Centifolia blossoms are fragrant and appear in shades of white to pink. Maybe I’m going crazy. They are best described as wild or pure roses of natural origin, with mostly single flowers. The cultivars can be divided into species roses, Old garden roses and Modern roses and these into several well-recognized subgroups. Thank you so much for doing this for us. ‘Erinnerung an Brod’ a Hybrid Setigera Rose. Classification of Roses:Rose plant is one of the most favorite plants in the world. BANKSIAE:  Rosa banksiae, also referred to as ‘Lady Banks’ a native of China, is a species rose noted for being practically thornless and bearing clusters of small, violet-scented flowers on a massive, spreading shrub. ‘Pierre de Ronsard’ or ‘Eden’ A Romantica Rose. The double flowered types are said to be sports of the single. There is are two roses called ‘Baby Romantica’ from what I could find; both are from the French company, Meilland (who puts out the Romantica series of roses). To receive the status of being an Earth Kind rose, they must demonstrate superior performance without chemical or physical interventions such as: drought and poor soil tolerance and pest and disease resistance. Thank you. From HMF: “Rosa setigera is the only rose that is cryptically dioecious – – meaning there are male-only and female-only plants that generally look alike but whose sex is determinable microscopically, by counting the number of flowers per inflorescence (male plants have more flowers) or by looking for hips (hips are found only on female plants).” SOURCE The rose breeder Rudolf Geschwind (1829-1910) developed many Setigera hybrids, such as ‘Himmelsauge’ which are hard to find but are supposedly great roses. Fire & Ice??? MOYESII: A species rose from China, this rose bears red flowers followed by large hips which are high in vitamin C. Vigorous winter hardy, hybrids of  Rosa moyesii  will form a large, broad shrub in shades of red, pink or white. MINI FLORA: A term copyrighted by rose breeder Benjamin Williams to describe slightly larger than normal miniature roses. Grandiflora roses can be treated like a Hybrid Tea but are generally taller and more upright. The collection is so large that it has been separated into subgroups: English Alba Hybrids, English Musk Hybrids, Leander, and Old Rose Hybrids. CLIMBING: Roses don’t officially “climb” as they do not grasp or wind any tendrils or leaves. The scent of the rose comes from tiny perfume glands on the rose petals, which can be seen through a powerful microscope. I did a search for those three roses you named and as far as “Rainbow Roses” goes, I didn’t find anything but I did find these. In most species they are 5 to 15 centimetres (2.0 to 5.9 in) long, pinnate, with (3–) 5–9 (–13) leaflets and basal stipules; the leaflets usually have a serrated margin, and often a few small prickles on the underside of the stem. Tea roses are not at all cold-hardy but bring a delicate beauty to their hybrids exemplified in high, urn shaped blossoms on graceful stems as well as adding soft yellows and apricot hues to the gene pool. The blossoms are on shorter stems and therefore appear as though they “sit” in the foliage. FLORIBUNDA: This is a modern rose, a cross between a hybrid tea and a polyantha, with each stem producing clusters of large blossoms. Early Moss roses are once bloomers, the more modern hybrids have an excellent repeat. The primary roses to be bred in America, their bloodlines include the China roses. PAUL BARDEN: Paul Barden has been breeding a beautiful collection of roses from older classes (such as Gallica, Damask and Moss) Rogue Valley Roses carries a nice selection. They include: Species (wild), Albas, Bourbons, Centifolias, Damasks, Chinas, Gallicas, Hybrid Perpetuals, Moss, Noisettes, Portlands and Teas (not to be confused with Hybrid Teas.) Please suggest me how can I grow english rose plants in India or atleast get one english rose flower. To accept cookies continue browsing, or view our Cookies Policy to find out more. You can find the list HERE. MULTIFLORA: Rosa multiflora is a species rose native to Asia and listed as invasive in northeastern United States. BOURBON: An Old Garden Rose. These are also the roses that we see in the hedgerows around our countryside. It sounds like you might have Rosa canina (‘Dog Rose’) or a type of musk rose (because you also mentioned a strong scent) on your hands but if you can provide a picture that would be an even greater help. On our show plant and hybridising nursery, which is separate and isolated from our main nursery, we are down to a skeleton crew. Good luck! The first Polyantha, ‘Pâquerette’ was introduced in 1875. Ramblers may be once-blooming, repeat, or continuous. You can use the contact form above to send it to me. SWAMP: Rosa palustris, also known as the “Swamp Rose” is a species native to the Eastern portion of the United States and bears single-petaled pink flowers on arching, thorny canes. Albas can tolerate shadier conditions are cold-hardy. Yes with the warmer weather the rose seed from our hybridizing programme is germinating quickly and this is always a very thrilling period. The first miniature rose recorded is ‘Peon’ (also known as ‘Tom Thumb’) which was introduced in 1936 and is a cross between ‘Rouletti’ and ‘Gloria Mundi’. Hybrid musk roses do not create many basal breaks and it’s best to prune with a light hand if at all. Sometimes referred to as “French roses” or “Provins roses” they are one of the oldest cultivated species of roses with examples stretching back as early as the 12th century. Once blooming late spring/early summer. I’ve included Eurodesert roses here in this list simply because it can be confusing when you read a site saying they have “Eurodesert roses for sale.” “What’s that? If you’re asking about growing roses from bands (rooted cuttings) I wrote a post about that HERE. Well, now ya know! Earlier Polyanthas were developed by crossing a China rose with a dwarf version of Rosa multiflora but later Polyanthas had an infusion of Tea roses in the parentage. Is their such a rose that its pedals are Crimson Red on the inside of pedal and White on the outside of pedal?? Habit is short and shrub like and extremely rugged being tolerant of shade, poor soils and winter hardy to zone 3. Species roses are typically large climbing or shrub-like roses with single, flat flowers blooming in late spring or early summer followed by hips (seeds) in autumn. The plants are disease resistant, however tender to Zone 8 (15 degrees F). Van Fleet’ which gave sport to the hugely successful climber ‘New Dawn’. The rose name comes from the Latin word Rosa. These Dutch hybridized roses derive their class name from the fact the flowers often include more than 100 petals. PORTLAND: An Old Garden rose. You can find it’s description here. Plant at least six inches apart and away from other plants. Both categories send out long canes that need to maintain from walls, fences, trellis, etc. Hi John. SPECIES: Sometimes referred to as “wild roses,” species roses have existed without cultivation for hundreds of years and are the parents of the Old Garden and Modern roses of today. The modern shrub rose ‘Carefree Beauty’ is by far his most successful rose to date.

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