When one full back attacked the other would sit and when attacked the inside the other would opt to push as far out wide as possible. Also deserving a massive amount of credit for that league-leading tally of fewest goals conceded are of course the back-four. The defensive structure of Leeds is maintained as a 4-1-4-1 at the back when defending as shown below: But sometimes, when defending, the full-backs go centrally to press the opponent or to mark a potential threat to goal. Sampaoli helped Chile win the 2015 Copa America. To Bielsa, the Enganche is important as he dictates the play: Where the ball moves towards and who gets the ball. Pablo Hernandez in particular is a key creator. An example of this can be seen when he has used midfielder such as Guy Medel and to an even greater effect Javi Martinez in the defensive line. His time managing in his homeland resulted in him winning the Primera Division title Argentina in 1991 Apertura, 1992 Clausura with Newell's Old Boys and Primera Division Argentina in 1998 Clausura with Velez. Marcelo Bielsa's footballing philosophy is not too dissimilar to that of Johan Cruyff. Former Valencia player, Pablo Hernandez usually fulfills this role. By pressing the opponent, they sometimes have no option but to hit the ball up the pitch. It’s not the best in the league, but it’s certainly been the most fun to watch. The intention was every player was able to play in each role and improvise within the system. For instance, it is no good suggesting exploiting the space behind your opponents' full-backs if you know the manager favours inverted wingers. Before deciding upon taking up a coaching career Pep Guardiola made a point of going to spend time with Marcelo Bielsa in Argentina, travelling 309 kilometres to seek the wisdom of the man who inspired him and influenced his own philosophy. Liam Flin FOLLOW. Being published here means more exposure and recognition for you. 5 Disciples of Marcelo Bielsa and his tactics. SENIOR ANALYST Modified 14 Mar 2016, 13:09 IST. His 20-month spell with the Basque club was very impressive as he built the most exciting Athletic Bilbao team for decades, in the 2011-2012 season Athletic Bilbao advanced to their first European final since 1977, losing 3–0 to Atlético Madrid in the UEFA Europa League Final. Leeds United have historically been a great team, having won the English first division three times, won the FA Cup and League Cup once and the Charity Shield once in their domestic trophy cabinet. The wingers Thauvin and Ayew would pull out wide to offer width and instead of the full backs running towards them to offer the support they would position themselves centrally. His stint as the national team manager would last for 6 years. login or sign up to start chatting. This is one of the reasons why Jack Harrison has, assists this season while Helder Costa has. The 4-1-4-1 shape allows Bielsa to press high and easily keep a diamond shape when pressing, with the striker, near-sided winger, and the two attacking midfielders linking up to win the ball back. Once possession is regained the one main philosophy is movement, the players will then rotate which creates spaces for improvisation and creates opportunities for penetration. There is, usually, considerable width between the players who need to pass the ball directly. In the centre of all of these developments is one man: Marcelo Bielsa. The striker is expected to move into channels, taking the opposition markers with him before supplying wide and backward passes to supporting players. The manager implements a high tempo style of play, constructed around intricate planning and knowledge of the opposition. The purpose is to explain decisions in a simple way that people can apply to their own tactics. At Bayern Munich, he coached Philip Lahm and David Alaba to play the role with outstanding results and is currently doing the same with Kyle Walker and Benjamin Mendy at Manchester City. I haven’t mentioned however just how drastic the use of that side is. Although they are far from perfect, they always put on an entertaining performance thanks to their tactically fluid and innovative style of play. Beyond that, this level of positional rotation also simply does create chaos for the opposition. El Loco, as Bielsa is famously nicknamed, introduced tactics meant to help Leeds outscore opponents. It’s not as though they like to play it long from their third to the opposition’s. This player is supposed to link the midfield and attacking areas hover above the yard-box and his defensive duties are less urgent than those of his teammates. This is his most-used lineup this season so far. This is relatively straightforward, as the Leeds centre-backs, Ben White and Liam Cooper, are strong aerially and are good at controlling the ball. The trust the City boss shows in Planchart is testimony to their working relationship and the quality of the information he provides. All rights reserved. When Costa or Harrison drift inside, they look to exploit the gaps in between the opposition centre-backs, centre-backs and fullbacks, and in between the centre-backs and defensive midfielder. which is the second-highest in the Championship. And why recommend playing a back three in the next game when the club's medical team have made it known that you will be lucky to have even two central defenders available? It looks like below. The official Football Manager site can be found at footballmanager.com and the official forums can be found at community.sigames.com. They’ve been caught offside more times than any other team in the league because of this risky approach, but they’ve also been the most successful at both creating chances and getting the ball into their opposition’s penalty area. Fleet Street's first female football reporter, Julie Welch, tells Football Focus' Caroline de Moraes about the ups and downs of making her way in such a male-dominated industry. I discussed Atalanta’s positional rotation a few months ago, and this tactical analysis would be far from complete if I didn’t devote an entire section to Leeds’ positional rotation too. But, the most important element of this Leeds United side is its use of Kalvin Phillips, in a role similar to that of a regista or a half-back. At 63 years of age, his obsessiveness dedication and his eye for detail do not appear to be slowing down. Bielsa teams are notoriously known for having questionable dips in form in the second half of a season and with the Championship being known for its demanding schedule will Bielsa's demand for intensity and constant demand for more have the same effect.

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