‘Psychodrama’ is scattered with spoken excerpts from Dave’s psychotherapist, and the whole record is concerned with openness and honesty. “If he’s white you give him a chance, he’s ill and confused. “I ain’t got a memory of when dad was around, still a child when I turned man of the house,” he says, before the track dissolves into a fragmented outro. “We’re just gonna talk about your background, where you’re from, any issues you’ve been dealing with. Lines like "Now he's cuttin' through bricks like the 118" manifest triple entendres with ease, while others like "I've got a baby, a crossbow like Cupid" employ sly references to Dave's home city. As political and media establishments in Britain continue to fall short in representing ethnic minority experiences (in one recent case, a centrist politician found herself unable to avoid even a basic faux pas), “Black” doubles as a manifesto for responsible phraseology, and against anachronistic stereotyping. Over 11 songs and much hypnotic piano playing, Dave sets his conceptual limits, and then fills them with an urban opera that blends his desire to exorcize demons with old-soul musical wisdom and youthful performativity. Often ‘Psychodrama’ returns to the idea that being a mega-star isn’t all it has cracked up to be; if anything the excess and glamour that surrounds it can make reaching out for support very difficult. The primary force at work here, though, is Dave's piano. Softer, poppier offerings like “Purple Heart” and “Voices” will appeal to Dave’s increasingly diverse audience of older fans and newcomers seeking easy access to London’s unforgivingly hardline rap scene. “Tuesday, 23rd of January, 2018, I’m here with David, this is our first session,” the therapist says, opening the album. Dave uses the term as a cathartic glue to bind heavy themes together, bringing listeners into his therapy room while he grapples with societal injustice, industry contradictions, and private pain. “A kid dies, the blacker the killer, the sweeter the news/And if he’s white, you give him a chance, he’s ill and confused/If he’s black he’s probably armed, you see him and shoot,” Dave assesses. Three years ago, Dave started to gain a reputation for his freestyle videos. “I’m just happy you’re at a place now where you feel you understand your emotions, and are in control,” he says. South London rapper Dave has long stood out as a hugely promising voice in music, and his anticipated debut album ‘Psychodrama’ – out today – cements his status as one of the UK’s boldest and exciting artists. On the same So, where should we start?” His voice is sampled again on ‘Purple Heart’ and ‘Environment’. That we're only getting Dave's debut album in 2019 tells us a lot about the artist himself. “We’re just gonna talk about your background, where you’re from, any issues you’ve been dealing with. Psychodrama received universal acclaim from critics. After telling her story, Dave adds that “, The final song on Dave’s debut, ‘Drama’ opens with a recording of Dave’s older brother calling on the phone from prison. In an emotional 11 minute track, Dave tells the tale of a woman named Lesley, who he befriends on the train from Norbury Station. I just lost the only fucking person that I idolised,” Dave says, angry and hurt. Whether he’s bragging about being a sex god or his financial successes, Dave’s got a talent for spinning things off in surprising directions. So, where should we start?” His voice is sampled again on ‘Purple Heart’ and ‘Environment’.

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