confirming their shared high libidos. Dragon Ball Wiki Hispano es una comunidad FANDOM en Anime. Motorcycle Cuando ambos iban a luchar con su máximo poder, Goku pierde parte de la transformación sin embargo pudo mantener la batalla por un breve tiempo. Gokú : Pero si usé casi todo mi poder en esa ráfaga. Occupation gokuxvados. Homeworld — Towa expressing her love for Dumplin. Goku intenta hacer un ataque de golpes a gran velocidad el cual Beerus bloquea fácilmente. Relatives La batalla comienza muy igualada sin embargo ambos calentaban para el verdadero enfrentamiento. Gokú : CÁLLATEEEEEEE (se avalanza contra Towa). Towa and the Demon God Majin are in sync personality wise, they are both smart alecks, sassy, snarky, sarcastic, and have a confident attitude though Towa expresses it in a more subdued/reserved type of way. Much later, Towa heads back in time to Hell with Shroom in order to locate the five-star Dark Dragon Ball, and also to rescue her brother Dabura from Xeno Majin Buu.Towa kills the Goku of that era, stating she has no interest in Goku's past self.Shroom defeats Xeno Janemba - even after he takes on his Evil Demon form. She uses her magic and abilities to assist as a medic and healer) Dumplin and toy with her opponents. Towa left Dumplin and Puddin because of her agenda and even fought her daughter once pretending to confuse her for someone else (though Towa did this so she could get away from her attachment to Puddin since she loves her and Dumplin). While she didn't always show it due to her cold exterior, Towa has a very soft spot for her family. GOKÚ Y TOWA INTERCAMBIARÍAN GOLPES QUE HACÍAN TEMBLAR TODOS LOS MULTIVERSOS. She is cold and cruel, as shown by her attitude and lack of consideration of how her magic will distort and ruin time. Luego de recibir el poder de los 6 Saiyans y obtener la transformación del Super Saiyan Dios, Goku enfrenta al dios de la destrucción Beerus quién está muy emocionado por ver los nuevos poderes del saiyajin. Darbra (ダーブラ, Dābura), también conocido como Dabra en España o Dábura en Hispanoamérica, es un gobernante del reino de los demonios. Demon Realm Demon Goddess Gokú : WAYAYAYAYAYA (Towa esquivaba con dificultad sus ataques). In Xenoverse, she is capable of delivering rapid attacks from her staff and kicks, while moving around the battlefield with speed and grace. Darkness Form Towa : Jeje admito que fue un buen ataque. It's confirmed that Dumplin has a harem of Towas from different timelines that he seduced. With Ball-Puddin She takes very much after both her father and her mother in looks, species, and fashion sense. Gokú : TOMAAAAA (le da un golpe en el rostro que la manda al suelo), Towa : AAAAAAH (le da varios golpes a Gokú que este esquivaba con facilidad), Gokú : AAAAAAAAAH (de una patada la manda a estrellar contra un pilar). The name "Towa" comes from the Japanese word "Towa" which means "eternity". Dumplin (finds him and his commentary refreshing, funny, and cute)The Fuck Box, Pole Dancing like a stripper, and the kinky shit since she acquired a high libidoPuddinHer job of reviving the Demon Realm as her people are dying and in dire need of helpMiraStealing EnergyPaata and his buttBeing a DominatrixDrinks (including Tea (from Dumplin) and Milkshakes (from Puddin))Picnics and SweetsExercisingBathsCats and cosplaying as CatwomanPlaying Dress-upReading books and wearing reading glasses (for style and completing the look)Working in her laboratoryBaseballYogaSinging, Plays, and Dance RecitalsThe many different types of food in the worldThe Dumplin StrutThe Puddin RapMessing up timeFlanny Similar to Bulma and Dr. Gero, Towa is a BRILLIANT scientist. Towa is also shown to be willing to go as far as deceiving God of Destruction Beerus not even fearing of his or Whis' power by pretending to be Chronoa and her acting was so convincing that she managed to fool both Beerus and Whis, causing them to leave Age 779 during Freeza's revenge without them realizing her deception until they arrived in Age 852, preventing Whis from assisting Goku and his friends.

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