VIOLENCE From that point on, Phillip must do what he can, not only to win back Sara's heart, but also to keep Wilson and Chester from stealing his invention. They flow like a liquid or can be stretched slowly. Most of the bad guys are knocked or punched around the room after coming in contact with the flubber. None What do you think’s going to happen after a while? Kids begin fidgeting, playing, and occasionally leave their seats for a trip to the concession counter or just to entertain themselves after the movie has stopped providing that service. m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) “Flubber” is a silicon polymer formed by the chemical interaction of borax, water, and white glue. Silly Putty is a silicone polymer based suspension which will flow, bounce, or break depending on strain rate. Teacher: (Watches as Grant and Laurel add more flubber to the baskets.) (A solid has a fixed volume and shape. Is yours oozing, too? Grant observed that the properties of the flubber changed. Grant communicated his observation that the flubber was “going down” and that he planned to catch it if it fell. Imagine instead if he wanted to "rescue" his new friend from the bad guys. Wilson admits to having stolen Phillip's ideas in the past, and states that he'll do it again (even saying he's "petty" and "corrupt" and "hates" Phil's brilliance). While this seems disrespectful, he is noted for being absentminded and blames the condition on a chemical imbalance caused by his deep love for her. Reviewed November 22, 1997 When Flubber is pulled apart quickly, it breaks right in the middle leaving two portions. Despite the ads, some of his past roles, and every interview he's ever done, Williams is surprisingly rather subdued in his role. -- this device punctuates the robot's emotions. These are very long molecules which will tangle up with each other a bit when you stir the glue, making it quite thick and viscous, but there is nothing to stop it from flowing slowly. Teacher: What’s happening to the flubber? When you stretch the flubber slowly it stretches more. Imagine instead if he wanted to "rescue" his new friend from the bad guys. Then when your let go they wriggle to become shorter again. While that scene goes on perhaps a bit too long, and could have been a more ingenious spoof of those old films, parents will find it mildly amusing while kids will enjoy the visuals, but will certainly miss the reference. When you pull the flubber quickly it will snap like a piece of plastic. If Flubber is pulled apart very slowly, it can be stretched far before breaking. Therefore, a constant coefficient of viscosity cannot be defined. Phillip shoots off an air-horn in Wilson's ear at a basketball game. Other new and recent reviews include: When they report back on Phillip's invention, however, Chester soon wants the flubber and its recipe for himself. Though it flows more slowly than water would, it acts as a liquid. Teacher: You’re going to catch…you’ve got your bucket, don’t ya? Using observation skills, he also learns that Flubber is moldable, foldable, ductile, and elastic, among other properties. None. Is it going to fall out, do you think? Topics To Talk About As it stands, the professor just wants it back because it's his invention. QUICK TAKE: How is that happening? Excited over his discovery, Phillip once again forgets his latest wedding date, much to the delight of Wilson Croft (CHRISTOPHER MCDONALD), Phillip's rival. Grant holds measuring container underneath basket. Laurel: (Puts more flubber into the basket.) No, no, no, no, no! Smith and Wesson kick down Phillip's door and then vandalize his place. If you are using standard PVA glue pour about half a cup full into a container, and then dilute it with another half cupfull of water (if you want to end up with more goo, then use more glue!) Unfortunately the flubber flies out and he crashes to the ground. Illinois Early Learning Guidelines for Children Birth to Age 3, 2013 Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards, Illinois Learning Standards for Kindergarten, Lesson Planning in the Context of Projects, Blog: Perspectives on the Project Approach, Children with Disabilities and Developmental Delays, Adapting Lesson Plans to Meet IELDS Benchmarks, Modules for Early Learning Benchmark Activities, Order IEL Guidelines Posters and Brochures. ALCOHOL OR DRUG USE (Talking to Laurel.) Stealing the idea from HBO's former long running series, "Dream On," it does provide some funny moments, including a shot of the Pope kissing the ground after Williams manages to safely land his flying T-Bird. A familiar example of the opposite, a shear thinning fluid, or pseudoplastic fluid, is wall paint: The paint should flow readily off the brush when it is being applied to a surface but not drip excessively. By contrast Newtonian fluids have flat featureless surfaces when still. “Flubber” is a silicon polymer formed by the chemical interaction of borax, water, and white glue. Flubber Flows is a 30-minute activity in which teams of four to five children ages 8 to 13 experiment with Flubber and investigate how a solid can flow! (1997) (Robin Williams, Marcia Gay Harden) (PG) Speaking of the bad guys, these villains, like nearly everyone else in the movie, are all throw away characters with little personality or even standard menacing characteristics. Both boys break off pieces of flubber and place it in the basket. The children commented on the movement of the flubber. With teacher guidance, they observed, commented, and took additional action (such as holding a bucket under the oozing flubber). Trying to jerk the spoon back out again, however, will trigger the return of the temporary solid state.[12]. SMOKING Fun, but nowhere near as good or as imaginative as it could have been, it's certainly innocent enough entertainment. He forgets his wedding on three separate occasions, but evidently not because he doesn't care. Flubber is a non-toxic, gooey substance that has no practical purpose, aside from being a fun craft project for children. It’s called flubber. That having bowling balls, etc... falling on people's head is funny only in the movies. A young girl behind me at our screening loved the thought of "flubberizing" a bowling ball and verbally waited in anticipation after seeing the previous results with a golf ball. Grant: (Bends down to look at the flubber oozing out of the bottom of the basket.) If there is just a little borax this will effectively make the PVA molecules longer, and it will go much more slimey. Teacher: You’re going to wait and see? Since this is played for laughs and he's later unhurt, some kids might get the wrong idea. Okay. (Grant pulls a piece of flubber off of the top of the basket.) A young boy has a futuristic toy gun. Oozy goozy! So far, we have determined that Flubber is very viscous (thick), and malleable (bendy), and it can break. No, it’s getting sticked to each other. The fluid can even exhibit time-dependent viscosity. Grant: (Stands and points to the bottom of the basket.) The youngest of kids might be a bit unsettled as Phillip opens his refrigerated canister of Flubber for the first time (as some suspenseful music plays). Okay, take some out, and put it in the basket. It is a homogeneous mixture because there are two or more substances combined physically, and when they are mixed together, it looks like one thing. The children remained actively engaged with the flubber exploration for many minutes. ROBIN WILLIAMS plays a kind and devoted scientist who's also extremely absentminded. Phillip accidentally knocks two guys backwards after putting flubber onto his own hands. Phillip has already twice forgotten his pending marriage(s) to Sarah, and stands her up for a third time. Information presented on this website is the opinion of the individual contributors and does not reflect the general views of the administrators, editors, moderators, sponsors, Cambridge University or the public at large. Perhaps if Williams had been let loose a bit more, the results would have been funnier. Likewise, his father Chester sends his henchmen to convince Phillip to pass his son. Since this film is primarily aimed at children, it's surprising that many moments in it are quite boring for them. What’s happening? The beginning of most kid movies is usually filled with a chorus of chattering that soon stops as the fun material begins. Flubber, which has similar properties as Silly Putty, is a shear thickening non-Newtonian substance. That's not to say that the film's filled with objectionable material -- far from it -- but despite the ads there are many dead moments. This demonstration of oobleck is a popular subject for YouTube videos. Since this is played for laughs and … The friendly and gelatinous critter morphs into all sorts of fun shapes, sizes, and in one scene, divides into the entire cast of a Busby Berkeley movie -- complete with the signatory overhead shot of synchronized performers dancing to the mambo. Unfortunately the flubber flies out and he crashes to the ground. Fun, but nowhere near as good or as imaginative as it could have been, it's certainly innocent enough entertainment. Some non-Newtonian fluids with shear-independent viscosity, however, still exhibit normal stress-differences or other non-Newtonian behavior. Having twice forgotten to marry his fiancé and university president, Sara Jean Reynolds (MARCIA GAY HARDEN), Phillip is usually found buried in his work. MARCIA GAY HARDEN plays Phillip's fiancé who isn't given much to do other than be exasperated at his forgetfulness. His streaming, spur of the moment style of humor is often hard to translate -- or better yet squeeze into -- an on screen performance, yet many of his characters have been quite funny (as in "Mrs. Doubtfire"). None. This means that it is stretchy like rubber and will bounce. Bennett is a spoiled student who's upset that Phillip was "allowed" to flunk him in chemistry class. While the resulting moment is quite fun and crowd pleasing, there aren't enough of them to keep the momentum flowing throughout.

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