In 1948, Shirley Jackson’s short story The Lottery shocked audiences by unveiling a deadly community secret. “Suburban Gothic” is a term which is admittedly used very loosely, often referring to genres as diverse as horror, mystery, dark romance, comedy, tragedy, satire, fantasy, noir and even science fiction.

Quote. In 2011, Ben Wheatley accomplished a similar kind of unease in his horror film Kill List, which warned of a dark ritual disguised beneath the near-impenetrable veneer of the quiet English neighbourhood.  •   Blue Velvet represents a descent both into the dark, beating heart of a community and into the unseen, perhaps supernatural, reaches of the human soul. Excision is a bizarre mix of terror and humour, and without a doubt one of the most twisted and unique looks as the neighbourhood any film has dared to offer. On the surface it seems like an archetypal teen drama: it’s the sad story of an outcast teenager who’s introverted, naïve, over-protected, bullied, misunderstood and refrained from reaching her full potential. Events brought on by Frank manipulating Donnie into committing various crimes turn the small town of Middlesex, Virginia upside down.

For a long time, David Lynch’s prequel to his seminal television series Twin Peaks was one of the most despised movies ever made. Movies and TV Top 10 Dark Themed Teen Movies Movies and TV Top 10 Adapted Films That Flopped Badly Movies and TV Top 10 Behind-The-Scenes Stories of Simpsons Guest Stars Movies and TV Top 10 Movies That Changed Film-Making Forever Movies and TV Top 10 North Korean Propaganda Films Movies and TV Top 10 Highest Paid Spec Scriptwriters Movies and TV Meanwhile Edward’s shadowy mansion, blanketed in snow, becomes a place of innocence and security. An unrecognizable 16-year-old Elisabeth Moss played the burn victim Polly.[8]. What at first seems like a harmless high school comedy quickly morphs into a violent rendition of Bonnie and Clyde.

The “Suburban Gothic” focuses on that darker side of the neighbourhood. The animal or the man, who are we really?

55 Goth movies.

Few living directors understand the gothic genre quite as well as Tim Burton. High Inspiration: Kelly found his inspiration for the future blobs in a surprising way: watching John Madden’s chalk talk on Monday Night Football.[7]. Jeffrey and Sandy team up to solve the mystery behind the ear. Deborah Kerr, Megs Jenkins, Martin Stephens, Based-on-19th-Century-Literature  •  British New Wave  •  Ghost Film, Robert Wiene

He then tears that veneer away and shows us how suburban life will corrupt the mind, the body and the soul. This movie isnt gunna win any awards but was very enjoyable to watch despite the amateur *ish* feel to it. The settings too are familiar: there’s the quiet suburban streets of virginal white and the sickly-coloured schoolrooms. The film opens in a brightly-coloured yard, seemingly representing the Garden of Eden, where we see three brightly-dressed girls – all with the same name – playing croquet while “Que Sera, Sera” plays dreamily in the background. Contrary to what we’d like to believe, gothic fiction doesn’t require a haunted Victorian mansion or an old, dark crypt. [3], Important early works identified with the subgenre include Richard Matheson's I Am Legend (1954) and Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House (1959). It’s frightening to consider that evil isn’t imposed; it’s inherited. Then, a minute later, there’s a girl talking to ghosts as the television flickers ominously. It sways uncertainly, though graphically, between the supernatural horrors of demons and the real horrors of family abuse. Mike Myers (Nick Castle), an escaped mental patient, returns to the town where 15 years earlier he killed his sister, to stalk a new group of teenagers. But what if there was more to that than meets the eye? Mike Myers (Nick Castle), an escaped mental patient, returns to the town where 15 years earlier he killed his sister, to stalk a new group of teenagers. It’ll likely leave you wondering, but then again, the film’s is much less about solutions than it is about appearances: a calm neighbourhood, a mild-mannered man and the festering nightmare glimpsed beneath.  •    •   Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Victor Buono, Tod Browning Cronenberg presents two sides to the hero: a life of violence and crime which he was born into and the calm suburban life which he’s adopted. It’s essentially a group of intermingling tales, following several people in their pursuit for happiness, often through dark and perverted means. Starring: A man with scissors for hands (Johnny Depp), living in complete isolation, is adopted by a family and taken into their community. Todd Solondz’s entire career as a writer-director could be labelled “suburban gothic”; his films are characterised by grim, darkly-funny jabs at the seedy underbelly of the middle-class neighbourhood. The man, Edward (Johnny Depp), now resides alone in a mansion belonging to the late scientist until one day when he is visited by Peg (Diane West), a friendly, local Avon lady. When a young man (Kyle MacLachlan) discovers a severed ear in a field, his private investigation sends him into the dark, perverted underground of his small town. Resembling a kind of suburban fantasy, Edward Scissorhands is a film which is at once timeless and contemporary. Ask. A man’s shadow follows him wherever he goes.

Carrie’s inevitable outburst is a tour de force of blood and flames, and is amongst the most iconic climaxes in cinematic history. It’s a tale of an individual who did not cohere to the strict rules of the middle class neighbourhood; he’s treated first as an oddity and then as a monster to hunt out and destroy. Brian de Palma’s adaption of the Stephen King novel was the first of over a hundred appropriations of the author’s works and, without a doubt, remains one of the finest. Wordless, naked bodies wander a white and blue room of peculiar cleanliness and fulfil desires of the most depraved order. His new life becomes even more complicated when he falls in love with Peg’s daughter, Kim (Winona Ryder), and an accident with his hands leads him to be perceived as a threat. Pierre Brasseur, Alida Valli, Edith Scob, Body Horror  •  Drama  •  Foreign Language Film, Robert Aldrich

Cronenberg presents two sides to the hero: a life of violence and crime which he was born into and the calm suburban life which he’s adopted. Suburban Gothic is a subgenre of Gothic fiction, film and television, focused on anxieties associated with the creation of suburban communities, particularly in the United States, from the 1950s and 1960s onwards.It often, but not exclusively, relies on the supernatural or elements of science fiction that have been in wider Gothic literature, but manifested in a suburban setting. While the humour is pitch-black, it doesn’t exploit its controversial themes.  •   The suburbia, painted in rusty browns and sickly greens, is place of contained wrath, guilt, desperation and class-consciousness. Max Schreck, Gustav von Wangenheim, Greta Schröder, Costume Horror  •  Foreign Language Film  •  Gothic Film, Jack Clayton A man with scissors for hands (Johnny Depp), living in complete isolation, is adopted by a family and taken into their community. Happiness is most likely his best film; a highly-controversial, downright disturbing satire of suburban life which is as dark as comedy comes.

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