Select Other. Most SLJ reviews are exclusive to subscribers. Check out Kathy All of these can be done in a classroom, at a school level, or for this year’s yearbook. October 2018: Creepy Reads. Log In. Encourage Happy Campers. “For some of my students, these are the first books they have ever owned.”, LeRoy’s student-designed SLACkersT-shirts embrace nerdiness.Courtesy of Jaime LeRoy, 11|  LeRoy is also looking forward to another year with her SLACkers (Student Library Advisory Committee). Looks like you’ve clipped this slide to already. 10 They can help you with any type of writing - from personal statement to research paper. new thing! 20|  Elementary students will have the chance to explore sewing skills with machines at the library’s maker space, says Thorp. My professor asked me to write a research paper based on a field I have no idea about. Here are the 2015 storytime and lapsit themes at the Hamby-Burns Library! 9|  Jaime LeRoy, library media specialist at Cross Timbers (TX) Middle School, is looking forward to another year of sneaky library advertising with her Bathroom Book Blurbs, advertisements for popular titles, in student bathrooms, as well as her Potty Mouth newsletter, housed in faculty restrooms, with news about library happenings, new books, tech tips, and more. They will get to “create their own reusable snack and sandwich bags,” similar to reusable Ziploc baggies. Books related to each month’s theme will be on display all around the children’s library. Host a “Breakfast January: New Year Celebrations Around the World! Try one 29|  The San Jose Public Library will continue offering a series of Life Skills Academy programs, says Berman. I remember how in high school I used to hate seeing mean messages about people written on the bathroom stalls. 2 18 Solving that reveals a word. “Lunch and Listen” 9 Students who have read it will be invited to participate and solve crimes, like the book’s protagonist, in order to break into a final, locked mystery box. and Browse” or a … Photos courtesy of Jackie Lockwood, King County (WA) Library System. … students… Encourage teachers to incorporate themes and their associated value into classroom assignments and discussions. News, opinion, features, and breaking stories, Exclusive video library and multimedia content, Full, searchable archives of more than 300,000 reviews and thousands of articles, Research reports, data analysis, white papers, and expert opinion. or new books… 23 ... Read More . “I am willing to do whatever it takes to promote the library and its goings-on!” she says. Suggested Activities by Grade elementary: Film students sharing their feelings about the school library. Scribd will begin operating the SlideShare business on December 1, 2020 Share an original Teacher sets will get a boost, with the addition of board games and primary source text bundles. As a subscriber, you'll receive unlimited access to all reviews dating back to 2010. 14|  Burleson’s school will hold its inaugural One School, One Book program. My research skills are also very poor. Comments may be republished in print, online, or other forms of media. Check out these inspired and wide-ranging plans from school and public librarians across the country. Librarians will visit “armed with a bag of snacks—and get to know the teens in their own environment.”. There will be an area for photos behind the desk with some props to take pictures before and after school. The email you entered already exists. take” ideas with 28|  In partnership with the To College Through College Studio, a college-success program in Grand Rapids, Jemerson will host events covering trans-literacy skills “to help prepare students for life after high school.” He will cover topics from database skills to managing social media, allowing time for workshopping the concepts. 13 Talk about bringing book suggestions to a captive audience! Have you ever used the help of ⇒ ⇐? To access other site content, visit our homepage. recorded webinar I chose a writer who matched my writing style and fulfilled every requirement I proposed. Themes . Don't have a School Library Journal Account? …. … Teens told him “they’d like us to come to their schools,” he says. Stay ahead. “PhET is an amazing and free program that uses simulations to teach math and science,” she says. Comments that stray from the topic at hand may be deleted. 7 We’ve noticed you are using a private browser. 32|  Interactive book displays “that showcase hot trends” have been a hit at Wearing’s high school, and for the fall, she’s putting together a Wonder Woman display “that will house books with strong female protagonists and heroes.” The presentation will be tied into a donation campaign with Giving the Basics. One of the best things about this branch is the amount of display space I have for highlighting our children’s collection. Washington teens playing the Kerbal Space Program game launch a virtual rocket that orbits around the planet Kerbin (right). Schrock’s Guide to Stay aware all Create a fun visual Create “make & MUCH. high: Have students create commercials about the school library’s makerspace or non-traditional ideas and programs. 33|  In her new position as media specialist at Falmouth (ME) Elementary School, Amy Reddy will offer the passive program “Once Upon a Time…We Were Your Age, Too!” Teachers and staff will share photos of themselves as kids, with a favorite book. In order to make sure her kids receive the literacy support they need, each year she uses FirstBook to purchase low-cost titles that she gives away at the end of the school year. Not seeing your institution name? You can change your ad preferences anytime. Each month we will decorate the children’s floor, located on the first floor, to match the month’s theme. The game echoes the book’s series of puzzles, presenting clues “associated with each Dewey 100 section. 18|  Berman will take advantage of the fidget spinner trend during an upcoming 3-D printing program, where teens will be able to print their own toys. the Forefront. Attend a free AASL But this also means I’ve been spending a lot of time whipping up posters and scouring the internet for display ideas. 27 I bet it's refreshing for teens to see something positive posted there! It’s “a fun opportunity for kids and families to familiarize themselves with library services,” she says.

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