Derby, Local Derby or Rivalry. You can contact him at, Champions League preview: European football returns, Five wonderkids to watch outside of Europe’s major leagues, Project ‘Big Picture’ gives women’s football an empty nod, The Top 10 Greatest Goalkeepers Of All Time, Players with the most Goals in A Premier League Season, Chelsea’s Possible Lineup For Next Season. The poll is at the bottom of the page. 1887 saw the first fixture between the two clubs, the fiery rivalry however wasn’t sparked until 1913 when Arsenal relocated from Plumstead (South East london) to Highbury, which lay just 4 miles south of Spurs’ White Hart Lane. Also known as the "right, you'll do" derby. As a result the Old Firm derby has become one of the most hostile and tense atmospheres in club football. The rivalry remained somewhat neutral until the the 70’s, after both sides hadn’t faced one another for over a decade (the two sides didn’t play each other competitively from 1959-1978.). As a result one of football’s most hate-fueled derbies was born and continued to thrive heading into the new millenium. As we waved goodbye to United’s dominance during the “Fergie Era,” the derby for the modern day was encapsulated, inevitably leading to some of the greatest football clashes in history. The derby of Red and Blue dates back as far as 1881, both clubs ultimately growing into footballing mammoths and along with that, a rich sporting derby that was sustained over the past century and into the next. Whatever the background, the aim is universal. This category has only the following subcategory. Religious sectarianism remains prevalent in Glasgow, both clubs symbolise the core beliefs and polarising ideologies of Glasgow’s past and present. Which of these fierce football rivalries is the biggest in Britain? Just 4 miles separates Ibrox Stadium on Glasgow’s west, with that of Celtic Park on the east. Nearly some 400 years ago politics divided the two cities, with time elapsing industrial and political backgrounds were at centre stage and to be seen as the key player that sparked a hatred, eventually crossing over into the world of football. The two clubs are separated by just 19 miles from one another on the Hampshire coastline, with sights of the Isle of Wight and a faint Northern France on the horizon for each city. The Tractor Boys vs The Canaries, they are separated by a fairly hefty chunk of countryside and A-roads, but in East Anglia - the Australia of England (not really) - that's pretty much like being next-door neighbours. Footballing Rivalries: Top 20 derbies ranked. Let's face it, it's probably the Premier League game neutrals most look forward to each season. Swansea would go on to win the reverse tie 3-0 at the Liberty Stadium, leaving the sides at a bitter stalemate for the season.

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