Get your own Search, Display, Retargeting and Shopping Ads campaigns effortlessly. Like bounce rate, this can indicate which marketing channels are getting you the highest-quality users and which pages on your site make them stick around. Make sure you have implemented the necessary events to track the actual duration of the session, before you begin to consider engagement metrics. In fact, we can say that the more pageviews, the more interesting your content is for the visitor. Go to Audience > Behavior > New vs Returning to know what percentage of your users are coming back to your site. But the tracking code doesn’t have access to people’s personal information? Go to Acquisition > Overview to get a quick breakdown of your traffic sources. If you are a digital marketer this is your must-have report. We’ve officially served over 154,000 customers w, Thank you for all the follows! My good friend, Matt Wagner (@M_Wagner), that computer friend I always call when I’m in trouble, was helping me launch my first website. For instance, if you are focused on your social media strategy you will find useful information on the Social tab (Acquisition > Social). [accent on the ‘what!’]” like we did above to filter out “non-branded keyword traffic.”. Depending on your marketing strategy, some tabs may be of more interest than others. Then hit “apply” and voila! View your Site Summary. This is probably the most important report for any business manager, but it may be also one of the most complex. Google Analytics works through the Google Analytics Tracking Code (GATC). At least now it’s an ordered overwhelming (I tried to say “overwhelment” and Spellcheck slapped my hand, lol. Because there is no second time-stamp, a bounce is assigned a session duration of 0 minutes and 0 seconds. Implement events to track actual session length and avoid fake bounces before you begin to consider engagement metrics. A few weeks ago, a […]. By Joe Cunningham, Internet Marketing Manager. This adjusts the time spent on the page and avoids bouncing. How is it possible to get that data? (Okay, that was a geeky comment if I ever wrote one, but you get the gist.). Events implemented on a page also generate a timestamp. Seasonal Marketing: How to Make the Most of It. To put the cherry on top of this post, here’s a brief list of 10 Google Analytics tips for dummies that you may find useful: No page load, no data. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Quite simply, it isn’t possible. There is also crucial technical insight, such as how to improve your website’s speed and whether you need a more mobile-friendly site. You can focus on specific dates and times to interpret individual spike or falls. And you can make your own. Not measuring your website stats is the equivalent of making decisions blindly—you won’t know what you need to improve on your site and in your marketing efforts or what’s working well. has become a reality so make sure your site is properly adapted. ), Basically, the way to use your GA intel is by combining stats to form metrics. Welcome to Google Analytics for Dummies – the clear and simple Google Analytics guide from your good friends at anova. You need to read my SEO blog posts if you have to ask that (What & Why & How SEO). You can summarize your website’s overall performance quickly — if you know what to look for. Edit them to reflect your needs (you need to be logged into your Google account when you click them for the links to work): And there are many more out there. The best thing is once you have a nice one you like that tells you what you want to know, edit the time frame you want to look at (top right corner) - you can even compare to a previous period to see improvement; then, click the “Email” button at the top and schedule the report to be emailed to you on a regular basis (weekly is enough for most, I look at mine every day). Therefore, on a healthy website the number of sessions should be greater than the number of users. And don’t stop trying ‘til you get somewhere. The web is the new boulevard. View your Site Referrer report. How does it calculate how much time users spend on your website? to get a quick breakdown of your traffic sources. This prevents new sessions data from being matched to previous sessions data. This is ideal for discovering what visitors are looking for on your website. If you are somewhere out there, read this post again; then try out some of the tips. Just take a deep breath and relax: the intuitive filter system means that plucking out only the data that’s relevant to you becomes child’s play.

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