Calendar overview of Months Weather Forecast. Less rain than normal, due to the likelihood of a continued blocking pattern. (Skiing Video Game), Crash of the Week: A Canadian Man's Epic Backflip Fail From 50ft Cliff, VIDEO: Two Year Old Skater Has Ramp Skills..."TINY HAWK", Arapahoe Basin Announces Decision On Parties At 'The Beach', Gov. Hemisphere winter into Spring 2021 with La Nina conditions remaining the most likely ENSO phase through FMA 2021. United States | Seattle, Washington. Expected conditions (temperature and humidity) are too close to predict the type of precipitation. Winter Weather Forecast 2021 from The Old Farmer’s Almanac Light Winter for Many, Colder in the West. January 2021. PROGNOSTIC TOOLS USED FOR U.S. This 2020-2021 U.S. Winter Outlook map for precipitation shows wetter-than-average weather is most likely across the Northern Tier of the U.S. … Red = Chance of a Rain Storm. Cuomo Announces NY Ski Resorts Can Operate 50% Indoor Capacity. Andrew M. Cuomo announcing ski resorts in (…), NOAA's Latest Winter Weather Outlook For U.S. (Cooler North, Warmer South), Looking Bindings Coming In Ultra Hot With New Pit Viper Collaboration, Stop What You're Doing And Watch Travis Rice's Line of a Lifetime, Burton Debuting New Movie Drive-In Event @ Red Rocks Amphitheater, DOCUMENTARY: Ice Climbing Legend Guy Lacelle (1955-2009), Direct Weather’s Winter Weather Forecast | Outlook | Prediction For 2020 / 2021, VIDEO: Abandoned Mine Converted To Mountain Bike Playground, Grand Mountain Adventure Is A Blast. 2020 Long Range Weather Forecast for Seattle, WA ... To see long term forecasts for the entire year, pick up a copy of The 2021 Old Farmer’s Almanac, available online and in stores. By: Francis Xavier, New York skiers and snowboarders just got a much anticipated update on the ski season with Gov. Winter 2020/21 Forecast: Sixth Update (Parts One And Two) [11/10/2020] [13/10/2020] to GWV YouTube Channel to see winter 2020/21 update premieres this autumn Sixth Winter 2020/21 Update Part One: The sixth winter 2020/21 update starts with our latest swingometer. Here is a look at the winter weather prediction maps by month for the 2020 – 2021 winter. TEMPERATURE AND PRECIPITATION OUTLOOKS Given the current ENSO conditions and predictions, the seasonal outlooks through MAM 2021 utilized typical impacts during past observed La Nina events as the guide for many areas of the forecast … May result in Rain, Snow, or Sleet. Chance of Snow Storms this Winter Season. Almanac fans: Your long wait is over! Based on all of the above, our forecast for the winter of 2019-20 is: 10 to 12 inches of snow in Seattle (average winter snowfall is 5.9 inches). Our winter forecast. Get that winter gear ready! A significant cold spell in December or January. Snow Chance Legend. NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center has released weather maps that attempt to forecast weather for the 2020 – 2021 winter. The outlook weather maps show both temperature predictions as well as precipitation predictions.. Orange = Chance of a Winter Storm. Free 2-Month Weather Forecast. Note: Long range forecasts are regional, not city-specific. Blue = Chance of a Snow Storm. After five updates the swingometer is currently very slightly favouring a milder than … Free Long Range Weather Forecast for Seattle, Washington February 2021. Winter 2020/2021 Forecast And Updates.

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