Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When Sue becomes pregnant again, they warn Maureen she is about to wind up like them. Despite his tough exterior, Kevin is a very sensitive boy. For Family. F/M (4) Multi (3) Gen (2) F/F (2) Include Fandoms F is for Family (Cartoon) (13) Ranma 1/2 (2) Invader Zim (2) Crash Bandicoot (Video Games) (2) Sonic the Hedgehog - All Media Types (2) Gravity Falls (2) The Amazing World of Gumball (2) Rick and Morty (2) Star vs. It was eventually going to happen, whether Billy liked it or not. this is a sad story. Kevin attempted to save Bill from drowning, though Maureen ended up saving them both with a life preserver. When Kevin was 4, he was told by Frank that his grandfather (Frank's father) lives on a comet, which was just an excuse to avoid having them meet. She mentions that her mother doesn't listen to her. As revealed in "Frank the Father", Kevin hasn't had the best birthdays. In the season 3 episode, Punch Drunk, she and Otto hook up. Sue is Kevin's mother. She believes her marriage problems all began on their honey-moon. The Forces Of Evil (2) The Loud House (Cartoon) (2) Include Characters Relatives Frank mentions in F is for Halloween that his legs came out first during his birth, making him a breech birth baby. She deems Kevin a "pussy" and makes fun of his fear of drowning when he tried to talk to her days later. 5'7” According to Frank, Kevin has poor eyesight and often asks to get glasses. Once Vic calms down the next day, and comes off his cocaine high he has a talk with Kevin, trying his best to explain why what happened wasn't the boy's fault. Information This experience really helped to repair Kevin and Frank's relationship. The second is that Kevin has a severe fear of water (or at least, large bodies of water). According to Frank, he only reads at a third-grade level. Feeling overwhelmed and disrespected, Frank helps him turn the cellar into his own bedroom. The show is ruined though when the band's lead singer is knocked out by a thrown beer bottle to the face and booed offstage in favor of Lifted Riffs. Ginny has known Sue for a long time, and Sue cannot stand her because she talks incessantly about herself. F Is for Family | Pookie Fanfiction Wikia | FANDOM powered ... ... ' She seems to talk just to hear the sound of her own voice. vic checks up on him and they bond and hang out and stuff idk, Quantum Destiny Progressive Saga is a soft reboot of Hurricane Star - Quantum Destiny and is set in a separate continuity taken place on the alternate reality of Blue Earth 2018.23 the events of the Delta Phase Saga still happened but certain events in that story has been retconned, Passion Spice Chaos Syndrome the 3rd non Hurricane Star Fanfic, inspired by two Stories the first one is called The Loud House: Cueva Del Caos by Chilean artist Ferozyraptor and the 2nd is Ranma 1/2 "Passion Spice" lemons including the one called Passion Spice Pandemonia by Rpgingmaster (Link here: http://stfan.free.fr/Series.php) Please Note that most of these Characters are in their mid to late Teens and Early Adults and most of the Character you’ll see all live in a Fictional city called Neon City, CA which is a combination of New York City’s Manhattan and Tokyo, Japan, “You like that don’t you, you little fucking creep?”. Sue and Frank once stayed with their toddler-aged son at a motel. His relationship with his dad became more strained as he got older. He winds up, however, not getting paid, and accidentally throws one of the trees through somebody's windshield, who threatens to sue his dad over it. Kevin points out that while he and Frank argue, he could never hate him like Frank and his father did. Sue's pregnancy with him was unplanned and it wound up forcing Sue and Frank to get married. He goes off to find his father and witnesses him being berated by a customer. Warnings: dubious consent due to Frank being drunk, internalized homophobia. A page for describing YMMV: F is for Family. She goes on to talk about how she tried to change for him, such as cutting her hair short and wearing aftershave. Performing with his band, and feeling guilty, Kevin being calmed down during a panic attack. Like most brothers, they tend to get on each other's nerves, with Kevin occasionally teasing him. She is voiced by Mo Collins. Work Search: He seems to see this as an inconvenient obligation. Can't you see that I'm having adult feelings? For the first five years of his life, Kevin thought his name was "The Accident", which, according to Frank, was a "playful joke" between him and Sue. We see him calling out; “Daddy! Murphy Family Neighbors Businesses Miscellaneous … Water! Kevin is emotionally open with his mother, which she is receptive of. Kevin shouldn’t have left his mags in such an obvious place, it was like he was asking for Bill to find them.... only Bill isn’t really interested in the girls on the spreadsheet. F Is for Family (2015– ) Episode List. He was equally disgusted when Scoop Dunbarton blew up at the end of season 2. "It takes a man to understand what another man wants." Vic is Kevin's next-door neighbor. Kevin first met Alice in the seventh grade as they shared a gym class. He accidentally ejaculates in his pants, twice, chipping her tooth with his shoulder. At Cutie Pie's birthday party, Kevin confesses what happened through song, no longer able to stand the weight on himself. Frank is Kevin's father. At first, Nuber and his gang made things hard for Kevin while they were in summer school. Kevin Murphy is one of the two deuteragonists (alongside Sue) of F is for Family. At first, Kevin was content to hang out with and complain to a couple of druggie baggage handlers who encouraged Kevin to quit school. Overall, she gets along with him better than he does with Frank, but he does not possess the same desire for approval from her as he does with Frank. Kevin first hears about her from Bolo, but because he doesn't know her name, he assumes she doesn't exist. In "O Holy Moly Night", he helps her draw missing posters for their dog, Major. Claire lost interest in Kevin romantically, when she saw him crying for his dad after falling on the cracked skating rink and getting wet. She is voiced by Mo Collins. Later, he actually meets her and she invites him to her house. https://f-is-for-family.fandom.com/wiki/Ginny_Throater?oldid=8584. It should also be noted that Kevin's birthday this year wasn't celebrated at all in ". He is the quick-tempered, foul-mouthed, oldest child in the Murphy family. The relationship between the three starts to crack in the third season, when Lex and Bolo tell Kevin they no longer wish to perform fantasy-inspired music and would rather play Lifted Riffs-style hard rock to increase their chances of getting girls, prompting Kevin to leave the band and being replaced on guitar by Ben. In "The Bleedin' in Sweden", during an argument over the broken TV, Kevin tells Frank he hates him. The next day Vic calms down and talks to Kevin, letting him know the incident wasn't his fault and that he never blamed him. They reunited at back to school night where she gave him her copy of Lord of the Rings and the two quickly bonded and started a romantic relationship. She often encourages Kevin to try his best and to listen to his heart. The epiphany. In the first episode, Kevin immediately leaves Claire, who had finally agreed to touch him over his pants, to rescue Bill. He often protects him from bullies, such as Jimmy Fitzsimmons, who was obviously terrified of Kevin as soon as he recognized him. She also mentions that she drove all over the city looking for her husband during one Valentine's Day. She lends him a Lord of the Rings book which gets him interested in reading. However, it's quite obvious that Kevin is very protective of his younger brother. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Underage, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con, /i was cured, alright (and heaven knows i'm miserable now), Hurricane Star - Quantum Destiny Progressive, 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia, Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (Main Video Game Series), Rick and Morty - Passion Spice Chaos Syndrome Part 1, push me to the edge / all my friends are dead. This worsens when Kevin had beaten up Bill for making fun of him in front of her and threw his hockey stick in the tree. Kevin eventually returns to the motel's pool after 13 years and predictably goes through the same thing. According to Frank, Kevin's bad behaviour also stems from this incident, because it caused Sue to go incredibly easy on him for most of his life, not disciplining him as much as the others, and lowering her expectations of him. To keep up with this, he gets a part-time job selling Christmas trees for Chuck Sawitzki. Species Like his friend Bolo, Kevin knows how to drive despite being 14 (now 15). Kevin is the oldest of the Murphy kids. Despite this, Sue and Frank seem to have been attentive and loving parents to Kevin in his early years. Set at the end of season one/the episode "O Holy Moley Night". He took the fall when Bill broke the new TV, and forged Frank's signature on Bill's suspension form so that he could take the day off and Frank would never know. Human From that point on, Kevin became an integral member of Nuber's crew. He also defended Bill from Jimmy when Jimmy accused Bill of lying about his non-involvement in robbing the church. This was pointed out in the Season 4 premiere, and it alarms them both. Claire was a friend of Kevin's who he hung around and would sometimes make out with. His new friends teach him how to rob a liquor store, but he fails and is arrested but not charged. Why the fuck would I do that? Species Although Kevin tried at first to keep his grades up, he ultimately let them slip back down to failures again as he finds school extremely difficult due to his undiagnosed mental disability. We see what really happened to him. Bill is Kevin's little brother. Kevin is the oldest of the Murphy kids. Or, Vic gives Frank a blow job and Frank freaks out about it. It's also been noted that Kevin was disappointed with Frank when he lied about filing for unemployment. In retaliation, Kevin (with the help of Nuber's Gang) threw a White-House Beer bottle at her house. He just wished he hadn't been exposed to things so quickly. He is also openly grateful when Frank spends time with him, like taking him to see his favorite band or having him tag along with him to work.

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