughter of Jimmy Baines and Darlene Baines. Had the show continued in its final season, Stefan would help Waldo get back together with Maxine. "Weasel" was an obnoxious and highly irresponsible jerk, having persuaded Eddie to break curfew and to gamble on football games (in "Money Out the Window") without having enough money to pay the lost bet. [1] Midway through the first season, the show introduced the Winslows' nerdy neighbor Steve Urkel (played by Jaleel White), who quickly became its breakout character and eventually a main character. Committee Member and Editorial Advisor / Career zen master, Superpower: can whip up editorial plans in seconds – complete with stunning photography and words that feed your soul. ABN 16 753 265 639. Myra Monkhouse was introduced midway through the fourth season in "A Thought in the Dark" as a possible girlfriend for Steve. While his role in the series was brief, he played a critical role by being the one who introduced his cousin, Myra Monkhouse, to Urkel. While Myra became a permanent character soon afterwards, Ted was dropped after the season four episode "Heart Strings," after he and Laura argued and broke up offscreen. Rachel considered herself more beautiful than Harriette. However, since Laura does not really show any attraction for Steve, Myra is willing to accept a truce, although the Laura-Myra relationship remains testy and adversarial, even in the most banal, non-Urkel situations. The idea for Waldo’s Friends was born when my partner and I adopted our first cat and dog in late 2017. Rachel is seen throughout the first four seasons; after a year's absence (due to Telma Hopkins leaving the show full-time to star in the short-lived sitcom Getting By), she made occasional appearances during the sixth and ninth seasons. Waldo Salt was the subject of a 1990 documentary Waldo Salt: A Screenwriter's Journey, which featured interviews with Dustin Hoffman, Robert Redford, Jon Voight, John Schlesinger and other collaborators and friends. Series co-creator and executive producer William Bickley said she was cut due to a "budget consideration". Richie is almost a year old in the show's first season and was age-advanced to 3-years-old in beginning with the season two premiere "Rachel's Place". From the third season onwards, Eddie's best friends were Waldo Faldo and Steve Urkel. And to this end, we hope that for every unsustainably produced product out there – there are thousands more that are ethically sourced, are carbon neutral, and give back to the shelters who protect and serve our furry friends. It is inferred that he may have a crush on Ms. Steuben. From here, Myra's character regressed and devolved to an antagonistic role, competing with Laura for Steve's affections and pursuing Steve relentlessly, similarly to her early appearance. [9] He is also mentioned to have a sister named Quesadilla. As revealed in "Midterm Crisis," his fiancée Lois works as a stripper, although he is not too happy when Carl tells him about it as he already knew. Estelle is the mother of Carl Winslow and his four brothers, Harriette's mother-in-law and grandmother of Eddie, Laura and Judy Winslow. Steve is also attracted to Myra but he never grew to love her over the course of the show. Unlike her brother, who was a slacker and more into sports, Laura was very independent and focused with her education and was even distraught when her straight-A streak was broken by a mere B+. When his academic challenges restarted in college, Eddie switched his focus to become a police officer like his father. Before leaving, they along with Eddie, Greta, Myra, Cornelius and the rest of the Winslows witness the birth of Steve and Laura's daughter, Stephanie Laurine Urkel. She is nine years old as the series begins and remains in the series until she is thirteen. Played by Shawn Harrison (1990–1996; 1997). She often tried to do everything to succeed by herself, which was not always the right choice. Estelle "Mother" Winslow (later Estelle Thomas), "'Family Matters.' Sadly, not all animals left behind by selfish owners get this lucky, and most of these shelter workers operate on frightfully low budgets – often through community volunteers and fundraisers.

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