He couldn’t forgive the good-natured popular John Julius Norwich for being ‘bland’. Despite Nicholas being sometimes aggressive, Perry wasn’t intimidated and good-naturedly gifted him his own exotic bathing trunks. I’ve travelled with Perry to Ireland (twice) and with him and Lucy to Ireland and Scotland — they had huge amounts of old-fashioned luggage and wore elegant hats. The two then made a couple of attempts to matchmake me with Peter Vansittart. Mr. Worsthorne’s parents divorced when he was 5, and his mother married Sir Montagu Norman, the governor of the Bank of England. Lucinda, 19 years his junior, was the daughter of Conservative defence minister Lord Lambton. Mr. Worsthorne was posted to Washington for The Times of London during the postwar era, when, he wrote, a new representative of that newspaper “was personally received by the president at a little ceremony in the White House, like a mini-ambassador.”. Annabel Sampson, Fluidity, flamboyance and fabulousness; it's all a need for Reed, By Mr. Worsthorne forecast public indifference, using a four-letter word that later crept into use on cable television and in some general interest publications, but which in 1973 was wholly forbidden. He looked so sorry when I was on crutches at one of Lucy’s birthday parties and, after he’d given me dinner at the Garrick Club, he put me in a taxi and told the driver: ‘Look after her!’. Considered ‘wonderfully readable’, many believed his greatest writing was in his Spectator diaries where he could be as raucous as he chose, some of which were collected in Peregrinations, a book of selected pieces of journalism published by Weidenfeld & Nicholson (and one of his eight books). He retired to an old rectory in Hedgerley, Buckinghamshire, where he died on October 3, 2020, aged 96. Perry became a beautiful old man with white hair, white beard and a saintly look. They were also friends with my ex-husband Andrew Barrow and his future wife Annabel Freyberg and my son first encountered the colourful pair with his dad and stepmother, reporting: ‘Lucy wants her head pickled in a jar’. You have successfully subscribed to our newsletter. Another charming and eloquent editor of my acquaintance, Sir Peregrine Worsthorne, who was briefly editor of The Sunday Telegraph, has been in the news. In order to see this embed, you must give consent to Social Media cookies. I also loved his curiosity. “I still don’t know why I made such a fool of myself,” he wrote in the liberal newspaper The Guardian in 2004. “Cameron fits into that gentlemanly tradition, but he’s very embarrassed and awkward about it. Sir Peregrine Worsthorne – known as ‘Perry’ to his friends – was only the second person ever to voice an expletive on live television. Peregrine Worsthorne, a former editor of The Sunday Telegraph, who died last week aged 96, chose, it seemed to me, to live his life flamboyantly. Print + Digital Only £1 a Month. (Lucy was investigating cryogenics). Open my cookie preferences. Peregrine Worsthorne: I was the second person to use the four-letter word on British television and it almost cost me my job at the Daily Telegraph. You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy. Peregrine Gerard Worsthorne was born on Dec. 22, 1923, in London, the second son of the aristocratic Priscilla Reyntiens and Alexander Koch de Gooreynd, a banker of … Sir Peregrine Worsthorne with his wife, Lucinda Lambton, after his knighthood. “The gentleman has gone,” Mr. Worsthorne told The Spectator magazine in 2013. He was powerful, special, popular, intellectual. He was not averse to confrontation and when someone said at a local dinner that his friend Noel Annan was the fifth man, Perry stood up, demanding that the accuser apologise or he would leave. Within minutes of meeting my then lodger, he had found out all about her father, head of a big school in Yorkshire and how the school was run. In an interview in 2013 marking his 90th birthday, he proclaimed that “there’s always going to be an elite” and bemoaned the decline of traditional British Conservatism under what he called the “bourgeois triumphalism” of Margaret Thatcher, who awarded him a knighthood in 1991, and the high-born former prime minister David Cameron. His critics long condemned Mr. Worsthorne as a supporter of colonial administration and white supremacists in southern Africa. It was said that he wrote as he dressed, with style and flamboyance, and his editorial style was anything but boring – lauded as a ‘fearless contrarian and an entirely original thinker’ by Lord Moore – as he rose up the journalistic ranks to eventually become editor of the Sunday Telegraph in 1986. A former editor of the Sunday Telegraph and an ensign-bearer in retirement not only of the past, but also of long-passed notions. It is his many kindnesses and gallantry that I shall remember most. I enjoyed all these trips except the drive with Perry in 2006 to Lucy’s just deceased father’s house, Cetinale, where Perry didn’t know the way despite having been there 13 times. As an observer and admirer of the United States, he wrote in 2014 that he had met eight serving, former or soon-to-be-elected presidents, from Herbert Hoover to the elder George Bush, in a long and tangled relationship with America during which he supported Senator Joseph R. McCarthy’s anti-Communist crusade and President Lyndon B. Johnson during the Vietnam War. Please refresh and try again. It seemed the mot juste, and I could not resist the temptation to make a splash. His first journalism job at The Glasgow Herald was blighted by a misunderstanding, he thought a sub-editor, his first job, was second to the editor. Three of them have no money at all, and he is spending fortunes.”, Peregrine Worsthorne, Provocative Conservative British Editor, Dies at 96, Peregrine Worsthorne, British journalist, writer and broadcaster, in about 1995. Peregrine Worsthorne died not too long ago, at a great age. For many years before and after his editorship he wrote columns for the newspaper, into the late 1990s, surviving several changes of ownership and editors. It is probable that when I first met Perry Worsthorne I was wearing a dress, though thankfully I have no memory of the event. Perry was brought into the garden, with its animal topiary, and we sat with him in the sun. His death was confirmed by his onetime employer, the The Daily Telegraph, which did not say where he died. His support for McCarthy lost him sympathy both with the administration of President Harry S. Truman and his own editor, who wrote to him “to say that my job in Washington was not to find excuses for Senator McCarthy but to condemn him,” Mr. Worsthorne said. Because there's more to our national cuisine than fish and chips... By A year earlier, we’d spent three hours together at Lucy’s request and I’d introduced names of friends and colleagues and asked questions. A year after his wife’s death in 1990, he married Lucinda Lambton, an architectural writer, photographer and broadcaster and a daughter of the same Earl of Durham who had figured in the 1973 scandal that led to Mr. Worsthorne’s use of the vulgarity on television. “It is because I am so aware of my racism that I feel obliged to be fiercely anti-racist.”. Share. The Times reports Lucinda’s recollection of Perry’s proposal: ‘The thing I most admired about him, from the beginning, was his elegance of mind and manner. In 2013, Mr. Worsthorne publicly supported legal efforts by his wife and two of her sisters to secure a share of the legacy. Robert Trump, the President’s less flamboyant younger brother, dies at 71, Harris Reed talks to Tatler about their graduation collection, Sir William Pigott-Brown, the ‘sporting baronet’, dies at 79 – obituary, Jean Kennedy Smith - the last of JFK's siblings - dies aged 92. When he actually said, “Will you marry me,” I was so excited that I ran across the room and jumped into his lap, and as I weigh 13 stone, I expect his knees cracked.’, Sir Peregrine Worsthorne with his wife, Lucinda Lambton, Perry was among the last of Margaret Thatcher’s honours, receiving a knighthood in the 1991 New Year honours list for services to journalism. At his lunch table two weeks ago, his eyes a vivid blue, he tried to speak, but couldn’t summon the right words. Compared by some to Leonard Zelig, the chameleon-like central character in a 1983 Woody Allen movie, Mr. Worsthorne depicted himself as an unabashed elitist. I had recently divorced and Perry had just met Lucy, at a party of Cynthia Kee’s. For an advocate of the aristocracy, Mr. Worsthorne’s second marriage created a cruel irony. Perry modestly didn’t seem to notice that one of our party, a judge’s widow, was making a play for him. Well, Perry was beautifully looked after in old age by Lucy, Luca and Claire his secretary. TRIAL OFFER Mr. Worsthorne enjoyed an upper-crust upbringing, attending the Stowe School and spending time as an undergraduate at both Oxford and Cambridge during World War II. By the French windows, Lucy picked orange baby tomatoes. For decades he had praised the hereditary elite and its role in British history, culture, governance and public life. Chandler Tregaskes, The aristocrat who was ‘part country squire part man-about-town’ with an appetite in equal measure for women, horses and country sports, The last of JFK's siblings has died at the age of 92, By Welcome to Tatler. Sorry, you have entered an invalid email. He appeared regularly on television as an acerbic and iconoclastic commentator. In 1973, in what Mr. Worsthorne had described as a rehearsed and knowingly provocative episode, he appeared on British television and was asked to comment on the likely public reaction to news of a sex scandal involving a Conservative government minister, Lord Lambton, the Earl of Durham (who would, by coincidence, become his father-in-law). Peregrine Worsthorne died peacefully at home on 4 October 2020. His books include “In Defense of Aristocracy,” published in 2004, in which he bemoaned the exclusion of the British aristocracy from public life. I told Perry she’d talked a lot and rather dominated the small gathering. Tatler, Sir Peregrine was married to Claudie Bertrande Baynham until she tragically died of cancer in 1990, he went on to marry Lady Lucinda Lambton a year later (the much-loved, eccentric architectural writer, broadcaster and author of books such as Temples of Convenience, a history of the lavatory). Peregrine Gerard Worsthorne was born on Dec. 22, 1923, in London, the second son of the aristocratic Priscilla Reyntiens and Alexander Koch de Gooreynd, a banker of Belgian descent who Anglicized his name following the birth two years earlier of the couple’s first son, Simon.

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