They can reach past the corner of there mouth when bent. This is the reason why you should always house them in a large enclosure, rather then in a smaller one. Kevin, you retard.. everyone knows you are a 13 year old kid. Its coloration and broad head, which mimics a fallen leaf, camouflages it among leaf litter on the forest floor. There is a pic on this site of a nasicornis/gabonica hybrid. Captive Care of the Russell's Viper. They also help in keeping the humidity at the right level and produce oxygen. Also the stools are runny and may contain mucus. All this time the male remains in the same position. Scientific Name: Bitis gabonica Common Names: Gaboon Viper, Forest Puff Adder, Whisper, Swampjack, Gaboon Adder, Gabon Viper. If you keep the male and female separated for a couple of months and put them together at the right time and spray some water to get them in the mood,(mimicing the rain season) they will breed, it's as simple as that. My Subscriptions Just like to say that I am most familiar with the Gaboons in KwaZuluNatal. Even the slightest shadow of a doubt would make me change the way I handle them. Subscribe! They remain motionless while doing this, making no effort of trying to escape. These animals will weigh about 8 to 10 kg and have a head-size of approximately 125 mm ( 5 inches ) and matching fangs of 55 mm. I usually fed them freshly killed rats that were still "kicking." Common causes of death I mean? Markley H.Robert :The Giant Vipers of Africa ( every 2-3 days). Despite these statistics, the Gaboon Viper is noted for its docile nature and this may account for the very few reported bites in the literature. ( 70% on average) I was told that a Gaboon Viper can get almost it's entire length off the ground. And when they do, they do it with great force! Hey, DexterB, I was interested to know where you stood on purposeful hybridization of nasicornis, gabonica and arietens?? Gaboons tend by nature not to move too much and are kinda slow. Okay. Remember that Gaboons tend to get big nests, often of forty-plus young ones. This will be an easier job to perform in a large enclosure so that's another advantage you get. So I decided to sit it out for once and find out what actually happens during that time. There has even been a report of a Gaboon viper that attacked and ate an antilope! If others read his post, he is really just a kid. Now if you had a dieing rodent head first in you mouth for 2 min.! The rats are forced to move into a corner of the enclosure and end up being trapped between the male on one side and the female on the other side. W.A.Gaboons at the moment and lost a few in the past, because they were wc.imports and I couldn't keep up with what ever disease they brought with them. I noticed from your article that's unusual. As soon as a prospective prey animal passes by and comes within striking range, it is attacked with a speed and fierceness that one would not expect from an animal, which on the outside looks a bit sluggish.

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