The method used to determine the inclination includes a degeneracy because of the impossibility of determining whether the orbital motion is clockwise or anticlockwise. It is also named Lich, after a powerful, fictional undead creature of the same name.. Because it and Phobetor have very similar masses and orbit close to each other, they were expected to cause measurable perturbations in each other's orbits. The planet is the innermost object orbiting the pulsar PSR B1257+12, making it a pulsar planet in the dead stellar system. The alternate value of the inclination is 127 ± 4°. Accurate masses of the two planets, as well as their inclinations, were calculated from how much the planets perturb each other. 04.08.2020. Impression image of the planet PSR B1257+12 c. Size comparison of PSR B1257+12 c with Earth and Neptune. In the first 15 years after these initial discoveries, about 200… Der Pulsar wurde von der IAU am 15. Detecting such perturbations confirmed that the planets were real. It was discovered before the convention that extrasolar planets receive designations consisting of the star's name followed by lower-case Roman letters starting from "b" was established. The modern convention prefixes the older numbers with a B meaning the coordinates are for the 1950.0 epoch. Bosch Akkuschrauber gebraucht PSR 12 VE-2 komplett siehe Bilder Preis incl. PSR B1257+12, previously designated PSR 1257+12, alternatively designated PSR J1300+1240, is a pulsar located 2,300 light-years from the Sun in the constellation of Virgo. Namensherkunft. [10][11] The winning name was submitted by the Planetarium Südtirol Alto Adige in Karneid, Italy. Die Exoplaneten dieses Neutronensterns waren die ersten Planeten, die außerhalb des Sonnensystems entdeckt wurden. [9] In December 2015, the IAU announced the winning name was Poltergeist for this planet. The convention that arose for designating pulsars was that of using the letters PSR (Pulsating Source of Radio) followed by the pulsar's right ascension and degrees of declination. Hence the designation PSR B1257+12 c. In July 2014, the International Astronomical Union launched a process for giving proper names to certain exoplanets and their host stars. It was one of the first planets ever discovered outside the Solar System,[4][5] and is one of three pulsar planets known to be orbiting the pulsar PSR B1257+12. Over four times as massive as the Earth, it circles the primary at a distance of 0.36 AU with an orbital period of approximately 66 days. Ich verkaufe hier ein gebrauchten Akkuschrauber von bosch der aber in ein guten Zustand... Versand möglich. Lich (PSR B1257+12 oder PSR J1300+1240) ist ein Pulsar, der sich im Sternbild Jungfrau in 2300 Lichtjahren Entfernung zur Erde befindet. The first discovery of a planet revolving around a star more like the Sun came in 1995 with the announcement of the existence of a massive planet orbiting the star 51 Pegasi. Er wird von mindestens drei Planeten umkreist. On its discovery, the planet was designated PSR 1257+12 B and later PSR B1257+12 B. PSR B1257+12 b, alternatively designated PSR B1257+12 A, also named Draugr, is an extrasolar planet approximately 2,300 light-years away in the constellation of Virgo. Other articles where PSR B1257+12 is discussed: planet: Planets of other stars: …rapidly spinning neutron star) called PSR B1257+12. "Masses and Orbital Inclinations of Planets in the PSR B1257+12 System", "Very long baseline interferometry astrometry of PSR B1257+12, a pulsar with a planetary system", NameExoWorlds: An IAU Worldwide Contest to Name Exoplanets and their Host Stars, Final Results of NameExoWorlds Public Vote Released,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 August 2020, at 03:06. Poltergeist is a name for supernatural beings that create physical disturbances, from the German for "noisy ghost".

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