MonsterInsights is a popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. I suggest you give it a spin. The good news is that if your website is on, you can use a plugin to install Google Analytics analytics and inset the tracking code snippets to your site for you. Frank van der Sluijs. Tweak: Javascript conflicts with other plugins aren’t fun, so we’ve spent a ton of time testing with hundreds of plugins for this release, and changing our internal code to make it harder for plugin authors not following WordPress best practices to conflict with our code. Want to unlock more features? However, you should know the WP Google Analytics Events plugin isn’t as robust as the others on this list and only tracks events. Skip Shean. Terms & Conditions Thanks to user. New Feature: Email stats per page, works with email add-on. So, It should be AvgTimeOnPage. After that you can connect Analytify plugin and Google Analytics together. Fixed: An issue with the lazyloading of the Google Client for frontend use has been fixed. We currently use MonsterInsights on all our portfolio companies which include both media sites generating tens of millions of pageviews and eCommerce sites generating millions in sales. Fixed: Path for fontawesome font files was incorrect. New: We’ve added a new integration with PrettyLinks, allowing you to easily combine the power of our UTM builder in our Tools section with the pretty urls provided by PrettyLinks. Bug Fix: Incorrect Google Analytics Returning visitors. Tweak: WP-Admin Login page tracking has been removed. Blog Tweak: You can now toggle the dashboard widget on/off directly from the dashboard widget (can also still be done in the Screen Options). Fixed: The readme suggested a filter to use for filtering the UA to use, but the filter name was typo’d. New Feature : Page exit and Entrance stats, New Feature : Force Analytics Traffic Over SSL, New Feature : Demographic & Interest Tracking, New Feature : Diagnostic Info and Error log, New Feature : Shows Comparison up or down Stats. New: We added a Quick Links menu so you can suggest features and find help easier. New Feature: Add user optin shortcode for GDPR Compatibility. Over 1 million websites use it including the likes of Bloomberg, PlayStation, Zillow, and more. Tweak: We’ve refined the installation and setup process for MonsterInsights users who use MonsterInsights as a network activated plugin. Tweak: Better handling of link tracking for links embedded as anchor tags inside of an SVG image. Steven Gliebe. Tweak: Compatibility for the WP Media Folder plugin, TagDiv Composer plugin, Ali Dropship plugin, Affiliate Boxes plugin, Impreza theme, GT3 Photo & Video Gallery plugin, WP Booklist plugin, Houzez theme, Prowess theme, and Add Social Share plugin. Follow buttons – Expand your social following across 20+ social channels including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Pinterest. Get install access to discount coupon if you share usage data with us. Fixed: Sometimes error strings might be over-escaped. So to collect all this great Google Analytics data, you’ll have to add Google Analytics tracking code snippets to your site. Tweak: The link to support for Lite now goes directly to the Lite support form. Offers universal event tracking to collect data from any device. As we alluded to earlier, each of these has a different focus (performance, eCommerce, etc) and you’ll want to keep that in mind as you decide a plugin to move forward with. Cost: Free. This plugin enables Google Analytics for your entire WordPress site. Fixed: We improved the loading state for the dashboard widget in the full-width mode. Tweak: We’ve gone through the whole settings area and rewrote the labels for each setting to make them more clear as to what they do. Over this and the next several major releases, we’re going to be focusing on polishing MonsterInsights and it’s addons. For more details, see: GDPR and MonsterInsights – Everything You Need to Know. New: Campaign URL building tool with shortlink capability. MonsterInsights load Google Analytics code in WordPress header because it makes sure that you have the most accurate tracking. You can download it directly from the plugin directory. This wildly popular plugin lets you set up Google Analytics to track your site traffic easily. This plugin offers different addons to enhance its functionality. Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS. MonsterInsights is available as both, a paid … The free version of MonsterInsights is available on the Plugin repository ,, Might be good to add a disclaimer explaining that WP Forms, MonsterInsights, and Exact Metrics are all owned by the same entity. Tweak: Frontend JS file has been refactored to make it more unit testable. Other than that, no page will save anything to the database. Would you like to support the advancement of this plugin? Tweaked: Fix a conflict with a date.js file loaded by another plugin. Tweak: Admin bar reports were no longer in the frontend. Also some new hooks and tabs in preparation for the many addons we’ll be releasing over the next few months. To get everything you need out of events you may need to upgrade to the pro version which can be somewhat of a challenge on a tight budget.

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