We had no issues logging into IDrive's mobile app on a Google Pixel running Android 9. Not possible to use the old version against a new plan. Tried the 5TB service but cancelled as I found the upload/download to be incredibly slow. From the main screen, the app shows a large Backup icon with options for People, Timeline, and Access and Restore at the bottom.

Visit our corporate site. They wanted me to login. Filter 14 vetted IDrive reviews and ratings. The assumption is that you'll be able to reinstall those files in the event of a catastrophe.

And when I remove a file, I need to remove it from my backup list, or the backup will again fail. It prepopulates the section with common user folders—Documents, Pictures, Music, and so on. The Clean Archive feature is useful if you intend to keep tons of file versions. Hopefully, this feature is a sign of a transition for the IDrive mobile app to a more modern look and feel. 4.3/5. IDrive's simple implementation is a little limited, as it lets you share files only with other IDrive users (including those with free accounts). 0. Dropbox would charge you $99 per year for just 2TB, so this is definitely a bargain, at least on paper; we haven't tested IDrive's sync services. IDrive also supports email-based two-factor authentication for accessing its web and mobile apps, which we appreciate. However, Backblaze retains a place near the top as well, due to its low cost and overall simplicity. What about it's customers?

You can select the original backup device from a dropdown, move files directly to the desktop, or restore them in place to your folder structure using checkboxes. During regular computer usage, IDrive's background CPU load dropped to below 1 percent. Thank you for signing up to Tom's Guide. Tom's Guide is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. (SpiderOak had by far the slowest upload speed, though.). IDrive doesn't boast the most features or the lowest prices of any online-backup service, but it has pieced together the best balance of features and value for owners of multiple computers who don't have massive storage needs. ", "I like that iDrive is affordable and does not backup only certain types of files based on your tier of membership. It also integrates with File Explorer in Windows by implementing a right-click option for adding items to your backup set. Express Restore options cost $99.50 per request.

IDrive's privacy policy states that it collects personal data you provide (such as your name, payment info, and address) and session records (such as the size of upload packets, session date and times, IP address, browser type, and device name).

Our set of files to back up included 16.8GB of documents, photos, videos and music.

He has previously written for Laptop Mag, Neowin.net, and Tom’s Guide on everything from hardware to business acquisitions across the tech industry.

Timeline is much easier to navigate than the standard IDrive interface, and allows you to download or share selected files. This is where online-backup services step in. 4.1/5. Other options on the Restore page include deleting files from backup, moving them to a trash area (from which they're recoverable), and a Share button that launches the web client, discussed in the next section.

I'm a current IDrive user and have one major issues with it. To back up everything on your hard drive, you'll often have to do a full-disk backup to an external hard drive, connected either directly to your machine, or on the local network. If you have thousands of photos, videos, music or any other files that you can't imagine losing, an online backup service is what you need. I really don't want to have to deal with incremental cloud backup at this level, I want it to be transparent and just work (like Carbonite and CrashPlan did). Below that, there's a universal search bar on the right and a module that shows the remaining storage for your account. Learn more about IDrive. This restoration speed isn't terrible, but it's not as good as Acronis and Backblaze, which each took about 10 minutes to restore the same set of files. IDrive also gives you access to all of your account's synced content from any device.

Please refresh the page and try again. We tested mobile apps on a Google Pixel XL 2. It remains encrypted until you restore it on the client end. The settings are robust: You can change account details, view backup reports, implement a passcode lock, or set a battery saver limit. You can also schedule automatic backups for different categories of items at a set time and day.

But power users with many machines will love the added functionality that IDrive brings to the table. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors?

Restoring files is straightforward as well, and gives you the option to recover either your entire backup, or only specific files from it. Upon logging in, IDrive presents you with a choice between the default service-managed encryption and the option to set up your own private encryption key. However, the online backups often do not include operating-system files or installed applications. Every time I create a new file I have to bring up the backup software interface to add it to my backup. Your data remains encrypted during transmission and while at rest on the servers. The unlimited device support sets IDrive apart from competitors that instead offer unlimited backup and must therefore limit the number of devices.

IDrive is based in California and is thus subject to US laws. Reviewer's Company Size. Based on features alone, IDrive would be the clear front-runner in the online-backup market. It's a smart idea, and one we missed while we were using Backblaze. IDrive does let you set edit permissions for shared files, but password-protected links are not an option. IDrive also backs up Facebook and Instagram photos and videos, including Facebook images that you've been tagged in.

There are also command-line scripts available to back up Linux systems.

Like Backblaze, IDrive lets you use a private encryption key if you're looking for a little more security than the default encryption. I got an email saying I was over and even though I removed the excessive data overage was still charged ~$150 for ~100GB of overage that I had. ", "There's not anything we have disliked about this software. As long as you can live with IDrive's storage limits, the program's higher cost (compared to Backblaze, at least) will be worth it. Moving up to the IDrive Personal plan gets you up to 5TB of storage (until June 2020, 2TB), and while IDrive doesn't quite match the unlimited storage offered by some of its competitors, it does let a single user back up as many computers as he or she would like, including external or locally networked drives. Overall. IDrive is an excellent service for consumers and a PCMag Editors' Choice winner. A year after that they tried to charge an annual fee for me. We appreciate all these features, but wish they were better integrated with the main interface. Most of these services offer either unlimited storage or backup for any number of your devices — and, in some cases, connected external drives — for a reasonable subscription fee. 1.8. www.idrive.com Visit this website www.idrive.com.

The People feature detects faces in your photos and tags them accordingly, though it recommends uploading at least 50 photos before it can work properly. We appreciate the depth of the settings section. Technically, IDrive offers a free plan, but as it is limited to 5GB of storage, it would be useful only as an online-syncing solution. There is no option to cap your usage, and there is essentially no warning that you are over. We'd prefer to see app-based or hardware-token authentication, but any kind of 2FA is better than none. IDrive is an excellent service for consumers and a PCMag Editors' Choice winner. IDrive Online Backup Reviews 307 • Poor . by IDrive. That said, we did not encounter any issues with application performance; navigating the interface is generally quick and painless. This historical backup of data does not count towards your total backup limit. From's IDrive's notification area icon, you can launch the full application, access settings, and manage the backup schedule.

I ultimately worked with the Credit Card company to mark the charge as fraudulent, providing them with numerous emails to show my activity to work with them. Tapping anywhere on the background brings you the backup selection page for the device. NY 10036. Top features include disk image backups, folder syncing, file sharing, and File Explorer integration. The company has also rolled out email-based two-factor authentication (2FA) for all users.

Backblaze's similar service is completely free, assuming you return the hard drive in the same condition. If you're doing an initial backup, IDrive will transfer the files to its cloud servers once the company receives the physical drive. New York,

IDrive Personal has virtually every "nice to have" feature that is on our list, save for unlimited storage, making it an easy recommendation for anyone who can stay within the reasonably priced 5TB storage tier. Show Filters . As with most of the services we tested, IDrive will make an educated guess regarding the files you would like to back up initially, but you are free to ignore this and instead make your own selections. ", "I like that it easily and automatically backs up my files on my computer and external hard drive.

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