Next Door is a site which allows your neighbors to threaten you with impunity.

is it shared only within our neighbors or put/sold for mailing lists? It is very sad when someone reports somebody who posted something hateful to the point of wishing them dead, but the one who reported it gets punished. Other times when I chose humor over nastiness, but poster got butt hurt and complained. When people aren't respectful, other neighbors put them in their place and remind them of appropriate communications. This company responds to reviews on average within 2 hours. Nextdoor wants your full legal name, house number and address and your email address that they link all together. The moderators control everything. Here's a tidy answer from corporate... If your Leads are inactivate and youre concerned about moderation in your neighborhood, you should reach out directly to Nextdoor Support.

The Customer service always take up for them, no matter what they are doing Bascially, the site is run by a lot of people who are not qualified to do that kind of work, abuse the personal information that everyone is forced to give to them, they don't know the guidelines they are to go by and they abuse like crazy. I recently discovered that low income apartments in ghetto areas might be able to use the application to do crime.

There was a heated comment thread on blacks lives matter and the police. They have a little map that you can click on. Your name and address will be known to everyone who uses the NextDoor application and website. This is never achieved with the untrained volunteer moderators who then become a groupthink gang not allowing any other moderators outside their clique. A toilet of a site that is roughshod by unpaid Gestapo "moderators" imposing their social and political views on others. Check out or It can be so much more than a "have you seen my cat"? If it's truly a "neighborhood" forum, one would expect there would be dialogue to clear up any misunderstandings. I am now afraid of which neighbors made hateful comments. how can we change leads? That is their policy. Nextdoor can discriminate at will and there's no oversight. They need professionals who know their job and have good diplomatic skills. Many of their moderators seem to love deisplaying power over others and treating them in a very demeaning manner. Heed them! Political whining and badmouthing elected officials is commonplace and leads are selective in removing such content, depending on their own political views.

Useful. From what I have read it is a big ego trip for a lot of uncouth moderators who make people unfortable since they know our home addresses. We have leads unfairly removing only some people's comments and Nextdoor does nothing about it. They can lie and even send you nasty threats which happened in my case, and no one can do anything about it. They are very protective of the information surrounding who really is controlling the activities on the boards. The private filth she sent to me was never controlled by any overseers, so I left. She has done the same on various LDS women's Facebook pages that I have no access to. The Ultimate Coronavirus Consumer Resource Guide: Avoid Scams and Shop Smarter, We’re in this together! Several people have made similar observations. thus far the best that i have been able to do is to deactivate my account; but, it appears that i am far from disassociated from nd as when i type in information about my account pops up.

Gain trust and grow your business with customer reviews. Mostly a soap box with people complaining. When they do that it puts them into a category where they cannot censor opposing opinions. It becomes a clique that gangs up on the outsider. This website has been so helpful for me; I highly recommend it. 2,161 reviews for Nextdoor, 2.7 stars: 'This is the most vile of all social media groups. The app could be more user friendly and better organized. No good comes from Nextdoor. Today I asked to have my account permanently deleted. One look at their "leading edge tech" pulled right out of the 1980's is proof enough they will die in the tar pits just like the fellow dinosaurs. Leads have this percieved power that goes to their heads. Hi Colleen, Learn how to stay safe during COVID-19 in our new guide: My advise is run away while you still have some dignity left. There are a half dozen problems with Nextdoor and the C, Shoddy monitoring of prohibited content by website. They won't reach out to actually talk to you about reports made against you and they ONLY let you use your real name instead of a nickname (so much for the concern for the safety of others) and a lot of people are not comfortable with that because they have stalkers or don't feel safe around their neighborhood. I believe my neighbors retaliated against and reported my account as a fake profile. help! Terrible experience.

Nextdoor has suspended me numerous times. We’re in this together!

This is in direct violation of Nextdoor's commitment to a free. I made a mistake by going back, I just wanted to purchase somethings for sale but never again. Rocks is in development. I got so it made me feel very degraded and unsafe. Get a life, a real one. I was suspended a second time after defending myself against a troll who was spreading misinformation about covid. I was bullied by a convicted murderer, who is a Lead in my neighborhood--and I was banned from the site for complaining. Also, a paw prints and a beautiful card week later. Nextdoor is basically a data mining website, it appears they are only interested in selling you. I recently moved and had to do change of address on all my accounts. what are the local reviews for neighborhoods in allen, tx? Nextdoor Due to activities on or associated with the local nd site that may have negative legal implications to the non actor members, i want to completely disassociate my self from nd locally and nationally. Yes. They refuse to remove us fully, I suppose, in an attempt to misrepresent our endorsement and participation there. I wish I had known before it was too late! who made that decision when i used a term from happy days? Learn how to stay safe during COVID-19 in our new guide: Also be horrified about the people using fake addresses to be part of your, A place to harass and bully your neighbors, Suspended a second time, this time for two weeks, Dangerous. It's clearly unethical, but their TOS states that they can do this, as any nd apologist will point out. Member Pricacy is BAD. Your app is rubbish and should be updated as I would like to read the post in the email then being transferred to the app and trying to read it from there. Not much else. Kay is right. Truth is like oil and water. They are clearly in the wrong. Don't waste your time with toxic online communities that tend to get the worst out of people. Car theft, asaaults, kidnapping and just about everything else under the sun.

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