Mrs. Pollifax teams up with freelance CIA agent John Farrell on an investigation into the disappearance of Amanda Pym in Syria. For even more, visit our Family Entertainment Guide. A consistent theme throughout the series is Mrs. Pollifax's tendency to take an interest in people who seem disconnected with her mission, but who either become part of the investigation and/or who prove to be of invaluable assistance to resolving the case. and the Terms and Policies, Don’t worry, it won’t take long. Through an initial misunderstanding, Mrs. Pollifax is given what is supposed to be a simple courier assignment by Operations Chief, Mr. Carstairs, and her ensuing adventure leads her to a career in espionage. The opening animated titles are delightful. Ancient artifacts, hair-raising chases, art forgery, arms traffic, a nighttime assault on the villa, mysterious millionaires, spectacular scenery and unexpected romance are some of the ingredients simmering in the plot. Russell was also credited as contributing to the story idea under a pseudonym. Sammy calls upon Kadi for help and Mrs. Pollifax decides to accompany her to Africa. comedy, January 11, 2020 |. In addition to her daily activities, she works on a part time basis for the CIA. When their guide, Youseff, and his sister, Hanan, invite them to visit their grandfather, a desert sheik, they're trailed by Jordanian terrorists, the Iraqi secret police and Jordanian police. G Soon she too is ducking bullets and the old pals are forced to hole up in the Villa Franca—part farm, part medieval fortress and full-time residence of young CIA agent Kate Rossiter's eccentric aunt. | Rotten (3). |, April 11, 2012 Mrs. Pollifax then leads both friends and foes on a merry chase, as she travels around Bulgaria, on a series of absorbing, and interwoven, adventures, including helping to rescue the student and several political prisoners from the seemingly impregnable Panchevsky Institute.[6]. This movie featured Rosalind in the lead role of Mrs. Pollifax. However, they quickly elude their shadow in order to obtain information that provides them with the first clue in their hunt.   |  Coming Soon, Regal As a new fan of the Pollifax books (I only started listening to audio versions this year) I am so happy I saw this movie, the last film Ms. Russell was in. Forgot your password? One of the worse spy movies I've ever seen. With Angela Lansbury, Thomas Ian Griffith, Ed Bishop, Paul Birchard. Ms. Pym was a fifteen-minute media superstar when she allegedly stopped an airplane hijacking from succeeding. Mrs. Pollifax is a widow and senior citizen who decides one day to leave her comfortable apartment in New Brunswick, New Jersey and join the CIA. Although Carstairs gives Mrs. Pollifax only 30 minutes to get ready, the plucky widow is ready for another adventure. Closing credits epilogue: Research for this film was done from a documentary picture-"The Three Faces of Communism" which was filmed in present day occupied Albania. Kadi Hopkirk says the men in the van have been following her ever since she met Sammy, a childhood friend from the African country of Ubangiba. Your AMC Ticket Confirmation# can be found in your order confirmation email. The climax occurs at an ancient desert fort after a whirlwind of brisk action and seductive scenery. The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax (1999), a CBS television movie adaptation of the eponymous book, stars Angela Lansbury in the title role, Thomas Ian Griffith as Farrell, and Ed Bishop as Carstairs.[11]. This time Mrs. Pollifax's assignment seems simple: while she and her husband Cyrus Reed are vacationing in Thailand, she is to pick up some valuable information on drug smuggling from an informant called Ruamsak. After the immense success of the first few books of the series, it was adapted into a Hollywood comedy film titled Mrs. Pollifax-Spy in the year 1971. She tries unsuccessfully to detect her future partner and is very surprised when the agent's identity is revealed. All rights reserved. Mrs. Pollifax adroitly solves several mysteries, including a stabbing at the carnival, Kadi and Sammy's story and the abduction of a wealthy executive.

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