The band — Ezra Miller, Josh Aubin and Lilah Larson — sit down in Brooklyn during their current tour. The star also uses his platform to educate. One stop on their tour, in Cleveland, came with an unusual age limit: 20 years and younger; adults must be accompanied by a minor. 779k Followers, 121 Following, 293 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Ezra Miller (@imezramiller) The actor, of course, denied the allegations, and according to Playboy, Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling defended the casting decision, claiming Heard and Depp had a desire to "move forward." At the time of this writing, he's gearing up for The Flash's stand-alone, eponymous film. RELATED: 20 Things The DCEU Are Doing To Compete With Marvel. Some celebrities try to look cool, calm and collected as they walk red carpets during the premieres of their movies. "I do get a certain kind of validation and gratification from the way people will sort of approach me tentatively, with a little bit of fear [after they see the film]," he told Vogue. " ‘I am clandestine,’ Miller says, savouring each syllable of the pronouncement. There is rustling in another room, which seems to be caused by at least two other people, but Miller doesn’t say a word about who they are with. Miller is clearly a goofball that doesn’t take himself or life too seriously. Miller is particularly brilliant here, whether wearing Fenty Beauty at a Beijing premiere for Justice League, showing up to a Saint Laurent fashion show in leopard-print booty shorts with the word SLUT scrawled on their cheek in lipstick, or showing up to the Met Gala with five extra photorealistic eyes painted on in such a way that you have to make sure no one’s dosed you with DMT if you look at photos of them for too long. They all interrelate. The fans admire Miller’s beauty and openness – many have called Miller a ‘queer icon’ – but also their unpredictable early works, namely the school shooter horror movie We Need to Talk about Kevin and the MTV production of Stephen Chbosky’s twee scripture The Perks of Being A Wallflower. This is the shady side of Ezra Miller. Like Miller, his bandmates play more than one instrument. Birth. In a 2017 video from Comic-Con (via TMZ), Miller — who seemed a bit plastered in our opinion — was asked by a fan if he was drunk. Ezra Miller obviously doesn’t care about looking “professional” when he can have a bit of fun during a premiere. GQ Style’s SS20 issue celebrates gender and sexuality in all its forms. From fashion fouls to slam dunk style, tap the link in bio to see how we grade James' all-star fashion moments. For most of Miller's expansive career, the star has been regarded as a true artist who unapologetically marches to the beat of his own drum, but some of his antics have turned heads and ruffled feathers along the way. I want a certain amount of confusion and I’m comfortable sharing that. "I think [the dream is] about how it's the responsibility of every artist to make sacrifices and seemingly irrational decisions in order to carve out their little pebble of work to put on the big, like, art kingdom that everyone's been building for so long," he told New York Magazine. ‘They told stories with them to heal with light and sound in dark spaces where certain snacks were often consumed. ⁠ RELATED: Here’s Why Warner Brothers Will Probably Shelve DC’s The Flash. Aside from being a very talented actor, Miller’s t-shirt shows that he also has excellent musical taste, too. The band has had plenty of time to cultivate their closeness. According to Vulture, Miller — who won the Chopard Trophy for emerging talent alongside Shailene Woodley — was only trying to pay a compliment to Jared Gilman, the lead child actor in the Wes Anderson flick, when he approached the cast outside of a theater and accidentally started cursing like a sailor. It's nothing personal, I love you but I'm just having a really hard time being around you.'". Most people recognize actor, Ezra Miller, from his role as comic book superhero, Barry Allen/The Flash in the ill-fated DCEU flick, Batman V Superman. Miller is actually in a band called, Sons of an Illustrious Father. “It’s about these little creatures that lived in a cave,” Larson chimes in. At the time of this writing, Miller has yet to publicly comment. ⁠ One of his musical accomplishments is being able to play the drums well enough to perform live. All proceeds are being donated to UNESCO’S COVID-19 Global Education Coalition initiatives.⁠ The star has since appeared as the character in Suicide Squad, Justice League, and the CW series Arrow. “It was Lilah’s selection, and I wasn’t sure at first.”, “He put them on and I think I maybe gasped,” says Larson, turning to Miller.

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