I can’t believe how 100% accurate this is! And from the moment I saw her I fell in love all over again. Last year, I finally got the courage to ask him out while I was in the same country as him but I think because he was going thru a break-up he didn’t meet with me, but I know deep in my heart he wants to see me. Sincerely, a two double Scorpio male. And not Mr. so and so. When she(Pisces) know she is in the Lions jaw, she submits herself completely to scorpio. Sad thing is I think I might love him n I don’t want to get hurt. He always reassured me i was the only one and always gave me my way in our relationshipeven if it meant letting go of friendships or family but my jealousy and controlling ways sent him into such a rage that there was no coming back from it this time. so attracted to me but couldnt tell why… i always catch him staring at me too. If you invoke their spiritual energy they will like you, but I will say, if she is liking him, it’s best to say it because Scorpios can at times be oblivious to people. In matters of love, Pisces and Scorpio match because the two uniquely bond and deeply understand one another. Lol, Some people have sex while 4 months of dating? He introduced me to his daughter a few times. I have always incorporated finding a solution to what was negatively was going, which lead to both myself and scorpio male blocking each other. if not staring, finding a way to speak to me. Pisces and Scorpio both seek each other’s affection more than anything else, because they feel like you have known each other for an eternity, even if they just met recently. I’m a Scorpio with a moon, saturn and 10th house in Pisces. He understands me emotionally, spiritually and physically. Love that! I am a Scorpio and the love of my life is a pisces . It’s basically been 10 years without us hanging out together and every time I see him, my feelings for him hit me like a brick wall, even though we were only 5-6 years old when we knew each other. Scorpio and Pisces can make a very good couple if they don’t end up playing the role of each other’s opposites. He invited me to two soccer games and we laughed a lot together in front of his mysterious,deep ,complicated father. Im a pisces female and have been in love with my scorpio man for as long as I can remember. And all I want is to be with him. Virgo and Scorpio make a very interesting pair. İ met my scorpio four weeks ago. I don’t know maybe I’m just overthinking it. I almost wish we hadn’t met so that this pain could go away. I have never felt so deeply to a man in my life and i am convinced he is my life partner but right now he is ignoring me and its driving me crazy and im learning to give him his space whatsoever. We both had girlfriends, but I knew my relationship with my virgo was about to come to a close. I am a scorpion woman in love with a Pisces man. We just love the same things bands, food, activities etc. A friend of mine is a scorpio and it didn’t take long until we both said that we are soulmates. Am I being delusional, or is this actually something that could happen?

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