html.className = html.className.replace(/(\s+)?range_\d/g, ''); Discuss it here. There is a ‘Beginners Q&A Forum’ where you can post your questions and have an experienced guitarist or teacher get back to you with proper answers. I am a member of quite a few of them which I feel are my kind of platforms but then again each musician has his or her own preference so I have decided to include all the good ones I know of. The Acoustic Guitar Forum is the world's largest and most active acoustic guitar community bringing communication, real time discussion, and relevant information to acoustic guitar enthusiasts, artists, guitar builders, manufacturers, and retailers. If you have audio or video demo's and reviews, this will be the place to post them. Members: 71,271, If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the. // Optional callback... myCallback(i, width) I like how the neck is a bit thicker than on my standard and the best part is how you can feel the bare wood on the back of the neck. If you don't like older and or collectible instruments, please refrain from posting your disdain! Issues/questions regarding the forum or sections within. 1 Topics 41 Posts Last post Re: Why this new Collings for… by Frank Sanns Tue Jun 30, 2020 2:30 am Announcements and Administration. Got a problem with your gear? Moderators: Derek, parametric, Buzzard, Saul. This forum is dedicated to learning and teaching how to play lead guitar, as well as just jamming for fun. SPAM AND SELF-ADVERTISING ARE NOT ALLOWED. NO ads for weapons, drugs, or alcohol. Threads: 50,601, Digital modeling ads ONLY! '1520 to 1610', Look below where it says "Subforums" and click on the arrow to select which demos you would like to check out or add to. // Alias HTML tag. It came from Heritage with a floating pup. They have taken a step ahead and designed a forum that not only has interesting content but is also visually pleasing. With changes in the music industry, promoting as an indie artist has become even more important. New (2019) Fender Tonemaster Deluxe and Tonemaster Twin, JAM Pedals Harmonious Monk - Harmonic Tremolo, Amps/Cabs Tech Corner: Amplifier, Cab & Speakers, Need Help repairing a Fender Champion 600, Comparing the Marshall Style 50W Output from Heyboer, Mercury & ClassicTone, Amps & Cabinets Demo Videos and Soundclips, Pedals and Effects Demo Videos and Soundclips, Digital & Modeling Gear Demo Videos and Soundclips, Pickups, Speakers, etc. // Find all instances of range_NUMBER and kill 'em. The Gear Page takes no responsibility for transactions. //--> The Gear Page takes no responsibility for transactions. Topics Posts Last post; Feed - Why this new Collings forum exists Why this new Collings forum exists. Discussion of acoustic and electric percussion instruments, Topic area for discussion of rack effects and the different rack setups of musicians. It is incorrect as it was written that's for sure. Thanks for visiting. Recording, pro audio & Rack Gear items ONLY! Believe it or not, people here talk about fascinating topics that could range from ghosts to birthdays! Not just electric instruments, we allow discussion of older acoustic guitars, mandolins and other stringed instruments. I have always wanted an old-looking Lake placid blue Stratocaster and when they released this it was the perfect chance. Why this new Collings forum exists. Search; Acoustic Guitar Forum. THIS MEANS NO ADVERTISING YOUR NEW SUB, LINKS TO SOCIAL MEDIA, BLOGS, OR OTHER PERSONAL SITES, AND NO "HEY, CHECK OUT MY NEW ALBUM" POSTS. The Gear Page is the leading online community and marketplace for guitars, amps, pedals, effects and associated gear. If you have videos of yourself, your band or gear related, please post them here. New member, old Yamaha player, new guitar order, your advice, CITES Exempts Musical Instruments From Rosewood Restrictions, New Nylon String Acoustic-Electric Guitars From Yamaha - NAMM 2020. But if you are anything like me who still believes in the classic style of posting and conversing with others with similar interests then you have come to the right place. Forum. function myCallback(i, width) { Alongside acoustic guitars, you will also be able to read and find out more about electric guitars, bass guitars, and music in general. No matter what your style of playing maybe, joining any of the above forums will help you improve your skills and also help you get in touch with new people of similar hobbies. Become A YM VIP, Remove Adverts and Download Files, Re: A quick Word About Advertising and Links On The Forum, Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Serial Numbers and how to decipher them, Yamaha C40 - fretboard turning grey after few months of usage. BUT - you would certainly get some benefit out of chucking together bits of chordal voice leading as II-V's for example. This area is dedicated to discussion by fans of "vintage" instruments. There are expert reviews, user reviews, news, and of course forums among many other interesting articles. Just click on the ‘Open Discussion’ thread and find out for yourself. There are several sub-forums to write or read staff and member reviews of music gear. It is usually done by accident but it is also a legitimate marketing tactic unscrupulous advertisers use to circumvent our no advertising rules. My question was actually aimed at the OP but thank you for the elaboration. This emporium is for ads for parts like speakers, tubes, bridges, necks, etc. // Edit to suit your needs. To member’s delight, there is also a recording/live sound discussion thread in which members can share their opinions and questions regarding the respective topic and also check out relatable videos. Musicians without day jobs, how do you make it work? Failing to follow these guidelines will result in a post removal. General discussion about anything related to music. Looking for advice on Gibson J45s: which years to seek out? I like that it's very lightly relic'd, I don't like those overdone relic jobs that look like the guitar has been dragged behind a truck. Use appropriate judgment when buying or selling. For discussion of all pianos, synths, organs, etc. When comping, you may add any number of substitutions to... Wow! If you are interested in writing your own songs then you will be glad to know that this forum also has a section where you can get tips on how to write original songs and play them on your guitar accordingly. With all information available on the internet these days forums are not that often visited anymore and thanks to multiple other sites where one may get hundreds of videos related to almost everything, it only seems natural for people to lean towards video-based platforms. Examples of instruments for this area include things like drums, keyboards, mandolins, horns, etc. So for example, I don't take on repair work. This houses several subforums with demos. Acoustic Guitar Forum. Please report any comments or posts violating these rules. The Gear Page takes no responsibility for transactions. WE DO NOT REVISIT BANS. If you have negative karma, go to another sub and say something witty until you're out of the red. Gibson and Epiphone. All others will be deleted without notice. I could really use some pointers on how to improvise over it. Welcome to r/guitar, a community devoted to the exchange of guitar related information and entertainment. Any fans of Bill Harris from The Clovers? Anything not dealing with guitar or music. The forums within this group are for placing either videos or soundclips to demonstrate gear. If you want to learn how to write your own songs then that is also possible here. ] Tuning stability is great and the weight of the guitar is amazing, it's only 3kg. A topic area to discuss home audio/stereo gear, recordings, headphones and anything else you use to listen to other peoples' music. If your gear was stolen or lost, post identifying info here. Acoustic guitars and other acoustic instruments. Violations will lead to post removal and warning and will escalate to a ban (temporary or permanent) if repeated. Demo Videos & Soundclips. However, the Acoustic Guitar Community is one such forum that will attract you from the get-go. This emporium can be used for non-music gear, including such items as computers, bicycles, concert tickets, used CDs or almost anything else that is legal to send across state or international borders. // Called by Adapt.js jQuery(function(){ Feeling cramped: need table for home studio. The best place to start if you're new is right below in our "Rules" section. There are lots of interesting topics and fun facts such as ‘10 Greatest Guitarists of All Time’ and tips on how to improve your guitar skills. Posts: 769,077, GbL Marketplace. var sidebar_width = parseInt('300px'); Click on the link below that says "Sub-Forums" to choose the reviews. / AMITYVILLE, NY Liam's Landing (Giacomo Jacks). }); [Practical Standards] If you would like to be considered for our whitelist, message the mods! A place to workshop songs and discuss songwriting. Discussions are not only limited to acoustic guitars, if you are interested in electric or bass guitars then there are countless threads on them. Last visit was: Sat Oct 17, 2020 5:21 am. Is there an easy way to remove pick guard from FS5? Every member posting must abide by this rule. The Gear Page takes no responsibility for transactions. If you are new to Guitar Noise, you can first check out the ‘Meet and Greet’ section to introduce yourself and get to know other new members. The Gear Page is the leading online community and marketplace for guitars, amps, pedals, effects and associated gear. Collings guitar forum index. Many people find forums boring mainly due to the plain old format that can also be quite confusing for beginners who have little idea about forums in general. Remember that everyone is a beginner at some point. You can link to your youtube channel, but do NOT have channel plugs/ads in your video, subscription requests, or links to any of the aforementioned. We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding such comments/posts.

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