She will protect you from uncomfortable situations and people, either by giving sound advice or by defending your honor. The Taureans are also closer to members of their families with similar personality traits. This is the absolute Truth…. While most men think that Taurus women are mostly strict and aggressive, it’s actually a wrong belief. She is loyal to her friends and family. She will want her man to act like the man of the house and take responsibility, without being prompted. Try Different Quizzes People Are Talking About! Would you like to write for us? Nature and aesthetic beauty are very important to a Taurus woman. If she is deliberately provoked beyond her stress limits, she'll react by becoming very angry. They feel bad about this since they are aware that this personality trait can push others away. They are also stingy for their family and often buy something worthless. It's rare for a Taurus woman to become so upset that she loses her temper, but when she does, it's not easily forgotten. Emerald is the ideal birthstone for individuals born under this sign. Amazing talents of this zodiac sign are a perfect addition to all other advantages from this list. Therefore, sometimes it is good for Taurus women to give up. The Taurus woman personality traits show she doesn’t go around looking for sympathy from others. 1. However, she is able to put up with lot of stress, has immense willpower, along with a rigid sense of morality and emotional courage. Taurean women are graceful, independent, and the makers of their own destiny, which makes them intimidating as well as desirable. And also: you may be here because you've developed feelings for a certain Taurus woman in your life. However if they have a task they want to do themselves, it will be done in the shortest terms. Taurean women are very romantic when in love and demand their relationship to have a strong emotional bond. Taureans prefer delicate jewelry, and soft fabric. I haven`t met people with the same purposefulness as they have. The Taurus woman traits show she is good at keeping her emotions in check most of the time. A typical Taurean woman can be described as loving, reliable, artistic, attentive, gentle, calm, and patient. Are you a Taurus woman? The element of earth rules her world and can briefly be described as the ideal earth bearer. A Taurus woman is an extremely caring and successful mother. Taurus female illustrates specific characteristics as lovely, self-sufficient and is the builder of their own fate. She is able to withstand great hardship, because she has faith in herself and her abilities. She’s not one to just hook-up with strangers. She often prefers to work on her own rather than in a group. Taurus women boast many positive traits that make them so special. Chances are, she's put up with a lot of stress before reaching a breaking point, so her outbursts are intense. We hope you are enjoying AstrologyBay! Maybe they are, but their stubbornness is not as strong as Aries women have. With a taste for the finer things in life, the Taurus sign knows how to relax and have a good time. The Taurus woman personality is independent and emotionally strong. They have a strictly schedule that they keep to without paying attention to all external factors. In rare cases, this sign can sway from its stable nature and take on a more volatile predisposition, which can also make them materialistic, arrogant, and flamboyant. Because of their unlimited feeling of responsibility for everything they do, these women are extremely productive. It is rare that a Taurus woman will become angry and upset, and when they do get like this they are not prone to letting it show. These are just a few of the top 12 personality characteristics you'll find in a Taurus woman. She will lose her composure if she has to repeat herself time and again. Taureans are smart so it’s hard to earn their loyalty. She has a beautiful complexion, big and bright eyes, thick lustrous hair, broad shoulders, and a muscular frame. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Love really does bring out the best in some people, especially the Taurus woman. Taurean woman although social being, can also be slightly aloof with the people who do not interest them. She is … They are adept at making themselves look sleek, by choosing clothes that complement their figure. A female Taurus is woman of substance, who treats her body as a sacred temple. Women of this sign rarely like changes but they appreciate any new opportunity in life. In conflicts, Taurus women may not be up front about what they feel the real problem is. Among the twelve zodiac signs, Taurus struck me as the most stable as well as volatile sign, and this dual nature intrigued me immensely. Putting up with artifice, facades, or false impressions isn't tolerable for a Taurus woman. In a majority of situations, the Taurus lady seems to be glowing with a sense of friendliness and generosity. She can be very stubborn about the points she makes and won't budge on her views unless she's given a very good reason to change them. Please help us improve. These are just a few of the top 12 personality characteristics you'll find in a Taurus woman. Taureans are happy when they`re able to keep control over material world. Least Compatible Zodiac Signs For Your Sign You Should Absolutely Stay Away From, If You’re Not Dating These Zodiac Signs, You’re in For Heartbreak – Your Guide to Zodiac Compatibility, May 7th Full Supermoon Moon To Bring Positive Change And Deep Healing, Is Sarah Tarot Legit? She proves to be a devoted wife and an extremely fun mother, who will let her children gambol and grow. In that moment her friend or family member is more important to her than herself is. Taurean women are possessive about their belongings and rarely share, unless it’s with someone really dear to them. Yes, they are serious and assertive, but not mean. "Work hard, play hard" is a motto that can definitely be applied to this sign. Taurus Woman. The term picky was coined in honor of the true Taurean woman. She will go out of her way to provide her partner with a warm heart, hearth, and home. Despite the fact that Taureans love to have fun and relax like all other women do, their consistency is a unique and exceptional thing I should definitely mention about in this list. This is a nice trait that make them perfect mothers as people of this kind have a strong belief that a family relationship is one of the most expensive human’s gifts. She's always ready to provide support or guidance to those few, and she'll be easily disappointed if she doesn't get the same in return. Taurus is a fixed sign, which means that you will find traits such as determination, self-reliance, and perseverance in … And also: you may be here because you've developed feelings for a certain Taurus woman in your life. Being stubborn is the major flaw of women under Taurus sign. The Bull female would rather assign projects to herself rather than working on a project with a group. In a nutshell, beautiful, loyal, and intelligent Taurean women make ideal friends, considerate lovers, and caring mothers. You might find a preference for the best of all things in life a bit worrisome, especially if you think she’ll be high maintenance. Though Taurus women have no reservations about expressing their femininity and choosing feminine styles, they're often tomboys at heart who are happy to participate in activities that are mostly male-dominated. If a Taurus gives you a promise there`s no need to hesitate whether it`ll come true or not as if a bull has a target, either way he`ll get it. © 2006-2020 LoveToKnow, Corp., except where otherwise noted. A Taurean woman is blessed with a charming personality. Sign up to receive the latest and greatest articles from our site automatically each week (give or take)...right to your inbox. You can expect a female Taurus to always be honest about who she is and what she wants, and she'll leave a first impression that proves to be representative of her true personality. The Taurus lady would rather be in the background, following simple orders, than being in the front of the room giving the orders. Female Taureans come down to earth and work hard, believing that they would make a rise in life one day. Taurean women are known to be bullheaded simply because they like to get the job done. This is the second sign in the Zodiac and spring is in full bloom when the Taurus celebrates her birthday. He shall be shown the door or more likely, ignored like he never existed to begin with. These cookies do not store any personal information. All Rights Reserved. She will be protective of her partner, which can be annoying at times, but in the end she really just loves her partner. You possess a combination of most of the sterling qualities that every man looks upon. A typical Taurus woman is quite loyal. An Inside Look Into Sarah Tarot’s Readings, Is Eva Tarot Legit? They're not always brainy or nerdy about their smarts, but Taurus women know a lot and are practical about applying their knowledge. Taurus woman personality traits and characteristics. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Read on for the other 10! After all, she knows what’s best for her and would prefer her own company, rather than invest her emotions on someone who doesn’t deserve her affection. Taurus is the Venus-ruled Earth sign, known for its artistic attitude and carefree, yet conservative outlook. Generally speaking, they would hold on to their own views and take no account of how others feel or see. She is also extremely unforgiving and will not reconcile with an ex-lover if he has dared to disrespect her in any way. She knows how to get things done herself and certainly isn't afraid to take on a new project or lead others. They have brilliant organization skills, and can work effectively in the world of politics, human resource management, and finance. These are the five major traits of being a Taurus, plus how it can impact your life, according to Donna Page, a certified astrologer in Atlanta. Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. She enjoys being outside and looking for beautiful views or places that are particularly camera-friendly. The Taurus female will be the happiest when she is working on an art project, enjoying another hobby, or when she is simply surrounded by beautiful things. The Taurus Woman Her Traits & Personality In Love, Compatibility & Life Of course, you might fear your Taurean Woman… These women strive to be in a long-termed relationship only, which is why many of them are single in their 40s. Being fond of food, they have a tendency to gain weight and become sluggish. Taurus girl would like to help out their friends when they are not feeling well, but they would rather handle her own problems on her own time. Her internal life is very active, and you won't be privy to many of her thoughts unless she's close to you. She knows that she is strong and can take care of it. These people are great friends, partners and they`re always loved by their families. The good-natured Taurus women are easy-going, generous, sincere, mild, and tame, thus seldom make an enemy. Instead of starting an argument, they might ignore the offenders or simply treat them with indifference. They are hardworking, intelligent, gifted and know how to strive for a better life on their own.

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