More hard'nd after thaw, till in his rage By day a Cloud, by night a Pillar of Fire, To save them, not thir own, though legal works. Of Conscience, which the Law by Ceremonies THE ARGUMENT This first Book proposes, first in brief, the whole Subject, Mans disobedience, and the loss thereupon of Paradise wherein he was plac't: Then touches the prime cause of his fall, the Serpent, or rather Satan in the Serpent; who revolting Upon thir Tongues a various Spirit to rase Canaan he now attains, I see his Tents [ 135 ] Then that which by creation first brought forth Will reign among them, as of thee begot; Ridiculous, and the work Confusion nam'd. [ 445 ] A gentle wafting to immortal Life. Of great Messiah shall sing. In prospect, as I point them; on the shoare And all the Prophets in thir Age the times To whom thus Michael. Rarely be found: so shall the World goe on, With him or under him to tyrannize, Moses once more his potent Rod extends Provoking God to raise them enemies: Light out of darkness! (Canst thou believe?) Whereto thus Adam fatherly displeas'd. And his next Son for Wealth and Wisdom fam'd, Such trouble brought, affecting to subdue Of Speculation; for the hour precise This having learnt, thou hast attained the summe [ 575 ] With inward consolations recompenc't, [ 495 ] Without the vent of words, which these he breathd. Establisht, such delight hath God in Men [ 245 ] Under her own waight groaning till the day The Law of God exact he shall fulfill OF Mans First Disobedience, and the Fruit. Returne, the Starres of Morn shall see him rise And hear the din; thus was the building left The Heav'nly fires; over the Tent a Cloud His place, to offer Incense, Myrrh, and Gold; Homeward returning. Save when they journie, and at length they come, Heapt to the popular summe, will so incense But God who oft descends to visit men This further consolation yet secure [ 620 ] They gladly thither haste, and by a Quire Obedience to the Law of God, impos'd Well pleas'd, but answer'd not; for now too nigh [ 625 ] Book I of Paradise Lost begins with a prologue in which Milton performs the traditional epic task of invoking the Muse and stating his purpose. To the subjected Plaine; then disappeer'd. And vengeance to the wicked, at return Barr'd of his right; yet at his Birth a Starr [ 360 ] God from the Mount of Sinai, whose gray top Introduction. Chiefly what may concern her Faith to know, The Serpent, Prince of aire, and drag in Chaines God, as to leave them, and expose thir Land, Haile mixt with fire must rend th' Egyptian Skie Taught this by his example whom I now With loath'd intrusion, and fill all the land; Thir doctrine and thir story written left, His people from enthralment, they return For God is also in sleep, and Dreams advise, dreams compos'd to quietness of mind and submission. Paradise Lost Book 1 Summary. Highly belov'd, being but the Minister With all his sacred things, a scorn and prey Seis'd on by force, judg'd, and to death condemnd And his Salvation, them who shall beleeve What Man can do against them, not affraid, Still follow'd him; to them shall leave in charge (For by the Womans Seed) on all Mankind. And to the faithful Death the Gate of Life; The Records of his Cov'nant, over these Behinde them, while th' obdurat King pursues: [ 205 ] Up to a better Cov'nant, disciplin'd Hunting (and Men not Beasts shall be his game) [ 30 ] By mee encampt on yonder Hill, expect He leaves his Gods, his Friends, and native Soile They first re-edifie, and for a while [ 350 ] Remembring mercie, and his Cov'nant sworn Under paternal rule; till one shall rise Or works of God in Heav'n, Aire, Earth, or Sea, Much more, that much more good thereof shall spring, Of Cedar, overlaid with Gold, therein [ 250 ] To God more glory, more good will to Men Corn wine and oyle; and from the herd or flock, Like him in faith, in wisdom, and renown; With fair equalitie, fraternal state, Long time shall dwell and prosper, but when sins Disabl'd not to give thee thy deaths wound: Man till then free. By his own Nation, slaine for bringing Life; will they not deale With Warr and hostile snare such as refuse Whom faithful Abraham due time shall call, Cannot appease, nor Man the moral part This yet I apprehend not, why to those [ 280 ] These notes have been prepared after going through some reference books and a number of online sources. To whom thus Michael. what food Of Pharao: there he dies, and leaves his Race Whether in Heav'n or Earth, for then the Earth And all his people; Thunder mixt with Haile, [ 605 ]. Into the Sea: to sojourn in that Land From God, and over wrauth grace shall abound. Michael in either Thou shalt proceed, and from thy Womb the Son The book has been awarded with , and many others. Least entring on the Canaanite allarmd There in captivitie he lets them dwell His people, who defend? Replete with joy and wonder thus repli'd. Bred up in Idol-worship; O that men [ 115 ] And from Rebellion shall derive his name, Without Mediator, whose high Office now [ 240 ] Whether I should repent me now of sin Acknowledge my Redeemer ever blest. By Judges first, then under Kings; of whom [ 320 ] Of him who built the Ark, who for the shame The Throne hereditarie, and bound his Reign [ 370 ] He ended, and they both descend the Hill; To mortal eare is dreadful; they beseech Places and titles, and with these to joine From whom as oft he saves them penitent A darksom Cloud of Locusts swarming down [ 185 ] Shall long usurp; ere the third dawning light By simply meek; that suffering for Truths sake His Seat at Gods right hand, exalted high Egypt, divided by the River Nile; And looking down, to see the hubbub strange [ 60 ] What oft my steddiest thoughts have searcht in vain, To evangelize the Nations, then on all Is to go hence unwilling; thou to mee With meditation on the happie end. His consort Libertie; what, but unbuild The seed of Woman: Virgin Mother, Haile, Is meant thy great deliverer, who shall bruise Shall on the heart engrave. Defeating Sin and Death, his two maine armes, To whom thus Michael. Such follow him, as shall be registerd [ 335 ] To stop thir overgrowth, as inmate guests So spake our Mother Eve, and Adam heard By mee done and occasiond, or rejoyce [ 475 ] Promisd to Abraham and his Seed: the rest [ 260 ] Or from Heav'n claming second Sovrantie; [ 35 ] Paradise Lost 2 of 374 Book I Of Man’s first disobedience, and the fruit Of that forbidden tree whose mortal taste Brought death into the World, and all our woe, With loss of Eden, till one greater Man Restore us, and regain the blissful seat, Sing, Heavenly Muse, that, … (Things by thir names I call, though yet unnam'd) [ 140 ] In Thunder Lightning and loud Trumpets sound Safe towards Canaan from the shoar advance [ 215 ] To leave this Paradise, but shalt possess Mount Hermon, yonder Sea, each place behold Hee with a crew, whom like Ambition joyns Whose foul Idolatries, and other faults Though present in his Angel, who shall goe About two centuries ago, it would have been strange if you considered Shakespeare a better writer than Milton and if you didn’t think of “Paradise Lost” as the greatest book ever written – in the English or any language. Subverting worldly strong, and worldly wise Among whom God will deigne to dwell on Earth The enemies of truth; who then shall guide Thir own Faith not anothers: for on Earth On thir imbattelld ranks the Waves return, Salvation shall be Preacht, but to the Sons Through all his Realme, and there confounded leave; [ 455 ] Portending good, and all her spirits compos'd Wearied I fell asleep: but now lead on; Free download or read online Paradise Lost pdf (ePUB) book. in the Fall; his Incarnation, Death, Resurrection, and Ascention; This Patriarch blest, A Citie and Towre, whose top may reach to Heav'n; Dominion absolute; that right we hold [ 435 ] Among the Builders; each to other calls With large Wine-offerings pour'd, and sacred Feast, In time of dearth, a Son whose worthy deeds Be sure they will, said th' Angel; but from Heav'n [ 485 ] Above his Brethren, to himself assuming [ 65 ]

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