Reconstitution is achieved in less than 16 seconds and requires only 10 mL of sterile water or isotonic solution for every vial given, making ​POLYSERP ideal for use by medical providers in situations where space and weight are important considerations. An antivenom for the Exotic Saw-Scaled Viper (Echis ocellatus / pyramidum) is also produced. #FOAMed Medical Education Resources by LITFL is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. POLYSERP antivenoms are currently shipping worldwide to the regions they cover. 28108 Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain. To report suspected adverse reactions, contact POLYSERP Therapeutics at. ein Pferd genügend Antikörper gebildet, so wird ihm bis zu 9 Liter Blut auf einmal abgenommen, das Plasma isoliert und die roten Blutkörperchen wieder zurück gegeben. 3. Polyvalent antivenom costs R1578.00 per vial (10mm) and although it can be purchased without a script it should only be administered by a medical doctor in a hospital environment or if it is an animal by a vet. Indication: Clinical evidence of envenomation from an Australian or Papua New Guinea snake when the correct monovalent antivenom can not be identified or acquired. Antivenine müssen je nach Hersteller zuerst aufbereitet (Trockenserum) werden und werden verdünnt mit z.B. Designed to withstand temperatures exceeding 100°F for 6 months without any loss of efficacy. Isbister GK, Brown SG, MacDonald E et al. It is unusual to need the Polyvalent antivenom even when the snake is unknown. POLYSERP antivenoms are the safest antivenoms available in these regions, with a total incidence of possible severe early adverse reactions such as anaphylaxis of just 0.2% in ​POLYSERP PAN-AFRICA and 1% in POLYSERP MENA. POLYSERP MENA is a polyvalent antivenom indicated for the treatment of envenomation by 27 of the most medically significant dangerous snake species in the Middle East and North Africa, with additional coverage against several species in Central Asia. Arbea Campus Empresarial, Edificio 2, Planta 2, • CSL Polyvalent Snake Antivenom is the only antivenom available in the hospital able to cover the type of snake which caused the bite. Polyvalent Snake Antivenom Australia - Papua New Guinea: CSL Limited Victoria Australien: Pseudechis australis Notechis scutatus. It contains the equivalent of an ampoule of Brown, Tiger, Black, Death and Taipan in 50ml. Objectives: To assess the adequacy of initial standard dose of 100 ml of polyvalent anti-snake venom (ASV) and subsequent doses of 50 ml in correcting coagulation dysfunction in cases of viperine bite and to find the incidence of recurrence of coagulation dysfunction. POLYSERP™ antivenoms are effective against all 3 major snake envenomation syndromes causing neurotoxic, hemotoxic, and cytotoxic effects in a given region. Melbourne: CSL Ltd, 2012. If in doubt speak to your local toxicologist for advice. About • Authors • Blog • Contact • Disclaimer, Current use of Australian snake antivenoms and frequency of immediate-type hypersensitivity reactions and anaphylaxis, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Das in rot geschriebene ist bei R. Aeberhard in 8360 Eschlikon Temperaturüberwacht und 24Stunden zugänglich gelagert. Packaging: SAIMR Polyvalent Snake Antivenom 10ml Country: Mexico (Instituto Bioclon) 2. Easily administer by direct IV push in a low resource environment. Increased Risk of anaphylaxis in patients previously treated with antivenom or those who are suspected of equine sera allergy, Place the patient in a monitored area where anaphylaxis can be managed, Administer 1 ampoule diluted in 500ml of 0.9% saline IV over 20 minutes (the dose is the same for adults and paediatrics – snakes don’t envenomate less because its a child). Broad-spectrum POLYSERP™ antivenoms provide coverage against all critical threat snake species in the regions they cover and enable medical providers to treat the patient based on the clinical syndrome of envenomation rather than the identity of the snake. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Pferde oder Schafe werden über eine Zeit von z.B. All patients responded to intramuscular epinephrine and recovered without sequelae. antivenoms are formulated to provide a single-source treatment option for. A clinician’s guide to Australian venomous bites and stings: Incorporating the updated CSL antivenom handbook. Polyvalent antivenom (equine IgG Fab) is used to treat snake envenomation from Australia and Papua New Guinea snakes. Species: South American Rattlesnake Crotalus durissus and fer-de-lance Bothrops asper . POLYSERP PAN-AFRICA is a specially formulated polyvalent antivenom indicated for the treatment of envenomation by 24 of the most medically significant dangerous snake species in Africa with a particular emphasis on the sub-Saharan region. Learn how your comment data is processed. Carretera Fuencarral a Alcobendas Km 3.8 Country: South America . It contains the equivalent of an ampoule of Brown, Tiger, Black, Death and Taipan in 50ml. Distribution INOSERP … Broad-Spectrum, Freeze-Dried Snake Antivenoms for Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. Enter your email to download peer-reviewed data on POLYSERP. Antivenom: Polyvalent snake antivenom. Bis zu 2 Jahre abgelaufene Antivenine wurden schon mehrfach erfolgreich verwendet. Administer at the point of envenomation to prevent irreversible damage to organ systems and local tissue before it has occurred. envenomations in the regions they cover, allowing for treatment to be given based on the clinical presentation of the patient without identification of the snake. Polyvalent snake antivenom. Oxyuranus scutellatus: Tiger Snake Antivenom: CSL Limited Victoria Australia: Notechis scutatus: Austrelaps ssp Pseudechis colletti . Er führt zu einem Versagen des Herz-Kreislauf-Systems mit oft tödlichem Ausgang. Das Antivenin wird zum Beispiel durch Immunisieren von Pferden oder Schafen mit kleinen, sich steigernden Dosen von Schlangengift gewonnen. Dr Neil Long BMBS FACEM FRCEM FRCPC. There were no cases of serum sickness or other late adverse reactions to the antivenoms. INOSAN BIOPHARMA, S.A. Can be given as a rapid IV push if the patient is haemodynamically unstable or in cardiac arrest. SAVP, South African Vaccine Producers, We are the only South African manufacturers of antivenom for the treatment of snakes scorpion and spider envenomation Das Plasma welches die Antikörper enthält wird filtriert und verschiedenen Reinigungsprozessen unterzogen, bis das Antiserum in möglichst reiner Form geschaffen wurde. Species: South American Rattlesnake Crotalus durissus and fer-de-lance Bothrops asper. Übersetzungen von Beipackzettel verschiedener Antivenine. Easily administer by direct IV push in a low resource environment.

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