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The present castle was built in the 1780’s. [6][7], In 1923 a mob of Sinn Féin members attacked the castle. So in summary, don't go and don't tell your friends, but this castle was built to entertain and loves the sound of laughter, - you'll never stay anywhere better!! The original ruined Glin Castle besieged in 1601 lies in the village of Glin. A former rectory in County Kildare once owned by John Hurt. We had some wonderful summer fun at Glin this year. We felt like we were in our own home (albeit with antiques) and would have been uncomfortable having a 24-hour staff of maids or having to worry about which fork to use. I think there were 15 bedrooms, which some can be divided into twin beds. His daughter, Catherine, the current chatelaine of Glin Castle, describes him as ‘an enthusiast, an encourager and an aesthete’. Is this a place or activity you would suggest for, Is this a place or activity you would go to on a, Is this a romantic place or activity that you would suggest for, Are the prices for this place or activity, Is this a must-do if you are traveling with a, What a magical place. In the meantime if you are looking for individual rooms in an Irish castle, please click the Back button to check our full list of castles for a suitable alternative. This is the Best walking tour in Ireland! Glin Castle, one of Ireland’s most historic properties, has been in the FitzGerald family, hereditary Knights of Glin, for over 700 years. Fresh cut flower arrangements decorated the rooms from their garden. Beautiful and romantic house and garden with a fascinating history- lived in by the same family for 900 years. Everything in the old estate was immaculately clean and the beds were luxurious. We'd wander the grounds and rooms, take hikes in the countryside, walk to the neighboring town of Glin, and sit outside overlooking the Shannon River after dinner to watch the sunset. Coronavirus - Ireland Tours - Book with Peace of Mind find out more. Later Neo-classical elements were added to the building. A former rectory in County Kildare once owned by John Hurt. Our family was the only group staying at the Castle and that's what was perfect for us. There is no lift at Glin Castle. The library bookcase even has a secret door leading to the hall and a very rare flying staircase. Each room had its own shower (and tub). [1][2] He built Glin Castle within the village of Glin, which became the permanent seat of the Knight of Glin. The castle with its superb interiors, decorative plasterwork, and collections of Irish furniture and paintings, stands on the bank of the River Shannon surrounded by formal gardens and parkland and in the middle of 500 acres of wood and dairy farm. I could go on, but thank you all so much. Glin Village, which boasts the most traditional pub in Ireland, is at the front gate. Family portraits and Irish paintings are everywhere along the walls. Meals prepared by Chef John were delicious and included beef bourguignon, seafood arrabbiata, irish lamb stew, freshly baked brown bread and scones, smoked trout, and apple tart. Everyday, we'd hang-out in the main drawing room, make our own drinks, listen to our Spotify, relax in front of the fire, read and play chess.

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