People want to know what you know when you smile. Jun 8, 2015 - Editor's Note: We're so excited to continue to introduce you to some of our new presenters this year! July 2013 She received Weber County's Athena Award for her service efforts and business success in 2012. But I've got some great podcasts lined up and waiting to be released so stay tuned and we'll get them loaded for next Wednesday. ", This video will help give a visual for the podcast :). The book of Daniel is packed with amazing stories because of amazing people with amazing faith. This was my one trick...I could kiss my heels. Have you ever felt small, inconsequential, or out of place? In this episode, I share the story of the busily-serving Martha and Mary, her listening sister, as they approach the Savior with their two very different, but equally loving personalities. Meg Johnson is a motivational speaker, author, and seminary teacher and has motivated tens of thousands of people across the globe with her motto: When life gets too hard to stand, just keep on rollin'! Wheelchair America pageant in New York; founded and directs Ms. Meg's Monthly Message Schedule Meg Podcast Store Heart Smiles Episode #25: Jonah. It made me feel awesome. Since she was paralyzed, Meg has competed at the national Ms. Sister Dalton gave me the best compliment ever when I met her a couple years ago. Makes You Think Bigger house? June 2013 We've all had that special moment, well, maybe it's better to start by writing that we've all had those *many* special moments when a woman came to help us out exactly when we needed it. March 2013. Ju... 'What is faith? Those words were spoken by President Monson as counsel for us all to cherish our spouses and are demonstrated beautifully in the, Come with me to Genesis 24 and see just how easy it is to love the one you chose (or, in Isaac's case, kind of chose...), Teachings of the Presidents of the Church - Spencer W. Kimball. And any woman who's helped knows of its true simplicity, but any woman who's been helped. Until then, I want to share one of my all-time favorite talks with you. I have been a little slower this year thanks to my ever-increasing round tummy :) and so I've decided to post my podcast next week instead of this week so I can have a tiny bit more time to edit it. May 2013 So listen well and find some of your gifts he lists! This week is the culminating event for our Ms. A well-known story with a not-so-common take. Samson was strong, mighty, fearless, and, well, yeah, kinda dumb. This is Marvin J. Ashton, he lived before my time but his words and messages will live with me and in me forever, I think. We can't miss the big ones - the huge monster thunder-clap blessings we sometimes get - like when we were miraculously saved when we were driving or when we (fill in the blank). We've all been faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges. She received Weber County's Athena Award for her service efforts and business success in 2012. Meg Johnson - Motivational Speaker & Author, But for this week, I am sharing one of my favorite speakers with you: Elaine s. Dalton. August 2013 ... Old Testament Student Manual - Jonah Old Testament Student Manual - The Assyrian Conquest and the Lost Tribes. | The new King Solomon got the chance to ask for whatever he wanted and his request shines light into our own lives, illuminating our understanding of just how willing the Savior is to give us the gifts we want and need! His own sorrow, frutrations, and hopelessness are echoed in his oft quoted lament, "Is there no balm in Gilead? Create your own unique website with customizable templates. One of my favorite parts of this talk is when she shares how she chose a scripture to write underneath the carpet of the piece that sits under the podium of the Conference Building - Stand as a Witness of God! Meet Meg Meg's Monthly Message Schedule Meg Podcast Store Heart Smiles Episode #15: A Child's Prayer. Less to do? JoJo is excellent in hip-hop, but not only. The prophet Jeremiah preached to a people who were beyond saving. I had the opportunity to hear her speak last week and I listened to her CD during a long car ride over the weekend. We know where we came from, we know why we're here, and we know where we're going. June 2013 Oh my goodness.This is me right out of high school in 2000. The Assyrian Conquest and the Lost Tribes, Heart Smiles Episode #23: Isaac and Rebekah - a lesson in love, Heart Smiles Episode #22: Job - A Lesson in Trial Management, Heart Smiles Episode #21: King Solomon and Spiritual Gifts, Life Isn't Always a Fairytale But You Are Always a Princess, Acting for Ourselves and Not Being Acted Upon, Heart Smiles Episode #18: Small Blessings, Heart Smiles Episode #17: One Part Mary, One Part Martha, Heart Smiles Episode #16: Samson's Strength. We've all been called - whether we're 9 or 90 - as missionaries to preach the gospel to our friends and neighbors! Wheelchair America pageant in New York; founded and directs Ms. And while this grand plan is for everyone, we each have our own individual missions and purposes we've been sent here to do. More to do? Well, it seems that once again I have maxed the podcast limit - I need to figure out how to make them smaller or something! July 2013 Take a glance into 1 Samuel 16 with me as we travel back in time to a dinner party where the guest of honor wasn't even invited! In celebration of our prophet's 96th birthday on September 9, 2020, we wanted to take a look at the remarkable life of our prophet. Joshua and the battle of Jericho - one of my all-time favorite Old Testament stories! They were confident their God could save them - but if He didn't, they would still worship Him. October 2013 October 2013 Meg Johnson - Motivational Speaker & Author. March 2013. I recorded this podcast while I was on vacation in Long Beach. We each have different gifts because, well, when it comes to building anything we can't all hold shovels. See what your friends are reading. 10/23/2013 1 Comment We've all been called - whether we're 9 or 90 - as missionaries to preach the gospel to our friends and neighbors! Mormon Life. Wheelchair Utah Pageant. Nicer car? God needs some to hold hammers and some to saw and some to bring water and some to paint and some to, well, you get the idea. But in 2 Kings we read about an experience that makes us reevaluate these guardian angels - and ourselves... Join Meg and take a journey into the pages of the Bible to search for the stories that make the soul sing and the Heart Smile. April 2013 September 2013 It's all part of the Great Plan of Happiness! But, like Jonah from the Bible, sometimes we're a little (okay, a lot) apprehensive about sharing our beliefs. This was way before she even knew she would be one who stood there. I know that listening to it will make your heart smile! It was recorded without my regular microphone so it's a little rough but I hope the message comes through loud and clear for anyone with their own battles to fight! She enjoys learning modern dance, jazz, and classic styles as well. Listen well and I know you will pick out a few that belong specifically to you to use as you help to build up the Kingdom! From the Tower of Babel to the Americas and right to Minnesota - This podcast takes us on a journey to help us understand the Name we need to reach heaven and just how we can bring heaven in a little tighter around us. September 2013 We came to earth with special talents and gifts so we can help to build up our part of the Kingdom in whatever way we can. Heart Smiles Episode #15: A Child's Prayer, Heart Smiles Episode #14: The Lord Looketh on the Heart, Heart Smiles Episode #8: Elisha and the Chariots of Fire. The podcast includes a submitted story from a beautiful young listener and requires just a little more tweaking to get everything in the same format - who knew I would ever play with such advanced technological...stuff? Joshua is a powerful example of someone who let's the Lord fight his battles - not instead of him, but with him and then for him. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Wheelchair Utah; instituted a service outreach program; and authored several books. We all have a list of why we're not good enough to accomplish everything we've been asked to do. JoJo has been developing her dancing and artistic talents since she was 5 years old, visiting her mom's classes and learning from her and her students. Job's steady righteousness through the good and terrible will have us asking how can someone really be that good - and he will tell us his secret! If you could ask for anything - anything in the entire world - what would you ask for?

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