I never signed up for bell Mobility. If you would like to get on board and have Bell Canada held accountable for their actions, send me an email and I will instruct you and keep you informed as to the progress. This I did and was informed that I have to go back in the queue and wait two days. Max: I have not received a response. If I did this in my business, I’d be out of business in a month. I’ll tell you he sent a letter to his BELL representative and got no response I’d like to tell BELL what they can do with their charges not a thing will be done with it because they cutoff my services and I have no clue why that happened when on their bills I was paying for tv I’ll tell you why because BELL thinks that they have the upper hand and can do whatever the f#^*k they want and charge people for whatever they want i have composed a letter to BELL it goes something like this …dear BELL I was quite willing to pay for services I received in full but seeing as my phone service and every other service got cut off I WILL NOT BE PAYING FOR SOMETHING I DID NOT HAVE ACCESS TO I WILL NOT PAY FOR SOMEONE ELSE’S MISTAKE thank you sincerely an ex devoted customer. (My thinking bell Mobility is cell phone) I told the representative I do not have a cell phone with bell; all I’ve is cable and internet. I wa... Parcel – Cargo - Courier – Services - Scam – love scammer – social media scam: fake parcel & friend. I went to another Company and had my services installed the next day no hassle. I have the bundle with basic phone line, Internet and basic TV for 110$ a month. Chat live with the Bell Management Team. Obviously nothing has changed and their dishonest tactics continue. If a supervisor cannot resolve your issue submit your complaint to the Bell Customer Relations Centre using the following webform: https://www.bell.ca/Escalation_WebForm. At this point, in desperation, I cancel my service under threat of having to pay for a contract. So.. after noticing very slow speeds, doing the bell speed test and getting 1.5mbps instead of 6 to 8 mbps.. i called tech support. bell for stealing our services ( business phone number ,internet and cable with no permission or knowledge of it happening and leaving us without our service for 4 days and we are a plumbing business who now has businesse income loss revenue loss and parental long term clients lost . Thanks As it turns out, the Bell Mobility past due account is for the IPAD. So I decided to write an email to CBC marketppace yesterday as I watched them and figured they were the right people to contact for this. Much of the information below can be found there and it also provides an option to text chat with Bell representatives. Max: May I please have your 9 digit account number? Max: I appreciate what you are saying and can understand your frustration. Got the internet Fibe 50, actually got 25 installed had to call them everyday to correct it, they did not. Customer: I have not added those features, and provided you with clear evidences. They offered me and begged me to give Bell a chance and for that they would give me all three services, internet, Fibe TV and Fibe internet for $75.90 plus HST per month for the next two years. They are crooks. Bell still shows up from time to time begging me to switch back to Bell.. “But our services are $xx.xx less than you pay now” My reply.. “I would not switch to Bell even if you gave it to me FREE at no charge!” I wouldn’t trust those clowns any farther than I can throw the van they arrive in. I am not even in a remote area. When I said “so you are confirming that you are sending a digging/tunneling crew” she hesitated and then said “yes”. PERIOD !!!!!!! With Bell, you get access to over 2x more cell towers than you do with the next-largest network.2. Customer: I did not make this change as well, and provided couple evidences that I really have not done this. They will harass you and it’s all a scam I think. Many years ago issues were addressed in a professional manner without delay. I got an automated response saying they would contact me within 24 hours. Your email address will not be published. Maybe then,the big wigs at Bell might stop hiding and address their deceitful billing practices. Unfortunately, the sales agent had lied to me and only provided me with 25Mbps, which is 1/8th of 25MBps for my internet plan. As I had taken a night school course on “Assertiveness” training, I recognized that the Bell rep had been trained to use the techniques of assertive behaviour (eg. I am fed up with Bell and their services, and promises. I have never ordered them from Bell, so I’m assuming that they have been added by Bell due to some mistake. This MUST STOP! I would like to know who has it now and why, as I indicated that I moved keeping only my cell phone number so please have the records corrected. Guess what? I was on the phone with Bell again and they lowered it to $78.16 for the credit in which we were promised. Justin told me that we could do all that. Customer: Why can’t you apply the law (Statement of Consumer Rights) for my case. I too now have been a victim of bell. Since I use my internet for gaming, I wanted the fastest speed, not the regular, not the lite. Future 5G technology connected devices will be able to receive multiple streams of data, dramatically increasing their capacity to enjoy reliably fast speeds, even during peak times and at crowded events. If you wish to remove it, I can do that immediately. They are still harassing me for their studpidy!! Are you concerned about a federal contract but not sure whether you’re ready to file a complaint? I moved from the country, into the city where they could not provide me with satellite (due to low signal from buildings). Have wages or material costs gone up by 30%??? Max: Our society is becoming increasingly dependent on technologies and fortunately, we have reliable systems second to none. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Please any info you have would be greatly appreciated. What i did not notice was that there was no account number on it at the time. So my reward for all the years and hard work is an empty wallet in my back pocket. Case in point, I ordered services, specifically telephone and ultra high speed (not fiber op) at the local bell store. My nightmare started after I needed internet service and was offered the Business bundle in November 2014. I wish they’d go under so they realize what hat they’ve done to people. Complete the form to give us your feedback on federal procurement. When the tech went downstairs to run the line into the house he jumped up on our freezer and crushed the lid, it’s now caved in on the lid and the corners do not seal properly. Bell marketer called me to promote bundling my phone and internet services to save me money and have only one statement per month with both services on it. I have been a customer for over 30 yrs. I called again to verify and nobody was able to locate anywhere notes That’s why we make it easy for you to resolve your concern. I knew she had no clue. Does Bell have an ombudsman office? 5G will eventually usher in a new era of driverless cars by enabling near real-time communication between devices. They kept calling and calling and I kept saying I do not have a Bell Mobility Account. I still cancelled both “One Bill” services. I got a call from t sales people in Sept 2017. 5G will support cloud gaming services with faster response times and console-quality performance, right on your mobile device. I will bring my receipt to court for my counter suit. This number [protected]) has been billed to me since last October, 2019, however, I have moved into Ottawa and some man answered it when a person tried to contact me. I asked for a Manager or Supervisor who promised to try to escalate the process. The best-in-class team of 7,600 network experts who built Canada’s best 4G LTE network are now working on our 5G network to help ensure Bell will offer you our absolute best and most advanced mobile experience as we continue our rollout. They will lie to you. Weekend from 10-13 january) witch produce as lost for more than 1200$. Why are they doing this to our own people I don’t know yet but I do know they must be stopped and put completely out of business. Called Bell again because from January, I said there better not be a misunderstanding again and at this point, I am very tempted to switch my service. Max: We will not make any changes to a customers account without their permission. Bell Residential and Small Business. I will be making sure that all my services are ended though. Do you wish to continue this chat session? We were told that if we had called before November 7th to tell them that we did not want to pay the promotion, then we wouldn’t have had to pay for it, and therefore we will need to call before November 7th again this year in order to not be charged again. I have been promised by several people at Bell lowered amounts that I am not being billed for and this is dishonesty on Bell’s part. Was abot 200$ and change so I paid it thinking it must be my cell phone until a couple months later after paying close to 600$. I discovered today that a premium I have payed for a second TV connected to Bell for some years in a spare bedroom but never used except with Rogers will not connect to Bell after spending hours repeating their on screen instructions . Like seriously giving our names and numbers addresses to countries who don’t share or oblige by the same laws is this really a great idea??? Saturday February 10th, 2018. Enter immersive experiences with virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). I have been promised things I have not received from Bell and received the worst customer service. Please help us or direct us ..this happening now so a fast reply would help..office of the President for rogers is not helping. Leaving the IPAD alone for a moment. Delight. October 6th – tomomorr (actually it is now 12:17 AM) so today is my birthday and I’ve to be going through this. Vice Chair, Atlantic Canada.

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