The basic definition of what makes a main-sequence star is this: it's a star that … A star will spend 90% of its life in the main sequence. It will be known as … This is why many lottery winners who go on spending s… Over millions of years the stars size slowly begins to get smaller because of the heat and energy it is losing. You might think that a more massive star, having more fuel, would last longer, but it’s not that simple. The lifetime of a star in a particular stage of evolution depends on how much nuclear fuel it has and on how quicklyit uses up that fuel. In this lesson, you will learn the characteristics of this phase, how it starts, and how it ends.

These color-magnitude plots are known as Hertzsprung–Russell diagrams after their co-developers, Ejnar Hertzsprung and Henry Norris Russell. In astronomy, the main sequence is a continuous and distinctive band of stars that appears on plots of stellar color versus brightness. The Main Sequence: The Sun, like most stars in the Universe, is on the main sequence stage of its life, during which nuclear fusion reactions in its core fuse hydrogen into helium. Our Sun is somewhere in the middle. These are the most numerous true stars in the universe, and include the Earth's Sun. The sun is a main sequence star. Stars on this band are known as main-sequence stars or dwarf stars. The sun if an example of a main-sequence star. Main Sequence Stars. The main-sequence star is the second stage of a star. At this stage, existence will not be over just yet as it will continue to glow/exist for a lot longer than it was in the main sequence. A main sequence star is a star that is in the longest stage of its life. Main sequence stars are stars that are fusing hydrogen atoms to form helium atoms in their cores.

When a star leaves the main sequence stage, it will can go supernova and become a black holeor a neutron star. This is the stage where a star will remain most of its life. Size of Main Sequence stars can be anything from minnows such as Proxima Centauri, a Red Dwarf star all the way up to Spica, a large blue star in the constellation of Virgo. (In the same way, how long people can keep spending money depends not only on how much money they have but also on how quickly they spend it. Most of the stars in the universe are main sequence stars. Eventually, the young star reaches hydrostatic equilibrium, in which its gravity … How many years a star remains in the main-sequence band depends on its mass. It's All About Fusion.

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