I asked when am I getting my package.. Best notary I've ever dealt with (and I've dealt with quite a few). Purolator, Company in Burnaby, British Columbia, 7364 Market Crossing, Burnaby, BC V5J 0A2 – Hours of Operation & Customer Reviews. If you order stuff from NCIX, most likely you will have to deal with Purolator. I ordered some new glasses online and paid ten dollars for express shipping through purolator. WHY IS IT SO FAR AWAY!!?? Did not leave a card and blames the customers. FedEx Purolator UPS DHL Authorized Ship Center - Sky Mart Express — 12888 80th Ave York Center Unit 118-B Near AMC Insurance, Opposite Brij Mohan, Surrey, BC Skymart DHL Purolator UPS Ship Center — # 118-B, 12888 80 Ave, Surrey, BC Learn more. Recommended Reviews . No package was delivered to our place. I contacted the company to complain but it was too late. 1 star rating. Only found out we apparently missed them by logging in to view tracking. Otherwise the sender will never know that they aren't getting the service they're paying for. Shameful work ethic for many of their drivers. Save 40% on Shipping. My first time I came here was in 2010 to pick up my Olympic Torchbearer kit. But shining a lights through our windows was highly suspicious and completely violating. Extremely late delivery (still waiting! I didn't get any paper notice. 13 other reviews that are not currently recommended, in Wills, Trusts, & Probates, Notaries, Real Estate Law, in Real Estate Law, Wills, Trusts, & Probates, Notaries. Terrible service. I understand a delivery person needs to see an address. I moved to Burnaby and got a voice message today that my package will be held until tomorrow until 4:30pm. I tried to contact them - no agents available on the phone or live chat.The worst service ever.Update: When I finally was able to reach them by phone, they said the address was incomplete - no buzzer code. Slow(even worse they charge more for fast delivery) and not sure they ever even try to deliver(I work at home; phone is next to me). Now I have to go and pick it up in person. I don't know how well Purolator does as a shipping company for out-bound parcels, but I will never use them again for inbound shipments. Inside is for shipping out. What the...? I had the same problem with them during the Olympics. Take Home Supplies. Subject. I brought her to David and he made the process simple, easy to understand and pain-free. Next day, I drove there. What the hell! So I spent the morning calling the seller, to call Purolator to update the address, which took all morning - causing me to skip breakfast and spend hours trying to correct this.But the main issue is, once again, the call support staff was rude - when you want to express how you feel about the delay and complications, good customer service - even if the courier has done everything right and the customer is wrong, they would still apologise out of empathy. Other reviews report that drivers won't take the time to buzz the recipient unless the buzz code is spoon-fed to them. Log in online to see a notice that apparently they have flagged our package as having the wrong address!!! Adding to that, they are closed on weekends. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this matter, you are welcome to contact our customer support team. I've urged my suppliers to steer clear of them. Since I live in an apartment I suppose it would be too much to ask for a delivery driver to ring my buzzer. Eek! They really didn't try too hard to begin with!This location is out in the middle of nowhere for both me and my husband, and without a car, it isn't just a simple walk down the block like it is with Canada Post. Get Started . We agreed that I would come to their location to pick up myself because I couldn't lose time.

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