Voted up. Some of the university buildings are covered with ivy, and in the 1800s the students at some of the institutions planted ivy as an annual tradition. Ivy was growing in fresh clusters between the crevices of the polished rock. Unlike Hedera helix, Boston ivy (Parthenocissus tricuspidata) is deciduous. Ivy was wrapped around the stalk or branch, which was topped with a pine cone. See more. Deb Hirt from Stillwater, OK on May 22, 2014: I enjoyed the historical info on the holly and the ivy, and I am one that likes English ivy. A wonderfully classic name. Mainly, it’s the active compounds of the ivy that make it so effective. Just as in the past, English ivy can make its presence felt. Maren Elizabeth Morgan from Pennsylvania on May 04, 2014: Lovely, lovely topic and article. Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on May 07, 2014: Amazing in depth article about ivy and references to it from different sources including carols, wine, the ivy league schools, etc. Particularly for me it was interesting to learn of the possible origins of the 'Ivy League' Universities - a term I have often wondered about. 10 Types Of Nouns Used In The English Language. Even before she became a professor, she was an active investigator in the area of English literature and carols. Thank you very much, VioletteRose! Apparently, Adams complained about having to cover a game between either two "ivy covered" or two "ivy league" universities. Its leaves turn red in the fall. Thanks for standing up for English ivy! Hope you have a lovely rest of the weekend. I really enjoyed the read; Ivy is one of my favourite plants. The Theo Greek Mythology site has an entry about, The full version of the quoted ivy and holly carol is located at the. b. Wondering what the future holds? Informative and well researched. Thank you so much for the comment and the share, Carolyn! Ivy definition, a climbing vine, Hedera helix, having smooth, shiny, evergreen leaves, small, yellowish flowers, and black berries, grown as an ornamental. A branch or bunch of ivy was often hung on a pole outside a tavern to indicate that the building sold wine or ale. Petr Flippov, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0 License. Not me! The name "ivy" is from the Old English word "ifig," which may come from the Old High German words "ebahgwi," "ebawi" and "ebah." That sounds like a very good use for ivy! These traits ensure that the plant is noticed. Very interesting article. Despite the fact that it adheres to tree trunks, English ivy isn't a parasite. “Panic Attack” vs. “Anxiety Attack”: Which One Have You Had? The explanation that is considered to be most likely for the origin of the term is its mention by a newspaper reporter named Caswell Adams. Ancient people believed that Dionysus discovered how to make wine from grapes and taught the skill to humans. Ivy is generally used as a girl's name. The name Ivy is a girl's name of English origin. Celebrating over 10 years online. A beautiful and cute girl, who is very forgiving, and will love you no matter how you treat her. relating to or being a people who are the original, earliest known inhabitants of a region, or are their descendants.

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