Free and easy-to-use solutions for businesses of every size. Unlock insights from your data with engaging, customizable reports. For the first time ever, this integration seamlessly connects marketing channel, web and advertising data, and analytics across Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics 360, part of Set your UTM tagging structure (one time only). at Google and with our partners to give you a clear idea of how successful teams are transforming their understanding of the customer journey using Analytics 360, part of Google Marketing Platform. Supported browsers. Support is available only to Sales Partners and to customers that purchase Google Marketing Platform advertising or Analytics 360 products directly from Google. The answer seems simple: integration. Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications. Learn how Analytics 360 can help you combine insights from all your channels to see the full picture. See and analyse your Search Ads 360 data in Analytics 360. For instance, you can create audience lists in Analytics 360 made up of qualified leads from Sales Cloud. You don’t need IT to pull and splice reports to get a picture of how your customers are engaging on each channel. They want to do business with a brand that understands and values them by personalizing each interaction. And since a unified data view doesn’t happen by chance, she plans to get to know each tool (and its data) a little better. Get fast answers to questions about your analytics data, uncover insights about how your business is performing and tap into sophisticated modelling capabilities. Content Performance coordinate the journey for customers, incorporating insight from interactions they take as they move from channel to channel to ensure consistency, as well as personalization. You can also create an audience list to re-engage users who drop out of the funnels. Isabelle adds these tiles to her dashboard. Your job is tough enough already, so we’re simplifying how you work with these two mission-critical systems while helping you build a better view of your customer, get data-driven insights, and create more meaningful moments on your way to building customer relationships. Account Send Summary: An overall view of your account’s send and response data. Create an audience of users in Analytics, and then send surveys to them in Surveys 360. So you’re not IT-savvy—that’s OK. And it’s why we’ve partnered together to unlock cross-channel insights for marketers to build meaningful and connected experiences with their consumers. Understand your customers so you can deliver better experiences. Anyone on the team can ask questions about business metrics directly in-product, freeing analysts to spend their time on deeper research and discovery. Google BigQuery Export (Analytics 360 Only) Get access to raw data that refreshes every 10 minutes. Associate your Analytics account with a site in your Search Console account to see Search Console data in your Analytics reports. Get real feedback to drive smarter decisions. view of your consumer. Manage all your tags in one place for a smarter, simpler way to oversee your marketing. For the savvy marketer, this challenge is also an opportunity — a unique chance to uncover insights that help deliver more tailored, relevant messaging that meets your customer in just the right moment. Isabelle also refers to the Google Analytics 360 dashboard to view information on how her journeys are performing. Warren Mehta, an IT systems specialist at NTO, already configured the Google Analytics 360 integration with Marketing Cloud. Marketers can do it themselves in three simple steps. To learn about new capabilities that bring app and web analytics together, visit Analytics Help. For the first time, create audiences in Analytics 360 based off of users’ rich web and app browsing behavior, then share and activate them directly through additional Marketing Cloud channels like email, SMS, or push notifications. At the same time, 51 percent of consumers say brands are falling short in delivering that kind of customer experience. It lets you link your online and offline information to develop a fuller understanding of user behavior. Understand what’s happening on your site in the moment with, See how visitors move through your websites with. Get real-time data and unified insights for your search campaigns. These parameters are added to links used in your journeys and websites to help track contact behavior and bring analytics information into your Google Analytics 360 dashboard. Why? The connection between Analytics 360 and Salesforce Sales Cloud gives you even more audience attributes to work with, helping you improve the specificity of your audiences. Let’s start with Analytics Builder. Marketing Cloud engagement data is available in Analytics 360 to help you understand your marketing effectiveness. Create audiences for your mobile app users with, See your ads and website performance data together in the. Analytics Builder offers two Journey builder reports: a summary of Journey Builder sends, as well as a day-by-day breakdown of send information. Is your marketing content driving revenue or new acquisitions? For the savvy marketer, this challenge is also an opportunity — a unique chance to uncover insights that help deliver more tailored, relevant messaging that meets your customer in just the right moment. We chose the examples in this module to represent several key marketing activities that are found in Marketing Cloud. If you’re not an admin, that’s OK. Read along to learn how your admin would take the steps in a production org. Manage all your tags without editing code. After all, her department handles a wide range of digital data points, like: Isabelle knows she needs to bring all of this information together to better understand NTO’s marketing program. With a few clicks, view your Analytics 360 reports (Site Usage, Ecommerce, and Goals) in one Marketing Cloud dashboard. That means everyone can collaborate: marketers can serve the right ads, website developers can improve designs, and your whole team can make smarter decisions. Configure your Google Analytics 360 Integration Dashboard. We recognize that at Salesforce. Augment the audiences you create in Analytics 360 with Marketing Cloud engagement data, collected through the UTM parameters appended to your email links, to enhance your web optimization tests and personalize the site experience based on a wider, cross-channel Create custom site experiences using the audiences you’ve already created in Analytics. In this module, we assume you are an admin with the proper permissions to create and review reports in the tools we mention. Analytics supports Javascript libraries, mobile app. To that effect, 67 percent say they will pay more for a better experience with a brand. Read about new integrations between G Suite and Salesforce and a new partnership between Google Cloud and Salesforce here. Isabelle Givens is the digital marketing manager at Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO), and—as you might imagine—she’s in charge of bringing together lots of marketing information from many different sources. This module was produced in collaboration with Google, which owns, supports, and maintains the Google products, services, and features described here. Analytics will automatically surface insights from your data on key changes, new trends and other opportunities you should be aware of. © 2020, inc. All rights reserved. Analytics service status. Learn how Analytics 360 can help you combine insights from all your channels to see the full picture.

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