Create an Account - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. Booking: 800.679.315 Oct 17, 2020 - View the Best condos with Prices in Snowmass Village. Relish the chic master suite with a king bed while the additional guest suite has a queen bed. Email notifications are only sent once a day, and only if there are new matching items. Additionally, outdoor or open-air concerts abound thanks to the free Thursday Snowmass concerts and the summer-long Aspen Music School performances. Error! blogherads.defineSlot("medrec", "repeating-content-2").display(); Town staff are still working on the plan and collecting feedback, but you can view the latest draft, here. The world-renowned non-profit is a destination for artists and creative folk and was founded in 1966. To learn more about our winter experiences, click here. 3 days. 2006-2020 All Rights Reserved. blogherads.adq.push(function() { Limelight and Public Events Plaza – Opening Fall 2018 There are toys for kids, cornhole for anyone, and the Lost Forest is open late so you can snag one last ride on the Alpine Coaster. So while the concert series “as we know it” will not live on this summer, Abello said, Snowmass is trying to figure out how to still offer music on Thursday nights in a way that is safe and respects public health protocols. Tucked away in the Brush Creek Valley, just nine miles away from downtown Aspen lies Snowmass Village. Executive Chef Steven Sterritt offers a delicious seasonal menu and fun drink specials that are the perfect start to a summer evening. This is where you’ll find the Snowmass Free Concert Series on Fanny Hill, a 27-year-old tradition in Snowmass Village and Fridays on the Mall (new in 2018! Looking to the hundreds of families and children running around the rodeo grounds, Vold said, “It was just difficult to try and piece it all together where those people could come and enjoy themselves like they have in the past. There are over 30 restaurants in Snowmass Village. More Itineraries. Check out all their listings at Outside, the pool area has two new spas and the re-vamped restaurant, Nest. Want New Ideas For Creating Epic Memories With Your Kids? View Tripadvisor's 1,872 unbiased reviews and great deals on vacation rentals in Snowmass Village, CO There was an unknown error that prevented the verification email from being sent. Snowmass is a world leader in mountain biking, and over 80 miles of trails are a testament to that claim. Please try again later. blogherads.defineSlot("medrec", "repeating-content-1").display(); The Snowmass Summer Experience Winter Summer Our Mountains / Snowmass. The conceptual entryway plan was presented to Town Council on Monday, August 17. Like its sister town of Aspen, Snowmass Village’s summer season is going to look a lot different this year. There are paved trails that connect riders to the Rio Grande Trail (over 40 miles of trail), the Snowmass Bike Park, which is located on Snowmass Ski Area, and the new 4.8 miles of trail that connect riders from Elk Camp mid-mountain to the new expert jump trail that can be found lower on the mountain. blogherads.adq.push(function() { The Elk Camp Gondola opens this Sunday, June 21st at 10am for summer service. We were unable to find that email in our system. Yes, Please! Read on for all things summer in Snowmass! Would you like to receive our weekly top story roundup? The Treeline Trail Challenge Course is also brand new (Jun. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph. New Biking Trails The Snowmass Rodeo has been canceled for this summer as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, event producers announced Tuesday. This week, host Alycin Bektesh checks back in with infectious disease expert Dr. Daniel Pastula to find out what we know now about coronavirus that we didn’t know when we called him up as the the COVID-19 outbreak hit in March. This weekend also marks the opening of Snowmass Village for the summer season. We ventured up the trail to see what’s new and what’s just plain cool in this year-round-playground of a mountain town. 2018) Canopy Run Zipline, a three-hour tour that includes sky bridges, rappels, and eight zip lines, of which the final two are 90 feet above the valley floor. Would you like to receive the daily headlines? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know. Snowmass Bike Park is included in this, and offers something for every type of downhill mountain biker. Please try again. Sign up today! “It’s a very difficult time, and it was a hard decision, but it had to come to this,” he said. Online: At a different Snowmass-area ranch, the folks at Anderson Ranch have transformed nearly 60 of the arts nonprofit’s more than 150 workshops into virtual offerings. Winds NNW at 10 to 15 mph.. During the summer, it is a mountain paradise, and still maintains the family-friendly atmosphere. Snowmass is a world leader in mountain biking, and over 80 miles of trails are a testament to that claim. For more details on any of these offerings, tickets, passes, and information on the COVID-19 policies, please go to Find Winter & Summer trail maps to access hiking trails, biking trails, ski slopes and more! Alternatively, staying in the heart of  historic downtown Aspen puts al fresco dining, galleries and boutique shopping within strolling distance. Aspen Snowmass is a renowned winter destination, but when the snow melts and wildflowers bloom to life, summer bestows a bevy of warm-weather activities for visitors to enjoy at the resort and in the surrounding mountains. 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