This is apparently a known issue when the Group is created via Teams. April 18, 2019, by The issue is that if you create the group first in the Office 365 Admin portal and flip the switch, external emails come in. on Which leads me to a couple of mixed/broken features: Just on item #3 I believe there is a UserVoice for this - I can't give a customer a support mailbox address that like - it's just not professional. I will keep on creating groups first and *then* team-enable them. Does anyone know if the January 29th Teams Update resolves this issue? Repeat until all members have been added. However, it is not a Teams app issue in any event. When you create a group, you create a central email address and place to collaborate. Check the box to send group email and events to members' inboxes and select Create. by To add members to the group, search for them and select them. Not much help now, but this is a pretty good example of why companies "beta" some software with a small group of users before doing a rollout to the whole company. Unfortunately, Teams automatically generates the email address and it cannot be changed. Type a name for your group. Then OK. Now you can share your group email address with your customers. I don't know if the issue is fixed or not - now that I know to create the group first, then the team, to avoid the powershell script. on That way when you're ready to go out to the whole company, you only need to do it once. November 16, 2016, Posted in it already exists - it is part of Outlook Groups. Except we can't with this group, hence my post. Small comfort I know - at least you'll know for next time though. I assume creating the Office Group in the Exchange Admin Console, but how exactly would you "team-enable" an Office group? This is clearly a bug. It is frustrating that things that are fundamentally broken can go two years without being fixed (we filed our ticket on this in Feb 2017) but things like emoji and animated GIFs receive way more attention. on * as stated in this page, Parameters section, "AcceptMessagesOnlyFromSendersOrMembers" row, last paragraph: "By default, this parameter is blank ($null), which allows this recipient to accept messages from all senders.". In Outlook, go to the Groups section and select New Group. So frustrating that this issue still occurs, I have trusted the feature to work when I created my teams and now apparently it doesn't!I already went through the process of re-creating all my teams once because there is no option to change the team url, when you are trying to use teams together with PowerShell and one drive it is impossible to just re-create the teams, I have about 50 teams in my company and recreating them means re-syncing each user one drive to the new ones. Before Teams, we have used Office 365 Groups to receive external emails, like an AP address so vendors could send invoices to a group email and the AP team would get it. To allow external users such as your customers to send email to the group address, select Group Settings, Edit Group. For users that have been working with Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams for a while, they may be savvy enough to know and want this behaviour. November 01, 2017, by Note: This feature needs to be turned on by your IT admin. For me, I'd like to move much of the old distribution list functionality into Teams to de-clutter email inboxes. Thanks for the tip! Re: Emails from outside into the Teams Office 365 Group? In Outlook, on the Home tab, choose New Group. Create and optimise intelligence for industrial control systems. The issue is not that there is no option. Is this a Teams bug when Teams sets up the Group vs setting up the group, then a team and merging with a group? Click the drop down to expand the channels if necessary. But I found it to enable from the Outlook groups tab. I tried the PowerShell commands offered by @Nicolò Manzotti but these did not resolve the issue. Discover why integrating apps into Microsoft Teams enables greater efficiencies for all users, Teams On Air Q&A Roundup: Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams Capabilities Roadmap, Ask Microsoft Anything: Microsoft Teams - 11/10/16, Microsoft Teams devices for shared spaces, Transform productivity by enable Microsoft 365 partner apps for your organization, Connect to Exchange Online PowerShell - see, Create a Team and email-enable it; should work as advertised, enough said, Groups should be able to have UI-editable email aliases - it works via PS so it's obviously just a UI update that's needed; this is probably a trivial change, Channels should be able to have admin-settable email addresses (or worst-case, aliases) so that they have trustable domains - I acknowledge that this might be quite a bit harder. We want to be able to create , eg. Under Add Members, select the employees you want to receive the emails, and then choose Add Members. Well, a year has gone by and this still appears to be an issue. We added that AP group to Teams when Teams came out and have no probs. September 23, 2020, Posted in The problem is that other two properties in groups created through teams are not empty by default as they should*: Beside the option in the UI, you have to change through PowerShell the value of this properties to "$null" through the "Set-UnifiedGroup" cmdlet. You get the chance to learn the limitations and foibles, which helps you plan your rollout. On the Home tab in Outlook, select Group Settings > Edit Group. I just cannot get it to work and am wondering if TEAMS has somehow interfered with the Group setting that the Admin UI isn't exposing. Thank you in advance! It is the backend stuff that needs to be fixed by MS if they haven't fixed it yet. Laurie Pottmeyer I setup some groups and cannot email them from my GMail account despite setting the "Allow external senders" option. Some other testing I also discovered that you can … (teams group), then create email address aliases eg. Maybe it’s actually still a useful feature to have a “normal” email address for a Team to be able to give out, rather than a Teams Channel email address that looks a bit like: you can make that more respectable with an MEU using the above address as a targetAddress. September 22, 2020. Go to the channel name and click More options > Get email address. Before Teams, we have used Office 365 Groups to receive external emails, like an AP address so vendors could send invoices to a group email and the AP team would get it. Now we have set up a new team, gone into the Outlook 365 Group settings and turned on the ability to receive emails into the group - which is in Outlook, Teams cannot see the group emails (which is odd as Teams is build on groups, but I digress) - but the test emails to the address keep bouncing. Frustrating we are almost a year later and MS hasn't fixed this bug. It will ask if you want to attach a group to it then show you groups you are allow to add teams too. on I am searching for release notes but have not been able to find them. We added that AP group to Teams when Teams came out and have no probs. Anyway, here's hoping this issue gets fixed as adoption increases. Now we are in a place where we want the office to get into Teams, and using a centralized platform for communication and to help segregate emails and unclutter inboxes. That single cmdlet will change the value for both the parameters. You can use this to provide an email address like sales or info that everyone can see and get emails from. Community to share and get the latest about Microsoft Learn.

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