"Police should investigate and those involved pull [the images] down immediately.". The AFL legend Wayne Carey was part of North M elbourne. Deputy Commissioner Patton said a male senior constable had been suspended with pay for allegedly taking the photos, which could constitute a breach of the Victoria Police Act for the unauthorised disclosure of information. Deputy Commissioner Patton said the criminal charge allows for penalties of up to two years in jail or close to $40,000 in fines, while the internal investigation could result in the officer being fined, demoted or sacked. He said he was "appalled" that a Victoria Police officer had taken the photos. This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP), APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced. One thought is that the club was connected to the St Mary's Church of England Cricket Club, now the St Mary's Anglican Church North Melbourne, whose colours – blue and white – are reflected in the club's colours today. But they're shrinking for every other age group, Victoria may have recorded its first day of zero new cases since June 9, Partner of woman found dead on Sydney driveway arrested, What we know about the mute button being used at the final US presidential debate, Federal Police to ask ICAC if Daryl Maguire had any involvement in airport land deal, Di spotted a man in a balaclava outside her house. Archer: 311 games, two-time premiership player, Norm Smith Medalist, Shinboner of the Century Dench: 275 games, two-time premiership player, club captain, four-time Syd Barker Medalist Martyn: 287 games, two-time premiership player, two-time Syd Barker Medalist, Rantall: 70 games, 1975 premiership player, Syd Barker Medalist Glendinning: 190 games, two-time Syd Barker Medalist, Brownlow MedalistJarrard: 130 games, 1950 Grand Final team member, Greig: 294 games, two-time premiership player, premiership captain, Syd Barker Medalist Foote: 134 games, 1950 Grand Final team member, three-time Syd Barker Medalist, club captain Dwyer: 201 games, NMFC Hall of Fame member, two-time Syd Barker Medalist, Blight: 178 games, two-time premiership player, 444 goals, three-time club leading goalkicker Carey: 244 games, two-time premiership captain, 727 goals, four-time Syd Barker Medalist, five-time club leading goalkickerSchimmelbusch: 306 games, club captain, 354 goals, one-time club leading goalkicker, Dugdale: 248 games, 358 goals, seven-time club leading goalkicker, club captain, Syd Barker Medalist Spencer: 153 games, 475 goals, seven-time club leading goalkicker, Syd Barker MedalistAylett: 220 games, 311 goals, three-time Syd Barker Medalist, club captain, Teasdale: 178 games, four-time consecutive Syd Barker Medalist, club captain, Brownlow Medalist Stevens: 292 games, two-time premiership player, two-time Syd Barker Medalist, club captainCable: 115 games, two-time premiership player, Syd Barker Medalist, Crosswell: 76 games, 108 goals, two-time premiership player Davis: 71 games, inaugural premiership captain, two-time Syd Barker Medalist Steward: 126 games, 1962-1970 Kekovich: 124 games, 228 goals, Syd Barker Medalist, three-time club leading goalkicker Harvey: 432 games, 518 goals, premiership player, five-time Syd Barker Medalist, club captainKrakouer: 134 games, 229 goals, Syd Barker Medalist, three-time club leading goalkicker, King: 241 games, 1994-2004, two-time premiership player Blakey: 224 games, 1993-2002, two-time premiership player Schwass: 184 games, 1988-1997, premiership player, two-time Syd Barker MedalistDempsey: 122 games, 1979-1984, Syd Barker Medalist, Pagan: 240 games coached, two-time premiership coach, 1993-2002. The 53-year-old from Moonee Ponds was arrested on Saturday night after an incident outside a St Kilda home about 9:00pm. The 1996 North Melbourne premiership player faced Melbourne Magistrates' Court on Sunday. "It breaches a person's privacy, it breaches their human rights and we take this matter extremely seriously.". "It could be around six [people] that have had the photograph disseminated to them," he said. The following is a list of coaches who have been the official coach of the Melbourne Football … Mr Laidley played for the West Coast Eagles from 1987 to 1992 and North Melbourne between 1993 and 1997. The father of three did not apply for bail and remained in custody on Sunday evening.

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