Skip Navigation. Neighbors gather along Old Vineyard Road to watch the progress of the fire as the Partrick Fire continue to burn slowly east of Sonoma, Calif., on Thursday, October 12, 2017. As the air sinks, it heats up by compression and its relative humidity drops due to the increased temperature. Three firefighters look at a large home that burned in The Ranch subdivision in Sonoma, Calif., on Saturday, October 14, 2017. Dave Thompson, in charge of search and rescue operations for the Sonoma County Sheriffs Office, crews have recovered another body at the site. These winds are magnified by terrain effects similar to Santa Ana winds. They are similar to the famed Santa Anna winds of southern California. Diablo winds appear around the … What causes these annual September and October weather patterns? A man shows a burnt paper after a wildfire moved through the area in Santa Rosa and Napa Valley in California, United States on October 13, 2017. A firefighter works in a devastated neighborhood as an American flag flies from the remains of a home on Willowview Ct. off Skyview Dr. Oct. 11, 2017 in Santa Rosa, Calif. Karen Balestieri and Heidi Facciano (left to right) marvel at a pond of live koi fish which survived the Tubbs fire in the neighborhood referred to by locals as 'old fountaingrove' in Santa Rosa, Ca. During these months, there's no need for a sweatshirt in San Francisco. Dew points on the order of -20C or lower. DeBanedetti is a math teacher at Cardinal Newman and the Varisty Baseball Coach. Through it, player(s) can reach Khasim Outpost. Fire fighters work on putting out hotspots in a garage at a home off Lovall Rd in Sonoma, California, USA 14 Oct 2017. I am amazed about how many people are asking why is October the "fire season" for the Bay Area. Two police officers direct a motorist to return at a road closure at Madrone Road after a mandatory evacuation was called in the area of Glen Ellen, Calif., on Wednesday, October 11, 2017. These are strong offshore winds (from the Northeast) and again with the lack of moisture in the air, this will leave Northern and Southern California extremely vulnerable for fires, as moisture from the atmosphere is eliminated. The chimney is all that remains standing at a large home that burned in The Ranch subdivision in Sonoma, Calif., on Saturday, October 14, 2017. Polls started to tighten at this time in 2016. Wind speeds can exceed 60 mph. Since Mt. While this wind pattern occurs in both the spring and fall, it is most dangerous in the fall, when vegetation is at its driest. DIABLO, Calif. (KGO) -- October is known for its' warm, dry conditions that can set the stage for some of our worst wildfires all year. As the air compresses, it also heats up. They're hot, and they're dry, and the fan the flames of destruction every year. This comes with the large caveat that the exact location of a Great Basin High and offshore low can dramatically alter the resultant wind speed and direction.The current and previous 24 hours of Winnemucca (WMC) to San Francisco (SFO) pressure gradients can be found in the lower half of, under SFO-WMC. Myself and another forecaster (John Quadros), working at the National Weather Service office in Redwood City at the time, found that after the 1991 fire, calling offshore wind events in the Bay Area as “the northern California version of Santa Ana winds” was awkward at best, and meteorologically fuzzy at worst.

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