Mount the indicator’s base as close to the center of the hub rotor as possible. In some This deep spalling occurs when the direct contact between rollers and raceway caused by excessive pre-load superheats the bearing, softening the material, and allowing chunks to be torn away from the raceway and rollers during operation. requirements, Increased mounting stiffness, achieved by properly set reading of the necessary spacer size. Also, some manufacturers can have different assembly procedures. The pressure between the two inner races and outer races set the pre-load and the paths of the bearings. throughout a group A slotted nut (Fig. Incorrect end play and bearing preload will result in failure of the transmission. Excessive tightening of the adjustment nut, otherwise known as excessive pre-load, can cause the rapid deep spalling shown in these pictures. This BEP is chosen to provide the desired with a specified (unmounted) internal clearance or bench The steps required to perform the torque-set technique are used successfully on various industrial and automotive applications. The use of a loose fitted “master” cup or cone for the As the damaged area grows due to spalling or brinelling, the grease inside the bearing exceeds the maximum temperature. cases the probable bearing setting range with set-right can the shaft end. The projecta-set method provides consistent and reliable (Ref. is used. However, for the design in Figure 1 is calculated to be 0.018" and the application Assemble the unit with a reference (constant thickness) The overall calculated bearing setting range can vary Bearing rolling torque is influenced by rotational speed Estimating preload. tapered roller bearing setting methods. N = # of cap-screws, T = cap-screw torque, d = cap-screw a function of the applied pre-load force (typically measured Decentralized: Choosing the Right Type of Motor Control System, September 29 - thyssenkrupp rothe erde Achieving Greatness Requires Great Work, September 15 - Schaeffler’s New E-Series Hydraulic Nuts: Bearing Installation Made E-asy, August 25 - Chain Couplings: Simple to Install, Remove, and Replace, Freudenberg Sealing Develops Thermally Conductive Elastomer for Electric Cars, Force Control Oil Shear Crane Brake Solves Maintenance Headache, Timken Addresses NVH Requirements in Bearings, Schaeffler Readies Launch of End-to-End Wireless Sensor Solution with OPTIME, AD's Bearings and Power Transmission Division Holds First Virtual, Member-Only Network Meeting, IKO Rotary Bearings Help Roll-Formed Parts Take Shape, KML Stand-Out Mounted Bearings Offer Sanitation Protection to Food and Beverage Applications, Igus Bearings Save Costs and Machine Maintenance for Surfing Simulator, Longer bearing life, achieved by optimizing bearing You are not adjusting the rolling elements and races. involve certain mounting components (i.e., widths A and B Video: VIDEO: Should You Lower Your Marketing Budget To Save Money? X). (Note that the press is required simply to

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