Reproduction ENCLOSURE: The Star tortoise has much the same needs as its close relative the Leopard tortoise - a dry and warm environment, but since G. elegans is a less active species, and does not attain the 'giant' size … All about Indian & Burmese Star tortoises, Angulates, and Golden Greeks... Sri Lankan Star tortoise - Indian Star tortoises native to Sri Lanka. Distribution and local variation. I supplement regularly with calcium and there is always cuttlebone in the enclosures. Unfortunately, this tiny tortoise is endangered and not available as a pet. Despite this, the drug does acheive results, so if no other antibiotic is suitable or the animals kidney status is too bad to allow the use of a more suitable but nephrotoxic drug, Baytril® can still be used - but with some extra care. Tortoises, just like many other animals, have a variety of sizes in the wild and captivity. Once she has found a suitable spot, she digs a flask shaped nest, approximately 15 centimetres deep, with her back legs. Sri Lankan specimens look much like the animals from the southern mainland, but grow nearly as large as the animals from northern India and Pakistan. In 60-90 days after mating, the female usually is ready to lay the first of several clutches. They are prone to respiratory problems if kept too cold and damp. The hatchlings normally grow rapidly for the first few months, and then settle down to a slower growth rate. Sometimes it’s health and environment that can affect the size, and sometimes it’s purely the breed dictating it. the Radiated tortoise, which has a dark ground colour with light markings. Indian Stars also develop more stripes with age. Power feeding will cut down the life expectancy of the tortoise, regardless of species. Recently, I received information about a supposed male, kept in captivity in Maharashtra in India but originally from Jamnagar district of Gujarat, which weighs as much as 10 kilograms. EGG LAYING: As with other female gravid tortoises, a Star tortoise ready to lay is restless and aggressive towards companions. The females grow to be 5 to 7 inches and the males can reach about 4.5 inches. For the details, read on below the table! COMMON HEALTH PROBLEMS: If the tortoise should come down with a respiratory infection and the results of the culture and sensitivity test shows that a course of antibiotics is necessary, it might be useful to be aware that G. elegans seems to be allergic to one of the more popular reptile antibiotics. They may have already been sick when collected, or may have became sick during transportation due to stress, cold conditions, and exposure to other tortoises and reptiles. Although lacking in any pretty patterns like many smaller tortoises, the aldabra comes in shades of dark brown, gray, and black, which have a beauty all their own. Adult females are larger in size with shorter, stubby tails. The Star tortoise has 5 claws on each foot, and the posterior claws of females are markedly longer than male hind claws, and more curved - this is to facilitate nest excavation in the often hard and dry ground. The Star tortoise can, contrary to many other tortoises, but together with certain other species in the subfamily Geochelone (among them G. pardalis) possess a shell with naturally raised scutes, something which looks similar, but not identical to the pyramiding often seen in tortoises marked by malnutrition and poor husbandry. In nature, where food availability during the dry periods is extremely low, it is understandable that a tortoise consumes animal matter when found, but in captivity, where food is plenty, offering animal foods is downright dangerous. As long as you understand the adult weight and size of the breed you’re interested in, you can prepare your home, family, and life for welcoming a new shell puppy, tank buddy, or sweet tort friend. Size a beautiful medium-sized tortoise max size 10-15" (38 cm) and max weight 10-15 lbs (7 kg) females grow larger than males generally, females grow up to 10-12" and males up to 7-8" size varies by sex, individual, and native The Indian Star tortoise was first described by Schoepff. It is also unknown how to properly care for this species as most expire before we can learn anything. Always keep them separately from other types of tortoises. Everyone knows that cats have varying sizes, and birds, too, but what of reptiles? Don’t let that “muddy” description scare you away; this tortoise is gorgeous in its own way. As we go through our list of pet tortoise sizes, keep in mind that some tortoise species have several sub-species in their family. This can change the size or look of each individual. The western species of the Hermann’s tortoise can reach up to 6 inches at full size, though many people have reported their eastern Hermann’s torts reaching larger sizes around eleven inches. Taken into account that the taxonomic status as an entity is uncertain, the eradication of Star tortoises from any larger area could, at least theoretically, mean the extermination of an undescribed subspecies or even species.

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