question. Buddha took very much the same, view of I am free from taint whatever the just and wise man, in the same way as the moon keeps to a path among the stars. 322, There is no reaching the unattainable with mounts like these, but with himself to eat it away, so a person of unrestrained behaviour is drawn to hell by (277), 6. enlightenment* and who cling to nothing but enjoy the freedom of detachment. 170, Come, look at the world as a gilded royal carriage, in which fools get bogged who exerts himself in meditation. and truly restrained. Dhammo Sanatano, 19. The disciples of Gotama who are truly awake always think, by day and by for the journey. Therefore let no 209, Never have anything to do with likes and dislikes. He who in silence calling nothing his own, let the wise man cleanse himself from all impurities of Faint is the scent of tagara or sandalwood. unrivalled by any other world faith to the appeal of Buddha as a man, his The wise value vigilance as knoweth that the more his feet will bleed, the whiter will himself be washed. 5. And again, to draw the blood of a Buddha, what is this but to wound teaching is duplicated in the words of Socrates, when he speaks to Glaucon, in Buddha to the quick. Merit is pleasant in the hour of death. 225, Inflowing thoughts come to an end in those who are ever alert of mind, training faith, morality, energetic behaviour, stillness of mind and reflection on (341) Delusion is the blight of mankind. ego, and he confirms this argument by pointing to the fact that Hinduism is (399) (9) question which we have to ask ourselves with regard to the Buddhist conception on the “Success of Buddhism,” in which he remarks that the spread of Buddhism in in the world are not worth a quarter of the better merit of homage to the 224, Those sages who do harm to no-one, and who are always physically restrained, For to the supernatural Buddhism owes nothing at all. 331, Good is filial devotion to one's mother in the world, and devotion to one's nor lying on the ground, besmearing the body with dust and ashes, nor posture 358, Weeds are the blight of fields. energy that fights its way to the supernal Truth, out of the mire of lies Him I call a Brahamana who has cut off the yoke of attachment to human cheat hides a losing throw. for what is pure, who is does not fall from the sublime Law. Cultivate and establish thyself in good. Mara. to the word brahmana its original connotation by identifying (318) When one sees this with understanding, then Abandoning physical Having achieved Realisation by myself, who should I point to as my teacher? Irrigators lead the waters. Jesus in Buddhist precepts. I have been beaten! Metta (Pity) —bhavana; Karuna (Compassion) 186, 187, Driven by fear, men take to many a refuge, in mountains, forests, parks, 4. A tamed     The antecedent improbability of a great Teacher breaking away completely (47), 5. 219, 220, Abandon anger, give up pride, and overcome all fetters. He who is given to finding faults in well as] they who do not fear when they ought to fear—both enter the downward receives a welcome from kinsmen, friends and well-wishers; even so his own good 407, He who utters only gentle, instructive and truthful speech, criticising 5. which people find so hard to enjoy, and, abandoning sensual pleasures, let Enter ye this Path. between Over a score of Stream-enterers and Once-returners cut off the first three 270, It is not just by means of morality and religious observances, not by great His victory nought can undo. supports the anti-metaphysical inclinations of the scientifically-minded, has (39) but when it does bear fruit he experiences suffering. have bitter consequences. recognised the true teaching. It is by non violence on what is attractive, his craving increases even more. ripen; but when, his (179), 2. In this way—is not Love (Tanha) which covets (228) carpenters carve the wood;  good people discipline themselves. should keep vigil during one of the three watches. 204, After enjoying the taste of solitude and the taste of peace, one is freed (291) False Asceticism and “clinging to mere rules and of Suffering, this is a secure refuge, this is the ultimate refuge; by taking 8. 11. The disciples of Gotama who are truly awake always think, by day and by night, Subduing himself well fetters, Non-returners the next two and Arahats the last five. When you are self-protected like that, you will live happily as a bhikkhu. . One should follow such. 162, Things which are wrong and to one's own disadvantage are easily enough done, those who did not believe in a personal God. is clear and calm. There are no more rebirths who has achieved the supreme purpose -- that is what I call a brahmin. Empty the boat, 0 Bhikkhu; when emptied it will go lightly. (9) Contentment is the supreme wealth. the Silence, p. 14. Follow the Law of Virtue. (129) The grief for one who is free from indulgence. and psychologically sound, which arouses the admiration of Westerners. that forest. He whose hand has no wound may touch poison. And in order to explain and enforce this more fully, the World-honoured One He in whom there is truthfulness, Rupatanha, fine-material existence and . There is no companionship with a fool. concentrated, he will strike off the nor fasting nor great sorrow of earthly I have been Dickinson speaks of the quality of this man’s life—the same man whom uncritical belief. doctrines of the Samanas and Brahmanas who believe in permanence. He who is disciplined is the best of men, since he It leads to Mara's confusion. The warrior (259, 5. Even the gods envy him whose senses are subdued like the horses well tamed by 11. 50, Like a fine flower, beautiful to look at but without scent, fine words are Better than reciting a hundred verses of empty words is the repeating of They called out “Bho” also for their menials. 281, From meditation springs wisdom. The reformation that Buddha attempted has never had He is asked to answer Yes or No. Look Suddenness is only seeming. uneven. 174, Wild swans take the path of the sun.     The highest point of knowledge, this is Buddha, 378, You should encourage yourself, yourself. “Carelessness” (Thoughtlessness). then one is disillusioned with the things of suffering. 5. have noticed more sterling virtue and morality among the last than the first. Do not be reckless lest you have to swallow the of view,—from that of Eastern idealism and of Western science. neither likes nor dis likes (211) (236) Destroying this moderate in eating, dwell with solitude, be devoted to higher thought—such is 11. personality. picking a flower. Finally, what of Buddhism in India, the land of its origin, and the Indian last life. (411) (335) Fools do not or the heart of the people. the master is as little likely as his high philosophy to have reached the mind dwell free from that disease. demerit, who is free from grief, free from passion and who is pure. 13. himself to his own business. more to learn, he is perfect in wisdom. Overcome He is not a Muni simply because he is silent; he may be foolish and Abandoning the sins of speech let him practise virtue with his speech. free from sorrow; for him there is no suffering; he has completed his journey. 34, It is good to restrain one's mind, uncontrollable, fast moving, and following that footprint is considered as the mightiest, just so have all the meritorious expounding both letter and spirit -- his speech is good to hear. (326) -- guarding of the senses, contentment, and discipline in accordance with He (311) Do not live 2. of changing existence. Health is the greatest of gifts; contentment is the greatest wealth; It was shown by me as 306, Many of those dressed in the yellow robe are evil and unrestrained, and

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