While we were using a 4-4-2 system we were deep and narrow and never really forced the issue, rather we would make the opposition try to break us down. Skriniar brings 18 natural fitness, 18 determination, and 17 concentration to the team, along with a stellar pair of 17 tackling and 17 marking. Below I have captured some examples highlighting how the Complete Wing-Back operates in the attacking third. The players all seem to play as a unit. Enjoy. He also picked up an Olympic gold medal for Brazil in 2016. Well done. I’ve always regrouped as I found this allowed us to get into our defensive shape a lot better and made us harder to breakdown. As a default instruction, I ask my goalkeeper to distribute to the central defenders or full-backs in transition as it gives us more options if the opposition is pressing in numbers. Copyright © 2004-2019 fmscout.com. We want to hound and harass the opposition when we lose the ball, and we want to be a pain in the ass for teams to break down when they have it. You refer to a Mourinho Tactic used with Barcelona. Recommended types of forward movement partnership: For attacking football and short plays – use more high/medium risk overlapping partnerships* (but only use a medium risk overlapping partnership on one flank, if at all). The principals are the same though, always having a wide player stretching play, ready to receive a pass in a favourable 1v1 situation. The Ball Playing Defender releases the pass at the right moment and if it wasn’t for the foul we would be on our way to another counter-attack, which happens time and again with this system, given the patient build-up followed by more progressive passes by him and the Deep Lying Playmaker. 13 determination, 13 anticipation and 13 tackling are very strong stats for a player of Badal’s status, with the 18-year-olds current ability just 60. Very interessing tactic. Thank you. This is just a taste of how these two players link up with the forwards. Adopting the 4-3-3 system as used by Pep Guardiola at Manchester City, means that our defensive midfielder will likely find it easier to find space in between the striker. Possibly. I have fm29 touch version, i can’t upload the complète tactic, is it possible to share team instructions please ( possession, transition, out of possession ) I need him to shift across the width of the penalty area to prevent the opposition from finding pockets of space. Another good post on this subject is this one from Passion4FM: Playing Out From the Back in Football Manager. Best Attributes: 18 positioning, 18 composure, 17 decisions. Without that instruction, the switch of play from the overloading section of the field into the isolated side would be far less effective. When our Half Back is in possession you should expect to see the Wing Back’s overlap the Inside Forward’s to take up positions in wide areas in the attacking third of the pitch. Great detail and work looking to start a new save many thanks. If you want your central midfielders further up the pitch, however, then you might want to remove this instruction and distribute to the central defenders. If you use these, and I recommend you do, then you’ll also need to apply them every time the opposition makes a substitution as these instructions only apply to the starting XI and not any players who are subbed onto the pitch. They’ll be the ones who occupy the minds of the opposition full-backs which should, in turn, leave spaces in the channels between the central defenders and full-backs for our wingers to exploit. Switching from the wide positions to positions in the half-spaces or central zones, sometimes in the same match. Thiago Silva made his way to Europe with AC Milan in 2009 and played there three years before making the move to Paris in 2012 for £34 million. What is the effect of different instructions, roles and duties on player mentality? With the list of goalkeeper wonderkids of FM2020 published yesterday, it’s time to take a closer look on the FM20 central defender wonderkids and most promising centrebacks. Tactics > Opposition Instructions > Positions. Football Manager, Sports Interactive and the Sports Interactive logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Sports Interactive Limited. Once saved these will remain here until you change them again. From goal kicks, we have a lot of availability for the pass. Finally, since he is central and at the base, we will use him to switch to the ball to the opposite flank to restart our attacks from the other side, hopefully catching our ball-far winger or full-back in space with a 1v1 or 2v1 situation. As with most 5-3-2 formations through history, the majority of the attacking and defensive width is provided by the wing backs. This player becomes the embodiment of the coach’s game model on the field. He needs to know when to play short simple passes to those around him but also be willing to play defence-splitting key passes to open up the opposition. You can ask your full-backs to sit narrow without the ball (subject to the role assigned), however, you cannot make this situational based on their position on the pitch in relation to the ball. You cannot say to a player to do one thing in scenario A, but if scenario B happens, do this instead. This is what I’ve gone with to start things off. 16 pace, 16 versatility and 16 bravery are very reliable stats, so you will be set for the next decade and more with the defender in your squad. Thank you, i think There are more instructions we can’t see in this image. I don’t think I will be doing any more tactic posts for FM20 now. he key to the positioning of the two number 8’s is that they occupy spaces in the field known as the half-spaces. Below is another example where the winger and full-back dominate the opposition on the flanks. You may not copy and distribute the work in full. Hello Oliver, greeting from Indonesia, this is good article, i’ve had tried this tactic to friendly online draft and i found this tactic had a great progression with and without the ball, as you said this it isn’t world-beater tactic that can beat any tactic, need some adjustment despite opponent tactic, and i found somehow i can’t make progression in final third, maybe plug and play player can make this tactic work better, and i still find the right player on the right place to fit this tactic. My preference is to Distribute To Centre-Backs primarily, ... the overlapping wing-backs causes trouble down the flanks and the wingers will always be in and around the box either shooting or setting up the midfielders. With a Balanced Mentality, while some of the players have an attacking duty, there will still be some element of balancing risk and reward. Full-backs Centre-backs Note that for Attacking and Very Attacking team mentalities, defenders on Cover have a lower mentality than those on Defend/Stopper. The players are nicely spaced out with passing triangles all over the pitch. So we know that we need to have at least one more player in the first third to offer us more passing options than the opposition can cope with. Call the role for the left and right CB's in the Sheffield system "Blades". He also brings 17 anticipation, 17 bravery, and 16 work rate. Did you improve it on the fly or sticked to this first version? on FM20 Tactics: Taking Inspiration from the Pep Guardiola 4-3-3 at Man City. Most of our attacks end up down the flanks as a result. [Sheffield United’s 3–5–2: The Art of the Overlapping Centre-Back] Think the FM 2020 engine will allow this kind of role for CBs? There was quite a bit of heat on twitter when I shared my lineup post squad number day with many believing the number 6 should be in defence and the number 4 in midfield. The centre back already has pedigree, winning both the UEFA Youth League and the U19 Euros with Chelsea and England, respectively. These default instructions do pretty much what I need my defenders to do. The first thing that struck me when reading Mastering the Premier League was that there are a lot of limitations with Football Manager 2020 when it comes to creating certain tactical situations. One to watch and potentially adapt. To emulate Sheffield, you might say that 2 of the 3 CBs have to stay back, but the other can attack. Give the amount of depth Manchester United have in defence, it is unlikely that we will see young centre back Ro-Shaun Williams in the Premier League anytime soon. Below I’ve posted the match stats where we created a lot of quality chances, with 5 clear chances. In Football Manager 2020 van Dijk is a monster. And if you’re going to have any success on Football Manager 2020, you’re going to want to sign yourself a player who develops into the next Van Dijk. It’s a system I’m more familiar with. Our tactical foundation will be centred around a fluid 4-3-3 that dominates possession, but possession with a purpose, to offer both defensive protection, and efficient attacking play. The below highlights their average position with the ball (attacking from left to right), their heat maps and crossing positions for that match. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You might want that, in which case go ahead and use it. This is how I see Fernandinho operate for Manchester City under Pep Guardiola. Another young regular starter is RB Leipzig’s Dayot Upamecano. He needs to be press-resistant and able to pick out a pass to anyone on the pitch. Asking players to curl the ball with the outside of their foot is useful if the players go on the outside of their defender, as they can cross the ball with the outside of their stronger foot, rather than the inside of their weaker foot. The number of outfield players on support determines the team fluidity. Marquinhos has long been a quality option in Football Manager. Overlapping centre-backs could cause a problem for Premier League big boys But I’ve watched a lot of them over the last couple of years and I am confident they will be safe. This is by no means a plug and play tactic, and it isn’t meant as one. We know that under the hood, the Mezzala role is one which is coded to work this way.

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