He has the best set of deep threats and slot receiver of his career. Just take a look at Odell Beckham Jr. and Le'Veon Bell last season. They also get to face the Jaguars and Colts twice, which could also turn into high-scoring games. We offer recommendations from over 100 fantasy football … Watson can chuck it deep to Fuller, Cooks, or Stills. Watson is an NFL star on the rise, with several NFL records to his name, including most passing touchdowns by a rookie in a 5-game span and first player in NFL history to pass for 400+ yards, 4+ touchdowns and 50+ rush yards in a single game. The 2020 NFL offseason has been a different animal, and with no preseason here in August, there's a lot more guesswork involved with the world of fantasy. The Houston Texans plan on unleashing Watson this year. While the Panthers may be a good play in the passing game, Eisenberg advises you lower expectations for Cleveland’s Odell Beckham Jr. in his matchup with Indianapolis noting the Colts defense is much better than the Cowboys one OBJ faced last week. In previous years, the Texans did not have the pass-blockers to keep Watson upright for this type of Run-n'-Gun style, but they appear ready now. The team also signed slot receiver Randall Cobb, who will help in the intermediate passing game due to the room provided from the Texans’ trio of burners. 1 in Carolina. Add in Cobb racking up yards after the catch in the slot and you can really see an elite offense taking shape. 10 Fantasy Players to Avoid, ADP (from FantasyPros)1. In his three year career, Watson has averaged 24.12 (1st), 20.73 (4th), and 22.13 points per game (2nd), making him one of the most coveted quarterbacks in fantasy drafts. We could see a career-high in rushing yards this season. I expect a dominant, dominant week against a Jaguars defense that has given up either multiple touchdowns or 300 yards passing in every game this season. Additionally, Diggs could fall victim to a little bit of role redundancy in the Buffalo offense. Like and subscribe to... Read More, Fantasy GMs are to be commended for rising to the unique challenges that have unfolded during this regular season. Kirk Cousins, QB, Minnesota Vikings (133). This seems like a major downgrade for this offense, but when you dig deeper you realize that this only enhances Watson’s upside. Toss in the fact that Brady and Gronkowski are learning a new offense with a new team for the first time in their careers, and it feels like Gronk should be more of a late-round flier than a starting-caliber fantasy tight end. The pieces are in place for a career year for Deshaun Watson. Finally, he has a soft schedule that includes matchups against the Bengals, Lions, and Jaguars. In this debate, Alex Gelhar will explain why he prefers the Texans signal-caller while Eric Moody takes the side of the star in Dallas..

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