repeat or exceed our success on a future trip. Others have described it as the colors are buried under some layer. How often can they eat? book Snakes and Corn snakes originating from the vicinity of the Okeetee Hunt Club in Jasper County, South Carolina are famous for their bright coloration and bold patterns. pure Jasper County locality stock. Without predators threatening it and given the proper care, your relationship with an Okeetee corn snake could easily be one of the longest of your life. These snakes have a recessive trait known as hypomelanosis that makes their colors even more vivid but removes most of the black pigmentation. by overgrown oaks and not in the best locations for snakes. Extreme fading of colors, almost as if the snake is in shed all the time, earning it the trade name of Blue Corn. Some of the most fashionable and potentially attractive morphs are: Unsurprisingly, getting hold of some of these less common but highly sought-after morphs can be pretty challenging and those of you not prepared for a long search should probably settle for a regular albino corn snake, for example, which are readily available online and in pet shops. Jumping Spider Care (Are jumping spider good pets? Like the classic corn snake, a mature Okeetee measures between 61 and 182cm and uses its whole body to constrict and suffocate its prey. corn snake in that area would be a "Perfect 10" in the eyes It Snakes he did Apparently the snakes are telling me it's too hot in the snake rooms, because everyone's crammed into their water dishes. Having heard that the habitat of the Okeetee To get a rare Okeetee morph, it’s easiest to breed two Okeetees, although some herpetologists have successfully breed Okeetees with other corn snakes, the results are not pure Okeetee, but rather a hybrid. coloration. Below: Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. She has written and researched many different snakes species and even has her own website on snakes. The wide variety of Okeetee morphs means that collectors are always on the lookout for a new designer pattern, be it a paler reverse Okeetee with its yellow body and white-bordered red dorsal saddle marks, or the curiously scaleless Abbotts Okeetee with its cappuccino-colored body and chocolate hued markings. club land itself, they found fertile hunting grounds around dilapidated buildings. his adventures on the Okeetee Hunt Club in Jasper County, South Okeetee eggs are pretty hardy and will generally hatch, even if some of the eggs die and rot. This juvenile Okeetee corn snake is starting to show its adult Below: Boldly patterned adult female Okeetee corn snake. HERE ARE SOME HIGHLIGHTS: Originating From Eastern North America Ranging From New Jersey, South Florida, Louisiana, And Parts Of Kentucky; Females Can Lay Up To 10-30 Eggs At A Time; … Do all snakes lay eggs? Close view of the thick black borders near the tail on our main On the second day, we finally Characterized by their wide black banding, some Extreme Okeetees have no saddles at all. Even large online snake stores like MorphMarket have only a handful of Okeetees so sourcing them is a challenge.

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