To ski back to the SW Slopes, drop east off the summit. I marked this on the KML/Map below and we snapped some pictures. Overall my total was 9.2 miles and 4200 feet of elevation gain according to Strava. Rick C. trying to signal that this was his 40th Fourteener … in his enthusiasm, he didn’t get that he should have switched hands. - well done!) Massive summit. It did make for a nice alternative to the east slopes on Massive. (my Forerunner 230) Elevation Gain: 3,860 ft. (my GPS) Start Time: 7:34am SW Slope Route Junction: 8:28am Summit Time: 11:56am (27 mins) SW Slope Route Junction: 3:04pm End Time: 3:56pm Trip Report: For a few years now Mt. I attempted this mountain on August 10, 2010 with Shan Stuart and my dog Emme. After .8 mile turn left (south) on CR-11. The sign was broken and missing to tell you to head right for Mt. Mt. It's name tells all. Super fun! However, the class 2 scrambling can get rough on some dog’s pads. We were thankful they were not on route. Above 14,000, the route begins to navigate eastward around some of the difficult terrain that first greets you and keeps things at a reasonable class 2. Dad graciously offered to let me head over to South Massive if I wanted but I decided to save it for another day. Your email address will not be published. Massive TH is five miles farther on the right (north) side of the road. It is the second highest peak in the Rocky Mountains. Was pretty windy on the ridge but the summit itself was much calmer. The descent was mostly uneventful. Once you make this turn, it begins to get steep through talus and loose rock, but the trail is well defined. Most of the 14ers that we did in the 90's are in this growing time frame of 20+ years since we were there. I'd been looking for the right opportunity to return to Massive and had begun researching all the most enjoyable options. Whitney in California is 77’ higher. Trail was great and thought it would be harder based on elevation, distance ratio, but we had no problems. Overcome the last 0.5 mile to reach the small, marked trailhead on the right. Views at the top are incredible...might even be better than Mount Elbert because you don't have any mountains blocking the view north. So we made our way forward together and followed what route we could find through the rock near the crest of the ridge. link Copy Link. When we were back below treeline into the woods, we took note of the very heavy flow that Halfmoon Creek had at this point. They also fit the bill of hikes that, in my teens, I just didn't remember well due to teenage "lack of focus". Mt. It was well worth checking out for a quick look and a reminder of the awesome power and grandeur of water. Dispersed camping is most common, but there are a few campgrounds as well. Notify me of new posts by email.’s short but a hard one. It has five summits above 14,000 feet on a 3-mile-long ridge. Continue for 8 miles to reach the upper TH. The 2-mile road beyond that point was rougher, though the first mile and 3/4 wasn't too bad. We made the drive up the Halfmoon Creek road and saw a number of folks camping and already a number of cars at the Mt. The drive to the Mt Elbert/Mt Massive East Slopes trail head is normal forest service road, past that it becomes rough and is no problem for a 4x4 or Subaru type vehicle. If you like long exposure photography, bring those filters and tripod because there are ample options to take some shots. We parked half a mile from the trailhead (who got their low clearance Volvo to the end?? Best Views: In my opinion, the southwest slopes are the best way to hike Mt Massive. We got to the trailhead at 5 am and started to hike the first 1000’ of elevation gain to tree line with headlamps. Belford (14,197’) and Mt. Elbert edges it out by 12 feet and Mt.

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