He is an entrepreneur and President of Sam Silverstein Enterprises. contact each other, get access to advanced search tools, see Model Reality Television Login or Sign Up He has been invited to TED talks for his ideas about leadership, management, productivity, and many others. Pricing: According to Influencer Marketing Hub, TapInfluence pricing starts at $1999 p/m with custom pricing offered for agencies and enterprise-level companies. creators, businesses and experts in the industry. Film Writing This has been reported to our team. They describe their search engine as the “Google of Influence”, and results can be filtered by geolocation, social network metrics, and language. Lacey James. Modeling, @geraldakaprodigy Management an awesome place for influencers and brands! He shares content in social media about topics on leadership, productivity, and success. TV Personalities The company describes its platform as “Enterprise-grade software with everything you need to work with 10x the influencers in half the time”. Susanne has decades of experience in managing projects and rolling out large-scale programs. Inspiratonal, @carmillelim He is also an executive coach and trainer, providing coaching programs, training workshops, and one-on-one personalized executive coaching. and our advanced search, audience demographic data and the ability to message our Destiny Simonson. Management Twitter @mkaplanPMP (272K) Read more about Michael Kaplan. The company offers a mix of technology with teams dedicated to analytics, influencer activation, and customer success. Marketing, @wosslife Health According to a business school report, people are more likely to trust a company whose CEO engages in social media. We procure and produce partnerships for our Talent with the best, most respected and most relevant brands in their category. Plus, you can custom-brand your sign up pages, referral links, and emails. We know that creating your own social influencer network can become a tedious practice, and a lack of centralised data and analytics could mean that you are “flying blind”. Over the years, Ron has trained thousands of professionals on practical and effective project management. Management He provides coaching services for executives, project managers, and teams. Terms of Service Maria José. Speaking Blogger Nicole Stephens. There is so much more you can do for free just by TV, Film, & Radio, @scottcollinsproject He actively blogs on his website, sharing information on how to promote an exceptional work environment. They offer 3 levels of pricing: Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. All Training Articles OUR BRAND PARTNERS. Our influencers have the power to help you ignite and recreate your brand’s digital narrative. Kevin Ciccotti is a design and business management, expert. In the meantime, get started with a free account which gives you Influencers. Technology  @natalia_solovieva, @_emilioayala_ 1,528 Top MGMT Influencers - MGMT Influencer Marketing influence.co is the largest influencer marketing professional community. Pavel has managed a large multi-industry corporation in McKinney for a high-value project pipeline. Upfluence provides an easy-to-use influencer marketing platform suited for influencer discovery, social listening and campaign management. He is also a Certified Speaking Professional. questions, please contact [email protected]. MGMT Finance In other publications, MGMT have noted The Soft Boys' album masterpiece Underwater Moonlight as a major influence. It has rapidly evolved into one of the best all-in-one influencer platforms out there on the internet. Join our free community to get Fashion & Beauty, @modelleilaknight Other main uses are for cheering and for recognizing results. Home — Influencers Influencers. Management Teo Marcella. @iamkoolbreed She encountered challenges that led her to start her own business of finding the exact match between hiring organizations and project professionals looking for work. Management He is an advocate of looking at accountability as a competitive advantage. He has been included by media organizations such as the Huffington Post as among inspirational leaders active in social media. Model, @_victoriamoronta Forgot email, username, or password?  @rachelteetyler, Fashion  @jmoe_graphic, Business  @thejeffreymarsh, @camilabanus  @wosslife, Hip Hop Management Management @bigsenc_uplifted Chefs, @christinaschell Marketing Management As a management coach, she offers project portfolio coaching, helps an organization to move to agile, and other PM mentoring and executive coaching. Photography Fashion Please enter your email address to get started. promotions He posts on social media to inform his followers of his latest activities and workshops, as well as sharing information and wisdom. 126.4 K Carson Tueller. Model Having worked in the industry for more than two decades now, he is currently the head of research and development at ScienceSoft. message and run campaigns.  @leilanixcruz, Fitness They also utilize it for wisdom sharing, such as sharing a famous quote, or for relationship building, when letting their followers know a bit more about the person. He provides training to help them get unstuck, and also give keynote speeches and workshops. SMS These are good places to start. Discover the best influencers for your brand, Build your own influencer marketing community, Post campaign openings and have influencers apply

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