Two of the most powerful La Cosa Nostra families—known today as the Genovese and Gambino families—emerged from Maranzano’s restructuring efforts. They have been replaced by younger criminals who don’t seem to have the same authority as their predecessors. It was a show of force unknown to Italy since the end of the second world war. Mob boss Giuseppe Greco, the boss of the Santa Maria di Gesu crime family, was seen being kissed on the forehead by mobsters in Palermo - a traditional gesture showing respect. “Palermo like Beirut” was the headline splashed across the front pages of Italy’s leading newspaper. I remember the day as if it was yesterday – 23 May 1992, the day that changed Sicilians’ lives for ever. I was 10 at the time, and for the next four years I played football in streets surrounded by soldiers carrying machine guns. “What kind of bloody mafia are we?” asked Alfredo Giordano, a former mafioso from Palermo caught on wiretap. They have led to compelling evidence in court, with bosses often receiving long sentences in maximum-security prisons. Since the mid-1990s, the number of homicides has decreased significantly. In April 2013 in a house on Staten Island, acting Luchese boss Matty Madonna inducted John Pennisi and two other Italian American men into the Luchese crime family. “We are persuaded to believe that his capture represents that ultimate defeat of Cosa Nostra, but Messina Denaro doesn’t even enjoy legitimacy among many Sicilian bosses.”, “Messina Denaro is the last Mohican of the old mafia,” says Lari. What’s left? Men who held in their hands the life or death of police officers and journalists have lost their power to intimidate. Set in the heart of Molesey, it is inspired by old school Sicilian values and traditions. In a rare interview on TV with La7, Pignatone, who recently retired after working for the main Italian prosecution offices in the south of Italy, said: “Today the Sicilian mafia is way less dangerous than before. “Aside from being a dangerous criminal, the idea that Denaro could be the new super-godfather is just media rhetoric,” says Lupo, co-author of the book La mafia non ha vinto (The Mafia Hasn’t Won) with Giovanni Fiandaca. Maybe the end hasn’t come yet. People had become so unaccustomed to hearing gunshots that they mistook the sounds for fireworks. The effective demise of the Cosa Nostra empire was declared last week by one of the most prominent figures in the Italian judiciary, the former chief prosecutor of Rome, Giuseppe Pignatone. Cars buried in rubble, streets ripped open, dozens of photographers and police officers on the scene of what in my mind could only have been a natural disaster. Available for everyone, funded by readers. Pennisi -- a member of Big John Castellucci's "Brooklyn" crew, which is now based on Staten Island -- was a loyal wiseguy and a hardcore believer in The Life. But experts, and many mafiosi, disagree. No, because it’s still embedded in Sicilian society; but transformed, yes: reduced, according to many, to the level of a neighbourhood gang. She describes the mafia as in disarray, with “new bosses who are not really bosses at all. Legal. Peter (Peter Pasta) Pellegrino, formerly of the Babylon, New York restaurant Peter’s Italian Restaurant, really is -- or was -- a gangster. Today, the most respected bosses are all in jail or have died there. I remember my mother’s tears as she sat glued to the TV, watching what looked like an earthquake. Yet only two months later and he's not in prison, according to the BOP inmate locator site. Since Falcone and Borsellino’s deaths, the police have arrested more than 4,000 mafiosi, including 361 in 2011 and 300 in 2014. Sicily was on its knees, and I felt as though it was the beginning of a catastrophe. Riina, who ordered the magistrates’ killings and another 150 murders, was arrested in 1993 and sentenced to life in prison. Less than two months later, the same fate struck Falcone’s colleague Paolo Borsellino, killed in a car bomb attack with five members of his escort outside his mother’s apartment building in Palermo. Today, the tonnes of cocaine on the streets of Palermo and Catania, as recent investigations have revealed, are moved by the Calabrian ’Ndrangheta. Bugs placed in bosses’ homes and hidden cameras in mafia hangouts have shed light on the new mobsters’ activities. I quickly realised that wasn’t the case – that a terrible murder had been committed. Investigations in Palermo have even brought to light the technique of paying on an instalment plan, a strategy that, nonetheless, has resulted in arrests following reports from rebellious shopkeepers who are now less fearful of a weakened mafia and more confident that the law will be successfully enforced. Today the building sector in Sicily is at one of its lowest points: 73,216 people were made redundant between 2008 and 2017, and more than 5,000 businesses have closed, according to Italy’s largest trade union federation. Many mafia families have been forced to decrease the amount of protection money asked of business owners. Once snubbed by the Sicilian bosses, today their Calabrian counterparts forge ties with Colombian narcos, control ports, and sell their goods to the Sicilians, who have been demoted to the status of “customers”. Our friendly, experienced barbers are always on hand with plenty of expert, tailored advice. At Westchester County Medical Center Recovering From COVID-19, Former Luchese Wiseguy John Pennisi Tells Us What Really Happened. They are mafiosi who, in exchange for lighter sentences, have testified in court against their former associates, thereby contributing to additional arrests and the further weakening of Cosa Nostra. As the convoy of cars surrounding the Fiat got closer, the bomb was detonated, killing Falcone, his wife and three members of his police escort. La Cosa Nostra is a classic Italian barber shop. The white Fiat Croma buried in the dirt was carrying Cosa Nostra’s number one enemy, the anti-mafia magistrate Giovanni Falcone. Decimated by relentless arrests, weighed down by the recent economic crisis, short on cash and on foot soldiers, Cosa Nostra has become a paper tiger. Today we can say that the mafia – the one capable of killing magistrates and attacking the state – has been defeated.”. It’s just one of the many signs that today Cosa Nostra is the one on its knees. Some believe that the only true godfather capable of taking the reins of the Sicilian mafia is Matteo Messina Denaro, one of the world’s most wanted fugitives, who has been in hiding since 1993. All rights reserved. Dead? Internal dynamics aside, he could never be the superboss for one reason: Matteo Denaro is not from Palermo, and that role is normally held by men from Palermo.”. The truth is that this is no longer Cosa Nostra.”, Giovanni Falcone’s sister, Maria, says: “In comparison to yesterday’s bosses, who waged war against the Italian state, the new generation are chicken thieves.”. Between 1978 and 1983, the Sicilian mafia killed more than 1,000 people. The last five years in Palermo have seen only one homicide attributable to Cosa Nostra. Well, despite the current crisis of Cosa Nostra, that end has not yet arrived.”. Page Transparency See More. They are men who, once they’ve served their prison time and are back on the streets, put on airs as godfathers. It’s just one of the many signs that today Cosa Nostra is the one on its knees. Two obelisks were erected as a memorial on either side of the motorway where Falcone’s car was blown up in 1992. Technological advances in the fight against the mafia have played a crucial role. One of the most important arrests following the magistrates’ deaths was that of Totò “the beast” Riina, one of the most ruthless bosses in the history of Cosa Nostra. The new regime banned the use of telephones, any association or correspondence with other prisoners, or meetings with third parties. Today, La Cosa Nostra cooperates in various criminal activities with different criminal groups that are headquartered in Italy. In Italy they are called pentiti, literally “repentant”. According to numerous experts, the organisation that crafted its own mythology – inspiring films, books and television series – has never been weaker. In the 1970s, the mafia not only trafficked drugs, it also produced them. They think they’re bosses. 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