Ben Giles has all sorts of collages on his website. In 2019 I was pleased to be commissioned by Pontefract Races to design artwork using their old raceday tickets and badges. Shapes and images are hidden within the human form. “As a Hungarian who grew up in Serbia in the ‘80s and ‘90s and moved to Berlin I have often felt out of place and hovering in-between worlds, so it is important for me to make these connections between the places where I live, have lived, and travel,” says Antal. She states on her website that her work references the Dada movement of the early 20th Century and the digital manipulations of the present day. At the Centennial of Helmut Newton’s birth where does his legacy stand today? After the suicide of his father in 2010, Letscher explains that his work changed dramatically and become a lot more expressionistic, dealing more with psychiatric issues. Indeed, Antal’s distinctive hands are reminiscent of the large, rough, monolithic hands of Moore’s figures. David Adey pins his collage onto foam panels. The easiest way to join CAA or renew membership is to click HERE. In an interview, he explains: “I started doing collages because they were quick and I could work through ideas quickly. Many of his artworks are ‘human form’ or ‘bits of human’, and by that I mean lips or legs that make elaborate patterns. Sarah Crowther is The Arty Teacher. All kinds of unexpected materials enter into her collage works, including tea, synthetic hair, batik materials, Kenyan soil, feathers, and sand. Mutu, who was born and raised in Nairobi, then lived in Wales and finally settled in the US, has always explored her state of in-betweenness. I’m not sure why he’s referred to as a painter as a majority of the bits you see are collaged on. Art of Collage Nancy Egol Nikkal's Views on Art, Artists & the Fine Art of Collage. Letscher’s recent solo exhibitions include Cut & Staple: New Work by Lance Letscher, Pavel Zoubok Gallery, New York, NY (2017); Untroubled Mind, Tayloe Piggott Gallery, Jackson Hole, WY (2017); Lance Letscher, Stephen L. Clark Gallery, Austin, TX (2017). This results in an incredibly diverse range of topics and themes, at times revealing the artist’s most intimate and emotional moments, at other times presenting seemingly banal situations or bizarre everyday experiences. December 19, 2019 December 21, 2019. In his collage Pain Thing (2019), the artist depicts himself in agony – three heads and three oesophagi lead down into a stomach that is burning bright red. Any unauthorized use of any material on this website is prohibited without the prior written consent of the artist and Atlanta Collage Society. Speaking to Harold C. Ford of East Village Magazine, German notes: “A shard of glass looks worthless. When he’s happy with the composition, he transfers the parts onto a board and glues them.

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