We are an independent loan adviser. I was asking around to finance my existing loan, and was recommended here by a good friend who was satisfied with the service. If the rate increases within the first 2 years, you may convert to another UOB home loan package for free. He also readily explained to me why he choose to be part of this team and how they make money (which is entirely free to customers). Lastly, he also connected me with some good insurance providers for mortgage protection. The details you see on our site may be different from others. I have been looking for different banks and mortgage advisors for deals to refinance my existing property loan. We’ll assume an interest rate of around two per cent per annum, throughout the duration of the loan. (within 3 hours). Manage to set up an appointment for me to my own convenience without much problem. I was connected with Cameron from your team. Effective date: 31 August 2020 The basic Mortgage Interest Rate (MIR) of UOB Vietnam is 8.70% p.a. Get up to $500 worth of Takashimaya vouchers when you apply for your home loan through MoneySmart! Jared was able to connect me with the right banks and lawyers with his many years in the industry. Search or Sort reviews to find review) Rating: If you can’t decide and unsure of what to do next, get in touch with our mortgage team as soon as possible. The total interest repaid, over 25 years, is $271,563. UOB home loan packages cater to all types of residential properties and address the needs of different home buyer profiles in Singapore. By doing so, we ensure that you get only the best home loan rate. Highly recommended service! The sooner you pay off your home loan, the less interest you ultimately pay. We simply get a standard referral fee from banks for our services. Reach out to us for financial advice at zero cost. A mortgage broker is someone who acts as an intermediary to broker loans to financial institutions on behalf of businesses and individuals. UOB home loan packages cater to all types of residential properties and address the needs of different home buyer profiles in Singapore. We would like to help you as much as possible from loan comparison & application to approval. We are committed to bringing you the best value in your mortgage loan. Calculate your monthly loan payments, loan affordability and UOB loans available with latest rates. Pros of repaying home loan mortgage early . Absolutely not! Lucky for you, we’ve outlined a comprehensive list of the latest home loan rates in Singapore. 1. No, we do not. Verification Code * I have read and agree to the terms and conditions. But Fixed Rate Home Loans Might Become Worthy Deals In The Near Future if interest rates hikeWhile UOB’s SIBOR home loans are still the best home loan that UOB has to offer its consumers so far, its fixed rate home loan might be worth considering, especially if SIBOR makes a steep climb in 2018 with the market expecting three rate hikes from US Federal Reserve in 2018 alone. Calculate your monthly loan payments, loan affordability and UOB loans available with latest rates. Live a stress-free life as we take charge of your home loan application. Typically, there’s no lock-in period for this kind of property. Our mortgage advisory service is entirely free of charge. However, the results of our comparison tools which are not marked as sponsored are based on objective analysis. and 2.63% p.a. As part of the home loan application process, you must take into consideration the other fees and charges involved. As such, there’s more flexibility and ease when the time comes for you to refinance. If not for her help, our interests on the house would still be the same, instead of the lower one we are paying for. © 2009-2020 MoneySmart. Thanks Jared, I have recommended you to my friends and family. Previously, UOB’s mortgage products were linked to fixed deposits. You can use our Progressive Payment Calculator to find out how much you need to pay at each stage of construction. Our service is entirely complimentary as our consultants are paid by lenders for bringing the clients to them. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our. We will provide you a comprehensive outlook of UOB Home Loans against other banks. Compare and apply for a home loan package through us, so you can enjoy up to $500 worth of Takashimaya vouchers. He was always present in every step of the process like -- LO signing, opening bank account, even on a holiday! We follow your new home purchase, investment or refinance through to settlement while providing a smooth and convenient transaction. The best brokerage firm will provide the best rates and best service to ensure a smooth and fuss free home buying experience. Make a loan enquiry about this UOB Fixed Rate Home Loan. With the help of our mortgage team, you’ll get the proper guidance you need for a smooth journey towards securing your home loan. Add Review (* Required information) Rate: * * Min 20 characters. The bank is restricted to only presenting you one view. Reload Image. I was connected to Desmond quickly after I sent my details online. Some content may be compensated through third-party advertisers. Thank you Cameron for the service rendered. After 2 weeks, I could not even find one that suit my preference. What I liked most is that he has a clear system in recommending suitable plans from the banks. Most of the online comparison portals simply act as a point of data collection and distribution and forward your request out to multiple banks, lenders and financial institutions. Everyday, we monitor the lowest mortgage rates and plans for our clients. All rights reserved. Keith also connected me to law firms and other professionals for additional advice. We, as a intermediary, assess all options available, and propose the best plan to you. Banks have only their own loan packages. We listen & understand your needs and priorities, before proposing the most suited financing solutions, customized to your needs. Everything was so fuss free and i really appreciate your help, Cameron! We are different from banks. We are a single point of contact to handle all your loan needs. I got a call from Cameron shortly after filling up the online application. I highly recommend him, he has a lot of patience and flexibility that allows us to submit the application and get the work done asap. Now, their home loans are pegged to the prevailing board rate or SIBOR. Decided to go with him, and with his help I’ve gotten a competitive financing loan rate from UOB. UOB offers 4 distinct semi-flexi and full-flexi home loan packages with a varying degree of flexibility in terms of cash access and repayments. From sorting out the documents needed to clearing your doubts and answering your questions, you’ll get unbiased advice from our home loan experts. Submit Preview. Currently, the floating interest rates stand at 2.07% p.a. 2 Reviews (Not all reviews shown on page. Disclaimer: At MoneySmart, we aim to provide accurate, objective and up-to-date information. Met up and he advised me on the various packages available, and we submitted the application to several banks. Looking at home loan packages can be quite overwhelming. Met up and he advised me on the various packages available, and we submitted the application to several banks. He was so so helpful in showing me all the available loans in the market now. Lucky for you, it’s in our DNA to compare and assess home loan packages offered by different banks in Singapore. Desmond got back to me with all the necessary information I need (fixed vs floating rate) for my mortgage. Enjoy up to 60% reduction in interest cost in home loans. You do not need to pay any additional amount through us. UOB Home Loan Malaysia comes with a lock in period of 3 years and an early settlement penalty fee of up to 2% on your outstanding loan amount if you complete your loan repayment within this period. Customer service, quick to respond and transparent. Most are too unprofessional, while the remaining have rates that aren’t competitive enough. Citi - Fitbit Versa 3 | Bose Portable Smart Speakers, SCB S$250 Grab Vouchers | S$200 Cash via PayNow, Best Personal Accident Insurance Policies, See All Personal Accident Insurance Articles, UOB Home Loan - Check Interest Rates & Calculate Monthly Repayment. UOB has 3 home loan options for private property buyers. As one of the major local banks in town, UOB home loan packages offer attractive interest rates for private properties and HDBs – completed or uncompleted. To help you find the best housing loan features with the lowest housing loan interest rates, we've collected hundreds of data points on different home loan options in Singapore as well as historical home loan packages and rates. Wish you prosperous business ahead. Yes, our service is free of charge. All information is kept private in accordance with our privacy policy. Even so, we put our customers first and provide unbiased advice all the time. You can speak to us. We are only an intermediary. The whole transaction was handled well by Cameron without any hassle on my end, all necessary work was done on his side. Instead, UOB will open an interest earning current account to complement your home loan. Sometimes, we may be able to offer better exceptional rates due to bulk order submissions, close working relationship with the lenders and promotional tie-ups. By ticking this box and submitting your information, you consent for us to process your personal information as per our, 90% + 5% for MRTA financing with insurance, Completed homes, under-construction properties, refinancing, Flexible Repayments – Daily to monthly frequency, Allows borrowers to service interest payment only (and not the principle loan amount) for first 2 years, Freedom to make monthly, fortnightly, weekly or daily repayments, "Payment holiday" allows borrowers to skip instalment during emergencies and festive occasions, Home loan with linked current account for early repayments and easy cash access, Allows for payment in excess of instalment amount to save on interest, Loan period of up to 35 years or 70 years of age, Loan automatically converts to an overdraft line once 70% of property value is repaid, Variable rate Islamic home financing package, 20% discount on stamp duty for new account, Margin of financing up to 100% (with Takaful premium), Payment holiday" allows borrowers to skip instalment during emergencies and festive occasions, For non-Malaysians buying properties in Malaysia, Loan period up to 30 years or 65 years of age. What you owe on your mortgage will be reflected in the loan account and what you deposit in excess will be placed in the current account. If you need financing for an HDB, there are 4 floating home loan packages available. We will provide you a comprehensive outlook of UOB Home Loans against other banks. You just need to let us know your needs, sit back and relax while we settle all your mortgage needs. When it comes to financing uncompleted private properties also known as BUCs, you can choose from the 2 BUC home loan options offered by UOB. The rates that we offer to you are the same as what the bank or financial institution offers to a walk in customer. Highly recommended and friendly service indeed by Jared! Even if you do not take up a loan, we are more than happy to help you.

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