So no, I'm not smoking crack, I'm using scientific data. Nice to see reality and common sense visiting our city once in a while, come back ASAP please. Others have mentioned that San Diego's climate has changed in recent years, so maybe I would have had a different experience if I'd visited a couple of decades ago. I can see why it costs so much to live there; few places in the U.S. could compete with what you guys have. Check the current conditions for San Diego, CA for the day ahead, with radar, hourly, and up to the minute forecasts. The summers go into the 90s with 90% humidity and the winters drop close to freezing. | humidity in San Clemente (54 mi.) Summers are cool and winters are warm. | humidity in Quivira Basin (Mission Bay) (4 mi.) Local Covid-19 information regularly updated. On average, there are 266 sunny days per year in San Diego. The US average is 28 inches of snow per year. Relative humidity is probalby the second most popular factor that people take into consideration when looking for the weather of a city to live in. ice Even in the spring you have humidity in the 70% range making a 75 day feel like 82 and few places of water to easily seek refuge. If you ask the self appointed city council that is r/sandiego, all we have to do is keep building until prices are a match with their low skilled jobs selling phone cases at a kiosk. | humidity in El Sauzal (63 mi.) It's usually not humid, it is a dry desert. Hope you're next visit is lovely and less river runny! Shouldn't you be comparing average climates? San Diego Weather Forecasts. Two things: The climate in San Diego is very nice, and it is a beautiful city. Know the percentage of humidity hour by hour in San Diego (Quarantine Station) and the humidity prediction for the next few days Tides4fishing cookies are used to personalise content and ads, save your recent fishing sites and remember your display settings. I kind of laughed at one point when I was in a convenience store and all the candy bars were melting because there was no A/C running to keep it cool inside. I just got back from Arizona where I was caught in the worst rain storm in about a year. Still, I was excited to experience this climate. Today’s and tonight’s San Diego, CA weather forecast, weather conditions and Doppler radar from The Weather Channel and | humidity in Imperial Beach (10 mi.) Edit: not sure why I'm getting down voted here... San Diego really isn't what I would consider dry(humidity wise) unless we're going through a Santa Ana period where it can drop into the single digits(relative humidity, that is). Average Humidity. San Diego is NOT dry. As much as I'd love to live there, I'm not sure I could afford to. Then there is El Paso which has a true desert climate (and is in a different time zone). Before my visit to San Diego from Austin, everyone here kept telling me how nice the climate is in San Diego during the summer, and that it is nice and dry and you don't need A/C. It was grey, muggy, humid and totally miserable. The monsoon dumped 2 inches of rain in a few hours and cracked open the sky with thunder and lightning. Still, it's nicer in the summer there than ANYWHERE in Texas and the city itself is gorgeous. | humidity in La Jolla (11 mi.) Be prepared for the day. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Still, as I said, the climate is significantly better in San Diego's summer than anywhere in Texas, because humidity or not, our temperatures are so much higher that it's a lot worse here overall. Where I'm at, I feel like I often get the worst of both because I'm close enough to the ocean to get more humidity but far enough inland not to get cloud cover and fog from it. Just bad luck for you, sorry! I'm doing well here because I bought a house back before the most recent boom. I dread it. Weather Underground provides local & long-range weather forecasts, weatherreports, maps & tropical weather conditions for the San Diego area. Current humidity in Austin is 38% and current humidity in San Diego is 73%. Be prepared with the most accurate 10-day forecast for San Diego, CA with highs, lows, chance of precipitation from The Weather Channel and ... Humidity 87%. Relative humidity is probalby the second most popular factor that people take into consideration when looking for the weather of a city to live in. The only place worse than the Atlantic Coast is the Gulf Coast. High Heat, Humidity Challenge San Diego Businesses That Have Moved Outdoors. The muggier period of the year lasts for 3.0 months , from July 4 to October 3 , during which time the comfort level is muggy , oppressive , or miserable at least 6% of the time. Current humidity in Austin is 38% and current humidity in San Diego is 73%. this has been a bad few weeks it's not usually this humid. Still, as I said, the climate is significantly better in San Diego's summer than anywhere in Texas, because humidity or not, our temperatures are so much higher that it's a lot worse here overall. You guys have ice warnings. Sample size for your comparison too small - a lifetime of experience in Austin against a week in San Diego. Enjoy your "perfectly comfortable weather" while you wait for 2 hours on the 35, that's right the 35, in 95 degree weather with matching humidity. However, San Diego is much more arid than typical Mediterranean climates, and winters are still dry compared with most other zones with this type of climate. Your post is the equivalent of me going to the Phoenix sub and lecturing them for 4 paragraphs about how it is actually not a desert, but a very wet rainy place. I was in Dallas in November for a conference. I lived in Austin for a year and a half. Well, depends on where you are in Texas. The official subreddit for San Diego California, "America's Finest City", we’re over 125,000 Strong and Serving the whole of the San Diego community (including the counties) for the sharing of information, opinion and events to bring us closer together. But of course you've made sweeping assumptions about the weather patterns in this city, good job. The average annual percentage of humidity is: 69.0% More Climate Information For San Diego Weather and Climate offers all the information you need to know about the climate in San Diego . Lol. Precipitation is rain, snow, sleet, or … We do have it good here as far as culture goes, but you have it pretty well in Austin too! I was proven right in some ways, and wrong in others, and pleasantly surprised in some aspects as well. I looked hard at San Diego because I'd much rather live there than here, but home prices are even higher than ours, and wages are shockingly about the same. The relative humidity in the summer in San Diego is quite a bit higher than it is in Austin (it's on the goddamn coast), especially in the evening, but the temperature is much lower so it does not cause as much discomfort. It also varies depending on your distance from the ocean. The people were also much friendlier and more down-to-earth than what I've experienced in other places in California. It also isn't very muggy most of the time, although it seems we do regularly get hit with humidity this time of year. Are you on crack? Photo by Matthew Bowler. Wednesday, August 19, 2020 By John Carroll. offers the average San Diego relative humidity chart that displays the annual and monthly humidity percentages for San Diego … You live in Texas, we live in San Diego, and you're picking on us for the "bad" humidity? Go El Cajon or Santee at the end of August, then you'll find the dry, oppressive 108 degree heat. San Diego experiences some seasonal variation in the perceived humidity. Storms are uncommon and rain is infrequent. San Diego gets some kind of precipitation, on average, 38 days per year. UV Index 0 of 10. Here in Austin, we sit on the transition zone between subtropical and semi-arid, sometimes having one type of weather or the other (and sometimes both in one day in the summer time), but high 70s/low 80s here are extremely comfortable and you hardly sweat at all, so I was not prepared for the humidity in San Diego. In this table, the Daily number is the average of humidity readings taken every three hours throughout the day.Morning percentages are for 7 … I found the air to be extremely thick, and although the temperature keeps it from feeling oppressive, anytime it got above the high 70s my ass was like a Brad Pitt movie: "A River Runs Through It". It sounds like this is atypical weather for San Diego, so I'll have to visit again during a normal summer :). This page gives detailed information on annual temperature, precipitation, snow, sun, humidity, wind and storm averages for San Diego. The crisp sea breeze was so pleasant because I've only experienced Gulf breezes which are hot and muggy. San Diego, California has an exceptionally moderate climate. SAN DIEGO (CNS) – Gusty winds and low humidity will significantly raise the threat of wildfires Tuesday in most parts of San Diego County, according to the National Weather Service. humidity in Point Loma (2.5 mi.) San Diego - North Island: Current Time: Oct 17, 2020 at 9:15:51 pm: Latest Report: Oct 17, 2020 at 8:31 pm: Visibility: 5 mi: Pressure: 29.94 "Hg; Humidity: 84%: Dew Point: 63 °F The humidity and temperatures there are horrible. I can see why it costs so much to live there; few places in the U.S. could compete with what you guys have. SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - It’s not your imagination. | humidity in Crown Point (Mission Bay) (5 mi.) Dallas is definitely muggy, it's pretty far from Austin and has a different climate. | humidity in San Diego (4 mi.) I don't know how anyone can afford to live there unless they are wealthy or were already there before prices got so high. I've never felt humidity like these past two months EVER. Here in Austin the tremendous growth has driven up housing costs to ridiculous levels, but wages have not matched the increase. ), © TIDES4FISHING | WEATHER FORECAST IN SAN DIEGO (QUARANTINE STATION) | NEXT 7 DAYS, Plan now and enjoy your activities at sea with the tides4fishing app, Forecast in San Diego (Quarantine Station) for the next 7 days, Humidity in San Diego (Quarantine Station), humidity in National City (San Diego Bay). The US average is 205 sunny days. San Diego is more humid than it was in the past. I also mentioned that I keep track of the weather there, and the relative humidity and dew point averages coincide with what I experienced. When the humidity is higher in Austin, you feel it more because of the hotter temperatures.

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